Australian Political Limericks

The limerick muse is so fickle
Doles rhymes out at merely a trickle
Until that great day
She rocks up to say,
“Today I will give you a mickle!”

SO –

Political players beware
These words may be flung without care
So don’t be a’bitchen
At heat in the kitchen

Cos politics never is fair!

Pollilim; Mark Scott

Pollilim; Newman

James Ashby; The Limerick

Polly Lim; Destroy the Joint

Pollylim, Adele and Troy

Polly Lim; Troy Buswell

Polly Lim; Christopher Pyne

Polly Lim; Senator Brandis

Polly Lim; Julie Bishop, On Repeat

Polly Lims; Binders of Smear

Polly Lim; Ralph Blewitt

Pollylim; Joe Hockey and Unemployment

Polly Lim; Marge Abbott

Limerick; Alan Jones Apologises

Pollylim; Tony Abbott – Booted!

Pollylim; Tony Abbott

Pollylim; Tony Windsor

Limerick; Political Bully

Pollylim; The Disabled

Pollylim; Tony Abbott

Pollylim; Sophie Mirabella on Q&A

Pollylim; Christine Milne (2)

Pollylim; Christine Milne

Pollylim; Colin Barnett

Pollylim; Gina Rinehart

Pollylim; Kathy Jackson

Pollylim; Mal Brough

Pollylim; Piers Ackerman

Pollylim; Joe Hockey and the GDP

Pollylim; The GDP

Pollylim; Tony Abbott at the Dump

Pollylims; The Pyne Tanty

Pollylims; Tony Gump

Pollylim; The Abbott Run

Pollylim; Murdoch Press

Pollylim; Bill Heffernan

Pollylim; Peter Reith

Pollylim; Christopher Pyne

Pollylim; Chris Ashby

Pollylim; Tony Abbott’s Mantra

Pollylim; Peter Costello

Pollylim, Sophie Mirabella

Pollylim; The Budget

Pollylim; Rupert Murdoch

Pollylim; Christopher Pyne

Pollylim; Clive Palmer

Pollylim; Peta, Tony and Brian

Pollylim; Tony Abbott

Pollylim; Peter Slipper

Pollylim; Greg Hunt

Pollylim; Joe Hockey

Pollylim; Sophie Mirabella

Pollylim; Latika Bourke

Pollylim; Annabel Crabb

Pollylim; Point Of Order! (Christopher Pyne)

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  1. Uhhh drop bears dont exist. Im an Aussie.. and its fun to tell tourists they do. 🙂 youve had someone take the piss.


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