A Bit of Perth

While I try not to pre-judge buildings, I do feel the replacement of a circular building with a triangular or square building to serve the same purpose is a little obvious although quite acceptable.

Architects do have to place their own stamp on a new building.

However to design something as mis-shapen as the new Entertainment centre to replace the most pleasing of all shapes requires, in my mind, a certain tendency towards insanity.

I’ll post a shot of it after it is opened.

7 responses to “A Bit of Perth

  1. I hope the interior works well cos that is one ugly building.


  2. I don’t like it either


  3. I quite like the look of this, but anything with a roof is appealing at the moment.

    BTW, does your BBC Quiz have a time limit for comments all of a sudden, I can’t access the comments page? Only 2/7 anyway.

    (Bye the BTW, am resurrecting the old Blogger blog soon.)


    • Those who are roofless would benefit much more if the money was spent on something more suitable!

      I have never noticed a block on comments. In fact I sometimes get comments on posts from months or years ago. I wonder what is happening.

      Anyway, good news about the blog.


  4. Way over time here, but some idiot introduced me to Twitter! I think it’s horrible and there is no pleasing lines at all in this. It will be a very uncomfortable building to play in or attend, I would think. Typical of this current State Govt. All angles and discomfort and for what? Bloody mindedness!


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