Cryptozoology and the Double-Nosed Andean Tiger Hound

Colonel John Blashford-Snell, a professional adventurer who made headlines in 2000 when he took a grand piano 560km along the Amazon River as a present for the Wai Wai tribe in Guyana, now intends to take an organ to the isolated Ojaki community.

The Colonel is hoping to explore what is thought to be the world’s most recent “Big Meteorite” impact site. This crater, with a diameter of 8 Km is an impressive subject for exploration.

But wait, there is more!

The intrepid and multi-skilled explorer also hopes to confirm the existence of the almost mythical Double-Nosed Andean Tiger Hound which was last reported in Bolivia in 1912 (or 1913, depending on the reference.)

andean double-nosed tiger houndBella, a bitch with a double nose had four pups, all with the double nose. Sadly only one survived. The 10-month old puppy, Xingu, was born last year and named after the lost city being hunted down by the intrepid explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett – the man who first documented the existence of the double-nosed dogs – when he mysteriously disappeared just before the First World War.

This type of dog appears to have a greatly enhanced sense of smell, which is of interest for the detection of narcotics and mines.

Double nosed? Nah, not possible. It has to be a defect.

Not so as your dedicated Internet explorer has found.

It seems there is a breed of dog in Spain called the “Pancho Navarro”. It is thought that some of these dogs went to South America with the Conquistadores and became the Double-Nosed Andean Tiger Hound. The word tiger means jaguar in South America.

Yet this is not the only double nosed canine.

Turkey’s only native pointing breed is called çatalburunçatalburun by the Turkish people because of the breed’s nose structure. The term “çatal” means fork and “burun” means nose.
The origin of these Turkish pointers that are being used by upland game hunters in Tarsus-Mersin region of Turkey are unknown. The most prominent feature of this dog is its split nose.

These dogs are short haired, with 50 cm height and 20-25 kg weight. They are not found outside of the Tarsus region of Turkey.

The hunters of Tarsus, who say that the sense of smell of these Çatalburun dogs is very strong, take care of these dogs because they are tame, obedient, lovable, learn to hunt quickly and because they take tremendous pleasure in hunting, but they have just started to learn that these dogs are unique to Tarsus and they are a special breed raised in Tarsus.

Once again I have gone right off the trail I set out upon. The transporting of an organ into the deepest depths of the Amazonian jungles. Instead I have been sidetracked. Again.

Double-nosed dogs are irresistible to a dedicated cryptozoologist such as I.

Up-dated, Aug 11, 2007 here.

24 Sept, 2007; Stacy from  California has sent me photographs of her “Missy” whose parentage she is unsure of but, like everyone else, assumed there was Doberman in her background. Here are two pics of Missy.

So, do YOU have a story about a double-nosed canine? Let me know and I can include it here.

23 responses to “Cryptozoology and the Double-Nosed Andean Tiger Hound

  1. Archie, you are making this up!

    No wait, you’re a writer. But of course. For a minute there, you really had me.


  2. Sehr geEhrter AerChie

    Outrageous – shocking

    As if the normally incisive & well-informed MikeFitz would ever cast any doubt on your Sober Veracity

    Who would doubt the existence, not of God, but of Tree Oktopodia & (when sober) of Dancing Gray Oliphants or Double-Snouted Dogs (Canis Crypto Canis)

    Yr obedt servant etc

    G Eagle


  3. Mike, it is all true, I swear it. I found it all on the internet because Google is my friend. This is such a good tale because who would dare make it up around a campfire with the single-nosed dingo skulking in between blood-curdling howls?

    Herr G eaGle, one can understand the disbelief with which this news was, is and will be greeted. It appears to fit anecdotally with desert sharks and drop bears yet there are so few references to the doppel-nosed beast it must have a basis in reality.


  4. Google is not everybody’s friend … ask Viacom!

    And a leeeetle tweak here, and another big tweak there … and … voila! One has a two-nosed dog. I see it but I do not believe it. 🙂


  5. Buff, you are far too cynical. Just remember, the truth is out there – – –


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  7. sorry…was trying to include a picture….
    can’t seem to do it! if anyone has any suggestions…let me know!


  8. You can’t include a picture in comments, but you can include the URL of the picture as a link.


  9. Rain, yep, thanks for that. We worked that out but this is it an important enough bit of information to warrant an update to the post itself. 🙂


  10. I have been very interested in learning about double nosed dogs. I have a beautiful one. I came home one day from work to find her hiding behind our trash cans. She is, according to the Vet, about 12 weeks old. She appears to be more golden lab than anything else. She is a loving puppy and seems to have a such a sense of smell. She has a double nose and I wonder if she was abandoned due to that reason. When I first saw her, I couldn’t believe how she looked as I had never seen anything like this before. The Vet tells me he has only seen one other one in his 16 years of practice.
    I can only know that God sent her to a home where she would be loved and well taken care of. I have two black labs and they have taken her as their own. I am still in awe of the whole story, but I am glad to know this little girl that we have named Goldie. She will be loved for the rest of her life.


  11. Thank you for your comment, Cheryl. I was fascinated to learn of this dog as well. I collected much of what little was available on the ‘net so that it is mostly in one place.


  12. I have a double-nosed golden retriever. She’s also a supposedly a pure-blooded golden with white… I call her my Genetic Anomoly… but she’s also known as Cody. She’s about 9.5mo old right now and is the sweetest thing ever. I have tons of pictures of her on my blog, but the best are at the entry titled “She’s Here”–I even referenced this website when I made note of her crazy nose. When I first got her 2 months ago, the nose was a bit off-putting… but I’m used to her big heart-shaped nose. It goes along with the heart shaped white spot on her head and the fact that she was supposedly born on Valentine’s Day. My sweet Cody Valentine.


  13. Veerrryy Interesting

    Thanks for a great summary of the split nose phenomena. No one seems to have any definite information on how much this increases scenting capability.

    Wouldn’t it be great if dogs with super sensitive noses were available for search and rescue? Imagine a dog with the size and temprament of a terrier, the trainability of an Alsatian, and the doublenose scent ability.


  14. is not “rare”, just BBC feeds that kinda stuff to you.
    I’ve seen it in the Mercado Campesino (a rural market, not the main one) in Trinidad , Bolivia, NW from Sta CRuz de la Sierra, where a woman was carrying 2 pups, was shocked cause readed bout them in Fawcett book. You dont know what to believe and what not.
    But well, asking some more, people know about it, and is not so misterious at all, and dont need to go to any “expedition” to xingu (they have cell phones now) to see that dog.

    As i was told there were very appreciated as trackers and as hunting dogs.



  15. I think some people are assuming “double nosed” means they have two noses. That’s not what it means- it means the little line dogs have between their nostrils is instead a deep split- giving the dogs the look of having “two noses”.
    It is correct that there are three confirmed breeds having this cleft, however, it can also show up as a defect in other breeds, just as cleft lip can show up in humans.

    I take the andean dog with a grain of salt, as there are so few confirmed numbers of this breed, but the turkish dog is quite common in turkey. My great grandmother used to talk about the “split nosed dogs” when I was a little girl.


  16. I have a MALTESE with a double nose! i’ve been trying to find information on this unique trait and i’m very happy to come across this site! She’s 2 years old and is a very happy healthy dog. She’s a standard size and is purebred so i don’t understand how she developed a nose like this but i don’t mind it at all. I think she’s perfect the way she is and i’d never change anything about her but i’d just like to know more about how this effects dogs if at all.



  18. I was in Turkey this past december. A friend and I were going from Tarsus to Antakya, the site of ancient Antioch, and we hitched a ride with a hunter friend of my friend. He was driving us in a hatchback. As we were driving the hunter we were riding with told us all about this amazing Turkish hunting dog that is native to the area. When we stopped for gas, and at the gas station he opened up the back of the car and there was a little brown puppy with a double nose. I had never even heard of such a thing before. She was such a docile dog she rode the whole way from Tarsus to Antakya, about a couple of hours drive, without jumping around or making a sound. The gentlest dog I ever saw. She sure fit the description above.


  19. welington carvalho vilela

    i have one pitbull for sale double nose


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