Llama Wisdom

 All the following wisdom is from the Naked Dancing Llama at frolic.org.   He’s cheaper than psychotherapy, and he also licks people’s faces

Always be kind to the first time frolicker

Always leave the doors to frolicking open

Don’t frolic in the wet spots

Don’t let the non-frolickers get you down

Don’t lick something unless you really mean it

“Frolic on the rooftops, tango on the streets; marimba in the mountains, and dance on the sheets.”

Happy is the llama who lets the other llamas frolic. Do not frolic just to bring attention to yourself

EVERYONE deserves to frolic. This includes you

Just because a peanut is out of sight does not mean it doesn’t exist

Just because I am naked, doesn’t mean you have to be

Licking salt is no substitute for a good macadamia

Life is short. Frolic hard

Life is short. Frolic hard

May you frolic often and may your peanuts be many

Scratch your ear, but scratch a friend’s ear first. It probably itches more

Some restrictions on frolicking may apply in your state.
Do not frolic past “GO.” Do not collect 200 peanuts.

You don’t learn to frolic, you release the frolic within.

Interstellar frolicking is possible, in theory.

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