A Bit of Perth

Herdsmans Lake is just 6Km from the centre of Perth.

It is an oval freshwater lake about 2Km x 2.5Km covering around 340 hectares.

Almost 80% of the lake is covered with Typha rush (Typha orientalis), an introduced weed.

In summer, most of the lake is dry although around the edge, 15% of the lake is permanent deep water.

During the 1930’s the edges were subdivided in an attempt to add some agricultural land close to the city. The attempt failed and in 1936, the lake was almost used as an alternative airport.

Herdsman Lake was declared a regional park in 1999. The old farmland was re-subdivided into residential land and the lake itself placed under the control of the bird watching society, the Gould League. They have a building which is a combination display area and offices.

There are plaques and memorials scattered around the entrance to the building. Once inside there are aquariums and terrariums and other visual and aural displays. Many school groups use the facilities in and around this building.

This is one view inside. As I have mentioned in this series, I have been bird watching over a period of 50 years. I urge everyone to drop in and at least have a look at what is there.

The building overlooks the lake and is a focal point for walk trails and boardwalks.

Tomorrow I will take you on a short walk around the outside. While there have been no reports of drop bears, I shall be very ware of the tiger snakes!  🙂

Now the

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