About Dragons

“A battle of wits?” inquired the dragon. “To whose death, Sir Knight?”

A day without dragons is much safer.

A dragon is just a dragon until he faces you. Then he is Mr. Dragon!.

A fool and his dragon are soon hoardless

Be advised: All red dragon’s incoming fireballs have the right-of-way.

Black Dragon, “Honest, Officer, the dwarf was on fire when I got here.”

Bother! said Pooh as he drew a Dragon’s Fang on Rabbit’s door.

Distressed damsels don’t dig dragons!

Don’t look a gift dragon in the mouth

Dragon Obedience School Dropout

Dragon riders are weyr’d!

Dragon slayer wanted, no experience expected

Dragonriders of Perv? I WANT to hear this one

Dragons aren’t extinct, we’ve just learned to hide real well.

Dragons DEVOUR virgins, dear. My only concern is for your safety.

Dragons fly because they *think* they can
Anne McCaffery.

Dragons rescued. Virgins slain.

Duck! It’s the Plaid Dragon!

First heat the outer skin to cherry, then peel and eat!
Dragon cookbook

Genealogy: The marriage of a jigsaw puzzle to a dungeon & dragons game

Gotta get back to Reality. Now where is that stupid dragon?

Have you hugged your dragon today?

Human (n): Useful domestic animal popular with dragons for snacks

If you’ll bring the marshmallows, I’ll bring the dragon

I’m sorry, your insurance doesn’t cover failed dragonslaying attempts

It’s a Dragon thing, you wouldn’t understand

It’s a McDragon. Good. RETREAT

It’s a metaphor of human bloody existence, a dragon. And if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s also a bloody great hot flying thing.
Terry Pratchett

I’ve got to Drain the Dragon

MERDE!!! I rescued the dragon!!

My inner dragon ate my inner child

NEVER argue with a dragon or a redhead!!! Both will burn you!

Never chain a dragon to roast your meat

Never stand near a sneezing dragon

Never trust a smiling dragon dating your only daughter

Never trust anything you can eat.
Old dragon proverb

No garden, one dragon

Oh, dear. I…I don’t suppose any of you have seen my dragon?”
Zifnab, Elven Star

The Morpork Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick/Lost Dragons

War is Hell, unless you’re 200′ long and breathe fire. Then It’s Fun.

Why Australian dragons like virgins, they taste better down under.

2 responses to “About Dragons

  1. Isn’t that last qoute, one of those Iffyton tee-shirts that DaddyPapersurfer was recommending ?


  2. It may well be – perhaps I should sue for something or other.


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