A Bit of Perth

I set out to show A Bit of Perth every day for a year.

It went on for a bit longer and has now become an occasional feature of the archive.

As it can be hard work going right through the archive to find which bits I chose, here is a full list (in progress) of those places.

1: Barnsdon Park, Maylands

2: Bayswater City Council artwork

3: Faulkner Park, Belmont

4: Faulkner Park, Belmont

5: Bull Creek Moorings

6: The Fremantle Time Gun, Fremantle

7: Harold Boas Gardens, West Perth

8: Peninsular Hotel, Maylands

9: Anchors, Fremantle

10: The Sundial, Cottesloe

11: The Round House, Fremantle

12: Redcliffe Bridge, Bayswater

13: Memorial Park, Maylands

14: St Matthew’s Anglican Church, Stirling Square, Guildford

15: Granite Sphere, Forrest Place, Perth CBD

16: Queen’s Gardens, East Perth

17: The Old Museum, Perth

18: Phytosaur, Kings Park

19: Bullockornis, Kings Park

20: Muttaburrasaurus, Kings Park

21: Giant Wombats, Kings Park

22: DNA Tower, Kings Park

23: Post Office, Guildford

24: Sinners and Saints, Piccadily Sq., East Perth

25: Murray St East, Perth

26: Riverslea, Guildford

27: Bushfire, East of Perth

28: Christmas Decoration, Forrest Place, Perth CBD

29: Old Post Office, Fremantle

30: Old Jetty, Success Hill

31: Myer Arcade, Murray St, Perth CBD

32: Perth Central Railway Station, Perth CBD

33: Pioneer Women’s Memorial, Kings Park

34: Harbour, Fremantle

35: Swan River, Success Hill

36: Graffiti, East Perth

37: Town Hall, Guildford

38: Fireworks over Gloucester Park, East Perth

39: Stirling Hwy, Mosman Park

40: War Memorial, Guildford

41: Gosnells Hotel

42: Gosnells’ Bridge

43: Library Artwork, Leederville

44: Civic Theatre, North Perth

45: Old Aerodrome, Maylands

46: King William St., Bayswater

47: Perth Skyline from Maylands

48: St Luke’s Anglican Church, Maylands

49: Power Station, East Perth

50: The Perth Central Business District

51: St Columba’s School, South Perth

52: South Perth Foreshore

53: Point Walter sandbar, Point Walter

54: Yagan’s Statue, Heirisson Island

55: Meleluecas, South Perth Foreshore

56: Como Baptist Church, Como

57: Old Shop, Angove St, North Perth

58: Streetscape, Fitzgerald St, North Perth

59: Rosemount Hotel, Fitzgerald St, North Perth

60: North Perth Primary School, North Perth

61: Greek Orthodox Church, Charles St, Leederville

62: St Patrick’s Anglican Church, Mount Lawley

63: Old Catholic Church, Charles St, Leederville

64: ’58 Cadillac, Leederville

65: Redemptorist Monastery, North Perth

66: Mercy Hospital, Maylands

67: Macedonian Church, North Perth

68: Dolphin Statue, Hillaries Boat Harbour

69: Boat moorings, Hillaries Boat Harbour

70: Waterslide, Hillaries Boat Harbour

71: Art Work, Hillaries Boat Harbour

72: Hillaries Boat Harbour, Hillaries

73: Bayswater Soccer Club, Bayswater

74: Gledden Building, Perth CBD

75: Hay St West, Perth CBD

76: William St Railway Station, Perth CBD

77: Changing Skyline, Perth CBD

78: Queen’s Buildings, Perth CBD

79: Graffiti sign, Public Transport, Perth

80: Blackwall Reach, Point Walter

81: Swimmers, Blackwall Reach, Point Walter

82: The Old Mill, South Perth

83: Swan River, East Fremantle

84: Russian Orthodox Church, Maylands

85: Inside the WACA, East Perth

86: Kent St High School, Victoria Park

87: Wireless Hill, Applecross

88: View from Wireless Hill, Applecross

89: 1880’s home, East Perth

90: Swan Brewery, Perth

91: Public Art, Morley

92: Street Light, Morley

93: Public Art, Morley

94: Pigeons, Maylands

95: Cycleway, Maylands

96: Public Art, East Perth

97: Pedestrian Bridge, Claisebrooke

98: Water Scape, Claisebrooke

99: Public Art, Claisebrooke

100: Public Art, Claisebrooke

101: Queen’s Gardens, East Perth

102: Richardson Park, South Perth

103: St Bartholemew’s, East Perth

104: Winthrop Hall, University of Western Australia

105: Reflection Pool, University of Western Australia

106: Gloucester Park, East Perth

107: Pedestrian Bridge, Claisebrooke

108: Mediterranean Architecture, Claisebrooke

109: Queens Gardens, East Perth

110: Mends St Jetty, South Perth

111: Paddle Steamer, South Perth

112: Australia Day, Perth Port, Perth

113: Western Australian Rowing Club, Swan River

114: Perth Water, Swan River

115: Bell Tower, Perth CBD

116: Tomato Lake, Belmont

117: Tomato Lake, Belmont

118: Tomato Lake, Belmont

119: Claise Brook, Claisebrooke

120: Discovery Centre Penguin Island, Shoalwater Bay

121: Penguins, Penguin Island, Shoalwater Bay

122: Penguin Island, Shoalwater Bay

123: Queen’s Gardens, East Perth

124: Burswood

125: University of Western Australia, Crawley

126: Perth Festival Sign, Perth CBD

127: Hawg Shop, Dianella

128: Station St Markets, Subiaco

129: Oxford St, Mt Hawthorn

130: Fountain, Subiaco Railway Station

131: Grape Vines, Swan Valley

132: Beneath Baker’s Bridge, Middle Swan

133: Swan River, Middle Swan

134: St Charles Seminary, Guildford

135: Vineyards, Swan Valley

136: Apothecaries’ Hall, Guildford

137: Old Village Markets, Guildford

138: Guildford Hotel, Guildford

139: Subiaco Market Fruit Stall, Subiaco

140: Beach Front, Scarborough

141: Shark Watch Helicopter, Floreat Beach

142: Clock Tower, Scarborough

143: Barnyard?, Cottesloe

144: Ocean Use, Cottesloe

145: Le Fanu, Cottesloe

146: This was the Snake Pit, Scarborough Beach

147: Hyde Park, North Perth

148: Hyde Park, North Perth

149: Artist, Hyde Park, North Perth

150: Public Art, Hyde Park, North Perth

151: Hyde Park, North Perth

152: Children’s water Playground, Hyde Park, North Perth

153: Public Art, Maylands Peninsular

154: Peninsular farm, Maylands

155: Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe

156: Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe

157: Artists, Hyde Park, North Perth

158: Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe

159: Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe.

160: Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe

161: Glendower St, North Perth

162: Book Reading, Public Art, Burswood

163: Hopscotch, Public Art, Burswood

164: Swans, Public Art, Burswood

165: Hotel, Burswood

166: Lake, Burswood

167: Public Art, Burswood

168: Jelly Fish, Swan River

169: Perth Polo Ground, Guildford

170: Swan and Helena Rivers, Guildford

171: Public Art, Garvey Park, Ascot

172: Garvey Park, Ascot

173: Swan River, Maylands

174: Government Printing Works, Perth CBD

175: Busking, Perth CBD

176: Busking, Murray St, Perth CBD

177: Water Feature, Art Gallery, Cultural Centre, Perth CBD

178: Alexander Library, Cultural Centre, Perth CBD

179: Church of Scientology, Hay St, Perth CBD

180: Old State Library, Cultural Centre, Perth CBD

181: Urban Garden, Cultural Centre, Perth CBD

182: Old State Library, Cultural Centre, Perth CBD

183: The Caller, Cultural Centre, Perth CBD

184: Public Art, Cultural Centre, Perth CBD

185: Alexander Library, Cultural Centre, Perth CBD

186: Junction, Great Eastern and Great Northern Hwys, Midland

187: Town Hall, Great Eastern Hwy, Midland

188: Old Post Office, Great Eastern Hwy, Midland

189: Surfing, The Beach

190: Mallard Ducks, Queens Gardens, East Perth

191: Railway Hotel Façade, Barrack St Perth CBD

192: Rear of Government House, Stirling Gardens, Perth CBD

193: The Rural and Industries Bank, St Georges Tce, Perth CBD

194: The Cloisters, St Georges Tce, Perth CBD

195: Bishop Hale’s Boys School, St. Georges Tce, Perth CBD

196: Supreme Court, Stirling Gardens, Perth CBD

197: The Old Court House, Stirling Gardens, Perth CBD

198: State War Memorial, Kings Park

199: Government House Ballroom, Adelaide Tce, Perth CBD

200: Alexander Forrest Statue, Stirling Gardens, Perth CBD

201: Public Art, Stirling Gardens, Perth CBD

202: New Reception Centre, King’s Park

203: The Cloisters, Perth

204: 10th Light Horse memorial, Kings Park

205: Boab Tree, Kings Park

206: Queen Victoria’s Statue, Kings Park

207: Heritage Flag, Jull St, Armadale

208: The Old Friary, Jull St, Armadale

209: Public Art, Jull St, Armadale

210: Minnawarra Park, Armadale

211: War Memorial, Armadale

212: Small building, Armadale

213: Public Art, Railway Station, Armadale

214: Public Art, Victoria Park Railway Station

215: Landing Commuter Aircraft, The Sky

216: General Store, Cannington

217: St Swithen’s, Lesmurdie

218: Perth Coastal Plain from Lesmurdie

219: Lesmurdie Falls, Lesmurdie

220: Keswick Convention Centre, Wattle Grove

221: Camp, Bickley Reservoir, Bickley

222: Bickley Reservoir, Bickley

223: Kiwi Shop, Maddington

224: Rotunda Hospital, East Victoria Park

225: Railway Museum, Bassendean

226: Railway Museum, Bassendean

227Railway Museum, Bassendean

228: Railway Museum, Bassendean

229: Railway Museum, Bassendean

230: Indian Pacific Rail, from Ashfield crossover

231: Railway Museum, Bassendean

232: Railway Museum, Bassendean

233: AC/DC exhibition, W.A. Museum, Cultural Centre, Perth CBD

234: Bon Scott Gravesite, Fremantle Cemetery

235: Shop Sign, Trinity Arcade, Perth CBD

236: Public Art, Cultural Centre, Perth CBD

237: Barrack St, Perth CBD

238: Ascot Brickworks, Belmont

239: Model Railway Exhibition, Claremont Showgrounds

240: Model Railway Exhibition, Claremont Showgrounds

241: Lego Exhibits, Claremont Showgrounds

242: Lego Exhibits, Claremont Showgrounds

243: Temporary Public Art, Murray St, Perth CBD

244: Laneway, Murray St, Perth CBD

245: Model Railway Exhibition, Claremont Showgrounds

246: Lego Exhibits, Claremont Showgrounds

247: Hugh Howling’s Building, Hay St Perth

248: Melbourne Hotel, Hay St, Perth

249: Mortlock Bros Building, Hay St, Perth

250: King St, Perth CBD

251: King St, Perth CBD

252: Queen St, Perth CBD

253: Mounted Police, Maylands Jetty

254: Hotel Wentworth, Murray St, Perth CBD

255: Windsurfing, Trigg Beach

256: King St, Perth CBD

257: AQWA Aquarium, Hillaries

258: Sharks, AQWA Aquarium, Hillaries

259: Jellyfish, AQWA Aquarium, Hillaries

260: stars and snake, AQWA Aquarium, Hillaries

261: Rays, AQWA Aquarium, Hillaries

262: Threats, Trigg Island Beach

263: Hillaries Coast, Hillaries

264: Fallen Tree, Swan River, Maylands

265: Swan River frontage, Belmont

266: Brickworks, Maylands

267: Suburban Train, Midland Line

268: Standing Stone, Banks Reserve, Maylands

269: The Barracks Arch, St Georges Tce, Perth

270: Flat Pack Kangaroos, St Georges Tce, Perth

271: WD & HO Wills Building, Murray St, Perth

272: Laneway, Murray St, Perth CBD

273: Forgotten Block, Mount St, Perth

274: Herdsman Lake, Herdsman

275: Herdsman Lake, Herdsman

276: Herdsman Lake, Herdsman

277: Herdsman Lake, Herdsman

278: Quarry Amphitheatre, City Beach

279: Mitchell Freeway South from Mount St, Perth

280: Mt Eliza from Mount St, Perth

281: Lake Monger, Leederville

282: Residential changes, Guildford Rd, Maylands

283: Kakulus Bros., William St, Northbridge

284: Busy Bee Arcade, William St, Northbridge

285: Great Western Hotel, Northbridge

286: Flood, Maylands Jetty

287: Gibbs Building, William and Aberdean St, Perth

288: Tom Burke House, Newcastle St, Perth

289: Mackay’s Factory, Money St, Perth

290: Deserted Building, Cnr William and Beaufort St, Perth

291: Protestant Hall, William St, Perth

292: Walter’s Brook, Banks Reserve, Maylands

293: Streetscape, William St, Perth

294: Midland Bus Company Building, William St, Perth

295: Loton Park Tennis Pavilion, Lord St, Perth

296: Perth Oval, Lord St, Perth

297: Dilhorn House, Bulwer St, Highgate

298: Silver Chain Nursing Association, 19 Wright Street, Highgate

299: Police Cottages, Lincoln St, Highgate.

300: Police Station, cnr Lincoln & Smith St, Highgate Hill

301: Ventilation Tower, Lincoln St, Highgate

302: AIDS Memorial, Robertson Park, Perth

303: Electric Sub-Station, Palmerston St, Perth

304: The Maltings, Palmerston St, Perth

305: Lee Hop’s Cottage, Fitzgerald St, Perth

306: 140 Palmerston St, Perth

307: “The Witches Hat”, Palmerston St, Perth

308: Hotel Northbridge, Brisbane St, Perth

309: Robertson Park, Perth

310: Birdwood Park, Beaufort St, Perth

311: Perth Vietnamese Buddhist Temple, 45 Money Street, Perth

312: Masonic Temple, 110 Brisbane Street, Perth

313: Perth Mosque, William Street, Perth

314: St Alban’s Anglican Church, Beaufort Street, Highgate.

315: Streetscape, Church St, Perth.

316; Brisbane Park Foundry, Greenway St, Perth

317: Shopping Strip, Brisbane and Lake Sts, Perth

318: The Pagoda, Melville Pde, South Perth

319: Flat Pak People, Como

320: Church of Jesus Christ of the Latterday Saints, Como

321: Police In Action, Maylands

322: Church of Jesus Christ of the Latterday Saints, Dianella

323: Synagogue, Freedman St, Menora

324: Coquet Club, Comer St, Como

325: St Mary’s Anglican Church, South Perth

326: Society of Friends (Quakers), Clifton St, Mt Lawley

327: Mt Lawley Bowling Club, Queen’s Cres, Mt Lawley

328: Pedestrian Overpass, Preston St, Como

329: Art and Information, Preston St Overpass, Como

330: Renewal of Beaufort St Streetscape, Highgate

331: Forgotten Lake, Gallaria, Morley

332: Mary St, North Perth

333: Church of the Sacred Heart, Highgate

334: Bishop Gibney’s House, 50 Vincent Street, Mt Lawley

335: Freemasons Lodge Hall , 50 Alma Road, Mt Lawley.

336: Smith’s Lake, North Perth

337: Smith’s Lake, North Perth

338: Hellenic Community Centre, Russell Square, Northbridge

339: Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St Constantine and Helen, Russell Sq, Northbridge.

340: Rotunda, Russell Sq, Northbridge

341: 605 Wellington St, Perth

342: The Entertainment Centre, Wellington St, Perth

343: The Arena, Wellington St, Perth

344: The Cactus, Forrest Place, Perth CBD

345: Wellington Buildings, William St, Perth CBD

346: Horseshoe Bridge, Perth

347: Railway Terminal Building, East Perth

348: Law Chambers, Perth CBD

349: The Arch, Northbridge

350: Sargood Building, Wellington St. Perth CBD.

351: The Tranby Building, 575 Wellington St, Perth.

352: Skateboarding, Wellington St, Perth CBD

353: The Globe Hotel, Wellington St, Perth CBD

354: The Alhambra Bar, Barrack St, Perth CBD

355: McNess Royal Arcade, Barrack and Hay Sts, Perth CBD

356: Perth Ramble; October 9, 2011, Forrest Place Perth CBD

357: Chung Wah Association Building, James St, Northbridge

358: Liberty Cinema, 81 Barrack St, Perth CBD

359: Strange Motor-Bike, Kwinana Freeway.

360: Occupy Perth, Forrest Place, CBD

361: Seligson’s Loan Office, 143 Barrack St, Perth.

362: Three Views From Forrest Place

363: Piccadilly Arcade, Hay St to Murray St, Perth CBD.

364: The Quinlan Swan Building. Cnr Hay and Barrack Sts. Perth CBD.

365: CHOGM sign, Barrack St, Perth CBD

366: CHOGM display outside State Library

367: Building Booms

368: Court Hotel 50 Beaufort St, Perth

369: Trigg Beach

370: Pelican

371: HMB Endeavour, (Replica) Built 1988-1994, Fremantle Western Australia.

372: New Moon over Perth

373: Train Station, Fremantle

374: Robert Harper Building, corner of Phillimore and Pakenham Streets, Fremantle.

375: Old Port Crane, Fremantle

376: Scarborough Beach

377:  The Perth Glory Women, NIB Stadium

378: The Cathedral Church of St John the Divine, Brewer St, Highgate

379: Cloudy Sunset

380: Brisbane Hotel, 292 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley

381: Saturday Afternoon Cricket, Bayswater

382: Whiteman Park, Caversham

383: Whiteman Park, Caversham

384: Whiteman Park, Caversham

385: Guildford Hotel

386: Jacaranda Blossoms

387: Melville Water, Yachting

388: Residential, Kings Park

389: Main Entrance, Kings Park

390: Cowan Memorial, Kings Park

391: St John’s Pro-Cathedral, Perth

392: Old Perth Observatory, Kings Park

393: Jacob’s Ladder, Kings Park

394: Perth CBD Skyline from Kings Park

395: St Georges Hall, Perth

396: Lightning over Perth

397: District Court, Perth

398: Barrack St. CBD

399: Bather’s Beach, Fremantle

400: Fremantle Fire Station, Phillimore St

401: P&O Hotel, Fremantle

402: Lionel Sampson Buildings, Fremantle

403: Tramway’s Building, Fremantle

404: Time Ball and Cannon, Fremantle

405: Whaler’s Tunnel, Fremantle

406: Canning Bridge

407: Boarding down the Swan

408: Murphy’s Hotel, Rokeby Rd, Subiaco

409: Houghton Park, Bayswater

410: Flat-Pak People, Mt Lawley Train Station

411: Subiaco Pavilion Markets

412: Subiaco Statues

413: Rainbow over the WACA

414: Thought Bubble, State Library, CBD

415: Reflections, Cultural Precinct, Perth CBD

416: Urban Garden, Cultural Precinct, Perth CBD

417: Fremantle Oval, Fremantle

418: Perth Railway Station, (Sinking)

419: Highgate CBC redevelopment

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