Make myself an orange juice
Load last nights dishes in the sink
Collect the scattered clothes
Let the Dog out
Oh! Turn on the sprinklers
Wash the cutlery
Load the washing machine
“Wake up, you kids. You’ll be late”
Wash the dishes
Start the washing machine
Let the Dog in
“You will wear your uniform today!”
Dry the cutlery
Hang out the washing
“Eat a decent breakfast before you go!”
Let the Dog in! . . . ???
Dry the dishes
Put on the kettle
“Have you got your bus fare?”
Let the Dog out
Make a cup of tea
“All right. I’ll make your lunches!”
Let the Dog in
“Hurry up, you’ll miss your bus!”
“No! I don’t know where your bus pass is!”
Let the Dog out
Pour cold tea down sink.

J.E.McL dec 1989
And the Dog (Kimba – a big white Samoyd-Labrador cross) passed on three years later aged 17 (the kids had teethed on his ears)

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