A Bit of Perth

Much of Perth is built on what is normally a moist floodplain.

While the current decadal drought has dried it, memories remain in the many “tamed” swamps.

The lakes around Burswood are but another example. And with Perth’s fascination with water, there must always be a fountain or a waterfall.

2 responses to “A Bit of Perth

  1. hey what happened to the comment I left here yesterday about someone peeing in the lake? Are you censoring me Archie?


    • I don’t recall seeing it. Don’t approve of censorship (Except in totally gratuitous cases) and I don’t recall seeing it Akismet when I cleaned that out. Although I admit to having been distracted. Since Monday AM I have been reading the last two volumes of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. Blogging has been quick and only loosely done (as I’m sure you have all noticed). I finished the last page of volume 3 at 3:20am this morning. Then I drove to Bunbury to see Buff yawnz!


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