From a Roman Wall

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Secundus to his beloved Prima: hello where is the lady that my . . .”


From a Roman Wall #82   The Forum Cafeterium was an island of quiet in a Rome which was seething with anger. Literatus, the Librarian arrived in a dishevelled state.  “Oh, Thank you.” he said to Nellus as he accepted a beaker of caffeinus. “Ave, Morning all. It is quite riotous out there today. The Celts and Scots are very very angry at everybody.”

From a Roman Wall #81   “Ave, Good Morning.” Secundus greeted everyone in the Forum Cafeterium. “Bene facis, Thank you.” he accepted his beaker of steaming caffeinus from the Barristerus, Nellus and looked around.  In the corner Lusortius

From a Roman Wall #80  “AVE! Good Morning!” Zoophilus greeted everyone at the Forum Cafeterium. He looked over at the corner where the newcomer Lusortius was setting out strange little statues on a checkerboard. Libertinus was sitting opposite him.  Zoophilus took his beaker

From a Roman Wall #79   “Ave, Morning all.” Secundus greeted everyone in the Forum Cafeterium. “It is quite chilly this morning.” Smiling, he took his beaker of steaming hot caffeinus from Nellus. “It certainly was,” replied Libertinus. “I was late walking home after last night’s convivium, feast

From a Roman Wall #78  “Were you at the Amphitheatre last night?” asked Literatus. The tabula in the Forum Cafeterium was full and all customers were enjoying Nellus’ steaming caffeinus. As usual, the panum, the bread, was below standard. Secundus and Pedantus both nodded

From a Roman Wall #77  “Ave,” Libertinus entered the Forum Cafeterium and greeted his friends.  “Where have you been?” asked Secundus. “I’ve been waiting to find out how you snuck out of last night’s Convivio, Feast. More importantly, WHO you snuck out with. Opulentus couldn’t find his wife, Luxuriam, anywhere!”  Libertinus began to reply,

From a Roman Wall #76   Libertinus entered the Cafeterium Forum. “Ave, Good Morning.” He addressed the tabula where his friends were gathered. “Gratias tibi, Thank you.” he said to Nellus as he accepted his beaker of caffeinus.  “Where were you yesterday?”

From a Roman Wall #75   Nellus the Barristerus looked around at the occupants of her Forum Cafeterium, the best source of caffeinus in all of modern Rome. She ground and brewed the precious beans she imported directly from Arabia to perfection. She had problems were with the baker of her panem, bread. He did not always produce the best loaves.

From a Roman Wall #74   “Ave! Good Morning.” Zoophilus the explorer and his slave girl, Marti, entered the Forum Cafeterium. “How are you all today?”  “It is a good morning.” replied Literatus the Librarian. “Nellus has made some wonderful caffeinus today from her new batch of beans. I hear you got some new scrolls from Athens last evening.”

From a Roman Wall #73    “Ave, Morning, Nellus.” Pedantus entered the Forum Cafeterium and ordered his morning beaker of the best caffeinus in Rome.  “And may I have some of that excellent panum, bread, please.” “You’re sounding very jovial today.” said Literatus the Librarian. “Oh yes! The builders have finally

From a Roman Wall #72      It was a beautiful winter’s day in Rome and a small group of friends were reclining in the Forum Cafeterium nursing beakers filled with Nellus’ best steaming hot caffeinus. The talk turned to gossip about their fellow Romans. Pedantus asked, “Did you hear that Morticus the copiata, the gravedidigger has died?”

From a Roman Wall #71    “Salve, Morning all.” Zoophilus greeted the Forum Cafeterium and placed his order with Nellus the Barristeraus. “A caffeinus for me and a beaker of those steeped Camellia leaves I brought back from the land of the Ganges for my slave girl, Marti.” “Certainly.” said Nellus. “just be a little careful of Libertinus this morning. He dined a little too well on beans and new beer last night.” “Oh dear. A gaseous morning for him then.”

Roman Wall #70  “Salve omnes, Morning all.” Zoophilus announced his return from another expedition. “Welcome back.” Nellus the Barristerus replied, handing the explorer his beaker of steaming caffeinus.


Roman Wall #69  Nellus Ursus the Barristerus of the Forum Cafeterium handed Libertinus his beaker of streaming caffeinus and whispered, “Don’t sit next to Pedantus this morning. He has pulices, fleas!”

Roman Wall #68 “Universal literacy is not essential to the well being of Rome!” Libertinus, noted man about Rome, declaimed.

Roman Wall #67  “Salve Nellus, Good Morning Nellus” Libertinus cheerfully bounced into the Forum Cafeterium. “May I have a beaker of your steamingly best Caffeinus and a small loaf of panum, bread?”  “Certainly.” the Barristerus replied. “You’re late today. Had another long Convivi, dinner, last night?”


Roman Wall #66  The mood in the Forum Cafeterium was sombre. The caffeinus was being drunk in desperation and heads were being held. As always there was one exception! Libertinus, the man about Rome, arrived with loud greetings. “AVE! Good Morning!” “Tace Silentium Et nos patimur, Shut up! Quiet! We are suffering.” The groans . . . .

Roman Wall #65   “Ave, Citizens. Morning all.”  Secundus entered the Forum Cafeterium. “I’m expecting my brother Octavius to bring his new vintage to tonight’s Convivio.” He accepted his morning caffeinus from Nellus the barristerus and sat with his friends. “He has managed to keep his goats away . . .

Roman Wall #64  “Ave, morning all.” Pedantus spoke to all gathered at the Forum Cafeterium. “And how are you all today?” Libertinus replied, “I’m well. It was a great festus, a great feast last night.” “Indeed it was.” Pedantus agreed. “I was reclining next to a Jew from Jerusalem and . . . .


Roman Wall #63  “Thanks, Nellus.” Pedantus accepted the beaker of steaming hot caffeinus. “Could I have a small loaf of panum, a bread roll, as well?” “Well, yes.” said Nellus. “Not that you will enjoy it. I tried a new bakery this morning and the results are not that good. Here have this for free” “I am hungry so I’ll try it.” Secundus moved to . . . .

Roman Wall #62  “Felix Natalis, Verbo Ipsum, Happy Birthday.” Nellus greeted her regular customer. “Gratius Tibi, Thank you, Nellus.” he replied, accepting his steaming hot beaker of Caffeinus and a Baklava. “Felix Natalis” came in a chorus . . .

Roman Wall #61  Salve, Morning.” Secundus greeted the regulars at the Forum Cafeterium. “Thank you, Nellus. Your caffeinus is still the best in our modern Rome.” “Gratias tibi, thank you.” Nellus smiled back at him.

Roman Wall #60  “The Forum Cafeterium was doing its usual roaring trade as it not only had the best imported caffeinus in Rome but it was the only Cafeterium inside the walls. Nellus the barristerus brewed it to a perfection which laid the lost foundations for millenia of inspired grinding, roasting and brewing”

Roman Wall #59  “A beaker of nice hot caffeinus, si videbitur, please.” Libertinus greeted Nellus. “And may I have a some panum, some bread, with it?” “Not this morning, my friend. No panum today.” she replied. Secundus entered the Forum Cafeterium. “

Roman Wall #58 Zoophilus slumped into his seat in the Forum Cafeterium. “Sometimes I wonder why we do it.” he grumbled. “Do what?” asked Secundus while Nellus the Barristerus looked on with interest as she filled Zoophilus’ beaker with caffeinus.”

Roman Wall #57 “Salve, Good Morning.” Literatus the Librarian greeted his friends. “Thank you.” He said to Nellus the Barristerus as he took his beaker of steaming caffeinus. “You look satisfied with yourself.” Zoophilus observed. “Ahh yes, my friend. I have been to the Temple of Mercury this morning and made a sacrifice.”

Roman Wall #56  Literatus limped into the Forum Cafeterium. “Quid causæ habes, What’s the matter?” asked Zoophilus. “I dropped a clay tablet from Sumaria on my foot and broke a toe.” explained the Librarian. “Heus, Ouch!” sympathised Zoophilus. “Those tablets can be heavy.”

Roman Wall #55   “Hail, Secundus. Thanks for the invitation to your sister, Augustina’s, wedding last night.” Libertinus looked a little under the weather as he entered the Forum Cafeterium. “It was my pleasure, Libertinus. It all seemed to go off very well.” replied Secundus. “Although some of the jokes in the Best Man’s speech were a bit risqué.” “That always happens at weddings!” Nellus grumbled

Roman Wall #54    You look as though you really need that caffeinus this morning, Secundus.” Nellus said as she handed him his steaming beaker of the reviving brew. “Oh yes, I certainly do.” replied Secundus, taking his seat. “My new son has a strong set of lungs on him and he used them for most of last night!” 

Roman Wall #53  Literatus staggered into the Forum Cafeterium holding a scrap of bloodied linen to his face. “By Jupiter!” exclaimed Libertinus. “By Zeus!” Zoophilus simultaneously exclaimed, showing his liking for things foreign.

Roman Wall #52  Salve, Morning, everyone.” Zoophilus greeted his friends at the Forum Cafeterium. “You’re looking pretty seedy this morning.” said Literatus the Librarian.  “Yes. Sometimes I think I am getting a little old for an epula, a banquet, every night.”

Roman Wall #51 “Salutem Secundus, greetings.” Nellus addressed the late arrival at her Forum Cafeterium. “You’ve been away for a few day.”  “Yes,” said that worthy. “I”ve been out of the City for a while. My brother Octavius was injured on his farm and I had to help out.”

Roman Wall #50  “I need that caffeinus this morning, Nellus.” Secundus entered the Forum Cafeterium despondently. “Salve”. He added belatedly. “Good morning all.”  “Ave, Good Morning back atcha, Secundus” replied Literatus. “You sound down in the dumps this morning.”

Roman Wall #49  “Salve, Good Morning.” Libertinus arrived at the Forum Cafeterium. “Da mihi sis crustum Etruscum cum omnibus in eo.”  “You want a pizza with everything on it? At this time of the day?” a horrified Nellus exclaimed.  “Yes. I’m starving!” said Libertinus, stifling a yawn.

Roman Wall #48   “I went to that new food stall last evening.” Libertinus opened the morning conversation at the Forum Cafeteria. “The one run by the Sons of the Silken Empire.”   “Ahh yes.” said Zoophilus the explorer. “From far to the East. They have some strange foodstuffs there.”  “Yes.” replies Libertinus. “They mix foods and flavours like Verbo Ipsum here mixes words and meanings.”

Roman Wall #47  “Ave, Salve, Good morning all.” Libertinus announced his entrance to the Forum Cafeterium with his usual annoying pre-prandial enthusiasm. “Salve. you have obviously not heard from your aged mother yet,” said Zoophilus.  “No,” replied Libertinus. “I was away from home last night and this morning.”

Roman Wall #46  “Ave, Good Morning.” Nellus greeted her arriving customers at the Forum Cafeterium.  “Salve.” they all answered. “Gratias tibi,” they added as they took their beakers of caffeinus and contemplated the panum, the bread, the Turkish sweets and Greek pastries which were on offer. Choices were made and waistline expansion began.

Roman Wall #45   “Did you hear about Opulentus’ widow Avarus?” asked Libertinus, the man about town. “No,” replied Nellus. “What has that scortum, that courtesan, done now?” She handed him his beaker of steaming hot caffeinus.  “She has begun hosting convivos, feasts, for the Legatus in Venice.” replied Libertinus. “Next thing she’ll be marrying him.”

Roman Wall #44  “Salve, Good Morning!” Libertinus burst into the Forum Cafeterium. “That was a great convivo last night. The acrobats were the best I’ve seen for months and the dancing gir l s – – – “  His voice faded away as Nellus, the Barristerus glared at him. “We do not need your lewd reminiscences this morning! I heard about what happened when you – you – Oh forget it!  Here is your caffeinus.”

Roman Wall #43    You’re looking glum this morning, Verbo.” Libertinus looked up at his newly arrived friend. The Forum Cafeterium was filling fast. “I worry about the way everything is changing.” said Verbo Ipsum as he sat down with his beaker of caffeinus. “This Empire thing is getting out of hand.” “What has brought this on?” asked Zoophilus

Roman Wall #42  “Ave, Salve, Good morning.” Libertinaus arrived loudly at the Forum Cafeterium. “Gratias,Thank you. He said to Nellus as he accepted his beaker of steaming hot caffeinus. “Mmm – those Greek pastries look delicious this morning.

Roman Wall #41   Salutum, Greetings.” Nellus the Barristerus greeted her customers. “Here is your nice hot post prandium caffeinus.” “Salve, good morning.” Zoophilus and Literatus said together. “Gratias, thanks.” Secundus arrived 

Roman Wall #40   “Whatever happened to your young brother, Octavius?” Zoophilus the explorer asked Secundus. The group of Romans at the Forum Cafeterium looked up from the important morning task of drinking from their steaming beakers of caffeinus.

Roman Wall #39 “Salve, Good Morning.” Literatus greeted his friends at Forum Cafeterium. He took his beaker of steaming caffeinus from the barristerus, Nellus and walked over to the tabula. “Salve, Literatus,” said the explorer, Zoophilus. “How is life in the Library? 

 Roman Wall #38 “I’m sorry Citizens.” Nellus announced to the customers at her Forum Cafeterium. “The pistrino, the bakery, has told me there will be no small loaves of panum, bread, today.” “Well what are we going to have with our caffeinus today?” asked Zoophilus. “I enjoy these Turkish sweets most mornings.” said Libertinus

Roman Wall #37    Ave, Good Morning.” Libertinus greeted his friends at the Forum Cafeterium. “We obviously need to convince Caesar to give the populace more bread and circuses. I only just made it home last night. There were riots on the Via’s, the Streets.” 

Roman Wall #36   “AVE, Salve! Good Morning.” Zoophilus greeted his friends as he arrived for his mid-morning caffeinus. “What are we talking about this morning?”  “Scrolls” said Literatus the Librarian. “We are discussing the scrolls we are. . . .

Roman Wall #35   “It is a wet one today.” Libertinus was looking at the rain pouring off the awning over Nellus’ Forum Cafeterium. “At least the caffeinus is still hot.” Zoophilus slurped at his beaker with appreciation. “I haven’t seen rain like this

Roman Wall #34   “What have you been up to?” Zoophilus asked Literatus the Librarian. “I saw your lamp burning for most of the night.” “Yes,” said Literatus, yawning. “I really need my caffeinus this morning. I was

Roman Wall #33   The customers looked up in surprise as Secundus entered the Forum Cafeterium. In stunned silence they looked at his swollen, bandaged hands and face. “Here, Let me get your caffeinus.” Literatus said, helpfully.

Roman Wall #32   “Costs are going up all over the Empire.” Zoophilus said. The morning discussion had left the salicious gossip about Caesarly doings and had drifted to the price Nellus was charging for her caffeinus.

Roman Wall #31 “AVE, Good morning all.” Libertinus cheerefully arrived at Nellus’ Forum Cafeterium and greeted his friends.“Salve, Good Day, Libertinus. You look happy today.” said Literatus the Librarian.

Roman Wall #30 “The future is a bit of a worry.” Literatus was making his contribution to the discussion of the morning at Nellus Ursus’ Forum Cafeterium. The caffeinus was strong and hot as was the discussion about the future of Modern Rome. Zoophilus the explorer butted in, “There is no problem. A strong Caesar will”

Roman Wall #29 “Ave, Bonum mane, Good Morning all.”  Libertinus effusively greeted his friends. “How come you are so cheerful this morning?” asked Secundus nursing both his head and his beaker of steaming caffeinus. “You should never mix mead and wine.” Nellus the Barristerus called across”

Roman Wall #28 Food and drink have always been a favourite subject on the Italian Peninsula and so it is not surprising that our band of dedicated Caffeinus drinkers who gather each morning at Nellus’s Forum Cafeterium often talk about the finer points of cooking. “

Roman Wall #27 “With their steaming beakers of caffeinus and laminas, plates, of fresh baked panum in front of them the friends were about to begin discussing the foibles of the dives et inclytus, the rich and the famous of modern Rome. They were interrupted by an unusual question from an unexpected source.

Roman Wall #26 “I don’t know about those Greeks.” Literatus opined to all and sundry. “Have you been reading their scrolls again?” asked Secundus. “Yes.” said the Librarian. “And I am not sure they are suitable reading for the youngsters of modern Rome.

Roman Wall #25 “You’re looking quite frazzled this morning,” Libertinus worriedly said to Verbo Ipsum. “Hey, Nellus, could you bring him another Caffeinus? He looks as though he needs it.” “Ahhh thanks,” replied Verbo. “You are a true friend. I have had a terrible morning.” 

Roman Wall #24  “I have been reading some of the scrolls of that Greek guy, Aristotle,” said Literatus the Librarian. ‘He says interesting things about wolves.” “Oh yes?” commented Zoophilus the explorer. “I’ve done a lot of wolf watching in my travels.

Roman Wall #23  “Thank you,” Zoophilus said to his slave girl, Marti, as she placed his Caffeinus on the tabula in front of him. “Has Nellus any of those Turkish sweets left or has she sold out?” “I’ll go and find out.” replied Marti.

Roman Wall #22 “Old Opulentus is having his domicilium, his residence, in Venetia, renovated.” Zoophilus the wanderer said to the gathered Romans in the Forum Cafeterium. “Well, what is his builder Artifex doing here in Rome?”

Roman Wall #21 “It is wonderful how the banquets have improved in our Modern Rome.” opined Literatus the Librarian. “So many wonderful new foods have appeared on our tables in the past few years.” Libertinus sipped at his steaming Nubian Arabica Caffeinus, the best in Rome and sniggered, . . .

Roman Wall #20 Post prandium, mid morning, and Nellus’ Forum Cafeterium was almost deserted. Only a single tabula was occupied. While all their friends had returned to their work, Verbo Ipsum and Pedantus were dinking their second beaker of Caffeinus. “My father has just had his sentence in the mines increased.”

Roman Wall #19 “Salve, Good Morning, Amicis,” Verbo Ipsum said to his friends in the Forum Cafeterium. “How is the Caffeinaus nunc, today?” “Great, as always!” Libertinus said over an audible sniff from the Barristerus, Nellus.”

Roman Wall #18 The slave girl Marti carried the beakers of steaming Nubian Caffeinus to the only customers in the Forum Cafeterium. The intrepid explorer Zoophilus was talking about his trip to the south of Babylon. His librarian friend Literatus . . .”

Roman Wall #17 “This new Turkish chef is doing a great job, Nellus.” Libertinus said to the Barristerus of the Forum Cafeterium.

Roman Wall #16 “Wonderful Caffeinus” Literatus called across to Nellus the Barristerus. “I’ll see you again quæso, mane, tomorrow morning.” “I’ll treat myself to a second beaker, Nellus.” said Verbo Ipsum, sitting alone at his tabula.

Roman Wall #15 “Nellus, Marti, come over here. I have news to go with our Caffeinus this morning,” cried the Librarian, Literatus.  The rest of the table lifted their heads from the deliciously fresh panum which Nellus had served with their Arabica Blend.”

Roman Wall #14 “Ahhh” said Literatus the Librarian in satisfaction. “Modern Rome mid-mornings are perfect. Hot Caffeinus and Nellus’s coxis swaying.” He watched the short toga of the Barristerus as she returned to her tabula.

Roman Wall #13 Drinking his caffeinus and munching on a Greek pastry, Zoophilus was looking very hassled. “What’s wrong with you today?’” quaeritur Verbo Ipsum.

Roman Wall #12 “Here is your Caffeinus, Magister,” the slave girl Marti said. “Gratias tibi,” replied Zoophilus. “Have one yourself.”

Roman Wall #11 “Excellent Caffeinus!” Libertinus shouted across to Nellus the Barristerus. And it was indeed an excellent blend, brought all the way from Libya and roasted to perfection by the Arabian traders in their quarter of Modern Rome.

Roman Wall #10 “A hot Caffeinus from Arabia, a Greek pastry, what more could a good Roman want in these modern times,” Zoophilus mused. Nellus the Barristerus ruffled his hair, “Oh, there are few other things which may be wanted.”

Roman Wall #9 “Now that is enough to warm the cockles of any man’s heart,” said Libertinus. He was looking, as was every other man at his tabula, at the gently swaying coxis of Nellus, the barristerus of the Forum Cafeteria as she walked back to her serving station.

Roman Wall #8 Literatus placed a bundle on the tabula around which his friends were seated. He signalled to Nellus Ursus for his morning caffeinus and began unwrapping his bundle.

Roman Wall #7  Zoophilus signalled to Nellus Ursus for another round of caffeinus, sending his two slave girls, the Martii, across to get the fresh-filled beakers. He continued the tale of his great exploration.

Roman Wall #6 “Salve, Zoophilus,” Verbo Ipsum said to the newcomer. (The translator of this section of the wall did not do a very good job, although almost everyone knows that “Salve” means “Good Morning”) “Salve, Zoophilus,”

Roman Wall #5 At the Forum Cafeterium the Barristerus, Nellus Ursus,  delivered steaming beakers of caffeinus to the two citizens reclining on a bench. “Die dulci fruere.” she said to Verbo Ipsum

Roman Wall #4 “Panem et circenses!” Verbo Ipsum opined. “Bread and circuses! That is all Caesar has to offer modern Rome. It won’t last.” “Whyever not?” asked Libertinus, as he sipped a very satisfying Nubian Caffeinus.

Roman Wall #3 It was in Ancient Rome, which seemed quite modern at the time. Sitting in the Forum Cafeterium, Verbo Ipsum was having a mid-morning caffeinus 

Roman Wall # 2 Verbo Ipsum was drinking a mid-morning caffeinus with his friend Libertinus. “My brother Secundus and I are thinking of starting a package tour service,

Roman Wall #1 Verbo Ipsum had returned from a long trip across the Roman Empire and was singing while walking to the academiae; “Oh, you take the supernam I’ll take the infernam, And I’ll be in Caledonia afore ye!” 

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  6. I actually read #88 to #74 and enjoyed them thoroughly as single paragraphs until getting to #73 I was frustrated by what I thought was a sentence incompletus about a builder. Only then did I learn to click on each entry to reveal more and enjoy maximus satisfactus!
    Having now revealed myself as being quite stupid and probably very stoned perhaps my opinion has no weight but I really did find this delightful!
    Cheers ✅🖤🏆


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