Over the years I have collected a number of quotes which have been used as taglines in the newsgroups of Usenet. Some are original, some are attributed and some are just comments which have been made in the anarchic melting pot of Usenet. Now I am beginning to add quotes from books I have read.

I have separated them into some subjects for my own easy reference. Not that I could possibly agree with all of these comments at the same time.

I have around 20 categories in my quotes file and I will be adding to these lists as time goes on.

About Butterflies

About Cats

About Chocolate

About Dragons

About Love

About Pirates

About Politics

About Religion

About Science (Sort Of)

About Sex

About Spiders

About Wizards

About War

About Women

Dr Who

Flames, Insults and Pure Vitriol


I Have Learned

Kahlil Gibran

Llama Wisdom





Well, that is my collection. I hope you have found something interesting here.

6 responses to “Quotes

  1. “About Love” is perfect!


  2. Well, now you’ve ruined it with content!


  3. Oh Damn! I knew I was doing wrong, I just couldn’t help myself.


  4. It was just so appropriate when, looking for, “about love,” I found, “what you are looking for isn’t here.”


  5. Ahh – I see your point. But I need to cater for the romantic amongst my readers. I’m sure there is at least one – – –


  6. I’m inspired! I have quite a collection of quotes myself, but have not ever tried to categorize them. I shall start, at least, to think in that direction. Thanks!


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