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Blowing Up The Parliament.


Nitrogen triiodide is also notable for being the only known chemical explosive that detonates when exposed to alpha particles and nuclear fission products.

I was going to paint all the Government seats in the Australian Parliament with Nitrogen triiodide.

Now I discover that governmental nuclear grade stupidity will set it off prematurely!

Another plan to out-do Guy Fawkes bites the dust.

Gonorrhea Lectem Disease Warning

Worse than Vibrio cholerae Infection, Rotavirus, African Trypanosomiasis and Pediculus humanus capitis combined, The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of Sexually Transmissible Disease.

The disease is contracted through dangerous and high-risk behavior. The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectem.

Many victims are at risk of contracting it in 2019 after having been screwed for the past six years.

Cognitive characteristics of individuals infected include: anti-social personality disorders, extreme cognitive dissonance, inability to incorporate new information, pronounced xenophobia and paranoia, inability to accept responsibility for own actions, uncontrolled facial smirking, ignorance of geography and history and tendencies towards evangelical theocracy.

While the screwer has been changed several times, there is no beneficial effect apparent if you are infected with Gonorrhea Lectem.


The Australian Drought Summit

Prime Minister’s Office; Drought Emergency Summit

PM; Well Gladys, what are we going to do to help your farmers?


PM; I know there are problems in Queensland. Annastacia but the New South Wales seats are much more important to me.

More Mutters

PM; Oh Shut up Daniel. Victoria voted for your ALP Government and so they deserve all they get! This idea of a drought proofing may just hold things back for a while. It won’t help anyone now but, maybe, in the future.
Now, what have you got to say about the length of this Drought, Alan? You’re the chief scientist so we are relying on you.

Alan Finkel; Well, Prime Minister, we have been trying to explain about this climate change thing the whole world is suffering from.

PM; Don’t go bringing that furphy up again, Alan. You know we can’t do anything about it, and even if we could we couldn’t. Gina and Adani wouldn’t let us, not to mention all the energy companies.

AF; But that is the point, Prime Minister. Most of the energy companies want to dump coal and move to renewables.

PM; But those companies don’t count. They do not contribute to our re-election.

AF; But that is the point. If they can chan- –

PM; That is off the subject. How long will this drought last for?

AF; With no renewables action, probably a decade, maybe two. The situation is not going to improve much in the next 50 years.

Gladys Berejiklian; How soon will things be fixed if we change over to renewables now? How much faster will the drought be over?

AF; It won’t change. It is too late. There will be occasional wet years but climate change is just that! A change in the climate.

GB; So it is no use doing anything at all? Why weren’t we told all this when we could have made a difference?

AF; Governments were told. Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard tried to make a change but failed.

PM; So it is Labor’s fault again. Daniel and Anna, why not learn a lesson and follow our lead? Everything would have been OK. Alan, we were told that the oceans would rise and so I have now got quite a bit of land in the Blue Mountains. Why weren’t we told about the drought?

AF; You were! You just didn’t listen.

PM; So how bad will it get, Alan?

AF; Civilisation will crumble. World population will plummet, and there will be mass movements of people away from the worst hit areas.

Daniel Andrews; Which will be the worst hit areas, Alan?

AF; India, China, South East Asia, Europe, North and South America. All of them will be in extreme distress and people will be moving elsewhere.

Annastacia Palaszczuk; So where will they move?

AF; To the less affected areas, of course. They will all become Climate Refugees. They will run from drought, rising sea levels. There will be wars over water and wars over shrinking land.

PM; So there will be more refugees? Just as well we have a strong Border Force. Look, Alan, we were told about rising sea levels. All this drought and refugee stuff is what we pay you to warn us about and you haven’t told us!

AF; We have been tryi- –

PM; Sorry Alan, you will have to be the scapegoat. Along with Labor. A pity you never explained that you are a Labor mole. You’re fired! This meeting is closed!

Uproar as the summit people leave the room.

The PM picks up the phone; Rupert, what do I do now? All that land I bought up in the mountains won’t keep me safe from the ravening refugees.

Rupert Murdoch; Sorry? To whom am I speaking?

PM; It’s me! The Prime Minister of Australia. You helped me into this position. What am I going to do? How do we get out of this dilemma?

RM; Oh, It’s you. Sorry, I thought I was talking with someone important. Go and pray in your Church. You are not on the list of those to be saved.

Interesting Creationist Chart


Anti-Vax Murderers

One of the joys of social media is the way people are able to find others of a similar mind on any subject. There are many groups which perform perfectly valid duties as conduits for political thinking; as support groups for those with various disabilities and disadvantages; as entertainment conduits.

Then there are those special interest groups which bring together people with rather strange beliefs.

Some of these groups are risible and elicit laughter and much mockery.

Of course everyone can see the Earth is flat and those foolish people who claim sphericality are demonstrably wrong. Many, many man-years of work goes into the production and dissemination of videos, articles and images to prove this. It can be very difficult to determine if this body of work is satire in whole or in part.

Then there are those who are extremely concerned about ‘Chem Trails’. I can’t even begin to conceive of the numbers of marbles on the floor when a group of these people get together. There are certainly very few marbles left in their headspaces. They lose them at a moment’s notice. Chem trails, those white condensation trails left behind by aircraft flying at certain heights and in atmosphere of a certain humidity and temperature. Yes, a shadowy group of people cause this natural phenomenon. For a very shadowy cause.

Of course we must recognise the ‘Moon Landing Hoax’ and the ‘Twin Towers’ conspiracy theories. That such large conspiracies could exist without any individual within those conspiracies breaking ranks is not at all credible. Someone, somewhere, would tell the ‘truth’ to an avidly waiting public.

Those groups are rightly the subject of humour and mockery.

Next we look at the greatest conspiracy of all. Those greedy scientists who are falsifying all the weather data so that they can continue to receive huge financial rewards from – – sorry, I have never worked out who is paying those thousands of scientists. I do know the whistle-blowers on this scandal receive miserly million-dollar incomes from oil and gas companies.

Finally I will deal with the one group I have an actual hatred for. Those child killing ‘anti-vaxxers’.

As a family historian I have spent years looking at the effects of childhood (and adult) diseases on families from one hundred, two hundred and even three hundred years ago. Unchecked, the childhood memories which are but dim memories today, devastated families and communities.

Measles, Smallpox, Chicken pox, Diphtheria (oh! the horror of watching a young child die, gasping for breath as the white growth closed up its airways.), Polio which claimed several of my schoolmates 60 years ago, Mumps, hepatitis, whooping cough, the cruellest of all; all now preventable. By failing to immunise, parents are opening the way to a return of those diseases. Opening the way for thousands, millions of children to be killed by preventable sicknesses.

Poor, backward countries, those involved in interminable wars, are always vulnerable to a comeback of these killer germs and viruses. There is no excuse for rich, comfortable countries to ever be plagued with them again.

Yet well-off, comfortable people have chosen to decry the use of vaccines. They have chosen to murder their own, and others, children. Unable, or unwilling to see the difference between 1 in 10 children dying of preventable disease and 1 in 1,000,000 bad or allergic reactions. Continuing to spread the disproven autism allegations from last century is behaviour which should be treated as a form of domestic violence.

I will not make fun of this group of conspiracy theorists. I will call them what they are.



Three Cat 5 Hurricanes in a month – or is it five weeks?
A couple of Cat 3’s in between.
Never happened before.
Climate Change is still a load of Codswallop according to the Koch Brothers and those whose intelligence have been bought by Koch money!
Trump is still wanting out of the Paris Climate accord unless there are terms favourable to the USA.
What does he want? The Paris Accord to keep its Hurricanes to itself?
Or a donation to the USA to cover the Trillion Dollars it will take to recover from this year’s hurricanes?
Let’s not think ahead to next year – – – –

Empirical Discussion of Malcolm Roberts

Some of us have heard Senator-Elect Malcolm Roberts using the word ‘Empirical’ on numerous occasions.

Last night a whole lot more got to hear him use the word many times during the ABC show, Q&A.

Just what does the word mean and why is it at odds with much of what most scientists say and believe?

The Oxford Online Dictionary has the following definition.


So what Roberts is saying is that you cannot predict anything. If you see something happen and cause an outcome then you can explain it but you cannot use that event to conclude that should the same thing happen again that the outcome will be the same.

So scientists should never predict what MAY happen as a result of certain current conditions.

In Malcolm Roberts’ world anything to do with climate change is unprovable and so should be ignored because it relies on another long word.


In the Malcolm Roberts Universe it seems that any extrapolation is badly unscientific. I won’t insult my readers by quoting examples where we extrapolate outcomes from current data every day. In life or death situations which we simply take for granted.  Tried crossing a busy street between traffic lately?

Malcolm, your repetitive use of the word ‘Empirical’ does not show you to be a knowledgeable scientist.

I note that your degree is in Engineering.  Applied Science. The lesser brother of Theoretical Science.  Yes, you can build stuff, you can play with Meccano with impeccable skill. Yet you have not learnt the skills that are Science. You have not developed a theory from repeated and repeatable experiments. You seem to show little understanding of that essential scientific method.

Every scientific theory relies on extrapolation.

A scientific theory is not something dreamed up at 2am by a group of bored people. It is an explanation garnered from empirical evidence discovered through experimentation, extrapolated within the theory to a predictable outcome then discussed, torn to pieces and accepted or rejected on the evidence and on the logic by others who also know the subject. That is what peer review is all about. Yes, theories do change around the edges but once accepted they are surprisingly robust. Even Newton’s three Laws of Thermodynamics still hold despite the tinkering Einstein provided with his theory of relativity.

I’m sorry, Malcolm, you do not convince anyone with any knowledge of science.

You are just a passing thorn in the side of progress.