A Bit of Perth

This structure was near the Ice Skating Rink I mis-behaved in during my youth.

I always thought it was a water tower. It is definitely not that!

Lincoln Street Ventilating Tower cnr Lincoln and Smith streets.

An Art Deco tower built in 1941 to vent sewage fumes into the atmosphere. The tower is 38 metres tall and the second tallest sewer vent in Australia. Inadequate design led residents to complain of unpleasant smells, particularly during certain weather conditions. The base of the tower was cemented over to render it non-functional. The tower was referred to as Dumas’ Folly after the engineer RJ Dumas.

In early 1942, the police wireless facility was secretly moved to the Highgate Hill Police Station as the tower served as an excellent antennae mast. It was not until 1956 that the location of the wireless section became public knowledge. The tower was used for an antennae mast for police wireless communications until 1975. It is now listed by the National Trust.

If you have missed earlier “Bits of Perth” and would like to catch up,
there is an index in preparation here.

2 responses to “A Bit of Perth

  1. How incredible. They knock down all the beautiful old mansions and put up glass and steel monstrosities in their place but they keep a sewer outlet! Not that I’m saying it should have been torn down – it should NOT – but it just seems a peculiar choice to me.


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