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God and the Earth

And it came to pass that

2014 was the hottest year

ever recorded on Earth

God and The Earth

The Gravity in the Black Hole of Climate Change.

Look, I’m just your average educated bloke.

I know about science. I watch David Attenborough and I have read about that climate change, or global warming or whatever it is.

moncktonI have watched the You Tube reports by Lord Monckton on the subject and it is obvious that scientists disagree about the data. They all seem to have different conclusions. The only group which is consistent in their statements are the so-called “deniers”.

I have been taught that scientists work with real things and real data and so their conclusions are consistent. This must mean the deniers are much more believable.

I look at astro physics which is another of those silly subjects where the data is all confused and stuffed up. Those black holes, for instance. They were invented by Stephen Hawking years ago and he had to pay out on a bet he made with another scientist when stuff he said about black holes was proven to be wrong. Yet he is still considered an expert and the myth of black holes continues.

Then yesterday I found out that scientists disagree about the theory of Gravity. I have been told that most science is about theories. I have a theory that scientists only think these things up to keep their highly paid jobs as professors and researchers.

These scientists can’t even trust the numbers from the original scientists and they have pretended to find a new way to show how strong gravity is. Naturally the numbers are different and this proves how fraudulent these modern science people are.hockeystick

I know about science and true science doesn’t change. Just like the Bible doesn’t change. The data about how strong gravity is is now all confused. I have lost complete faith in this fraudulent “gravity” stuff. It is just like Climate Change. Has anyone even seen it? Science is sporting equipment? Ridiculous! How silly do they think we are?

I’m going ignore all the false signs of gravity from now on, just as I ignore the false information about Climate Change.

So-called science is all a fake. Why, next they will be telling us they can cure diseases by sticking needles in our arms. And they probably won’t stick those things in adult arms cos adults can hit back. No. They will pick on defenceless kids.

Then they will tell us that Murphy’s Law is wrong and buttered toast sometimes lands butterside up!

But no one would fall for that.

Not that we will fall in future because you need gravity to fall.



Stars, the Sky and Love


What Happens

onceupunatimeredJennifer had begun working for her Phd in Theoretical Physics.

Her major interest was in what changes differing events may bring about at both macro and micro levels.

The research group she was working with was attempting to find links between the theoretical and physical events.

After a hard Thursday, she was hanging up her white coat and putting her clipboard into her locker when her group leader told her that tomorrow was Friday and was designated as Causal Friday.

“Causal Day?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes,” replied her boss. “Everything we do will have effects.”


Science Fact of the Week


The Climate Change Conundrum

There is a big warning brought to you by;

The same people who gave you the computer.

The same people who gave the world the atomic bomb

The same people who put the digital watch on your wrist.

The same people who wiped smallpox from the face of the Earth.

The same people who gave baby incubators to hospitals.

The same people who gave you Sputnik and world-wide communications.

The same people who gave you the vaccines which save millions of lives every year.

The same people who create the highest buildings in the world.

The same people who created the aircraft in which you fly.

The same people who gave you organ transplants.

The same people who gave you electricity.

The same people who build the bridges you drive over.

The same people who save lives by exposing the dangers of smoking.

The same people who gave you airconditioning on a hot day.


The scientists and engineers who train for years.

The people you trust with your life every day.

Yet you deny these same people when thay warn you of Climate Change.

Yet you deny these same people when they warn you that civilisation is at risk.

Yet you deny these same people when they warn that humans may go extinct.


And you won’t be around to apologise to your great grand children!


Tim Flannery’s Fate