These verses are not really attempts at sensible communication!
I have a problem with excess alliteration and this is merely a method of getting it out of my system! Amongst a pile discarded scribbles I found I had a collection of Australian Flora and so collected it together
If anyone can help me with the names of suitable Australian species for the remaining letters of the alphabet – I would appreciate it!

Amazing Australian Alliterations
Active Acacia avenging
Awful Arboreal Axing
Awarding Airborne Ayfever

Beautiful banksia
Bandicoot bowers
Blowing branches
Butterflies Bobbing

Careless Callistamon Casting Caterpillars
Crudely Clouting Cowskulls
Causing Cattle Concussion
Cowmouths Cruch – Callistamon Cud

Deadly Dieback
Dourly Defoliating
Damned Diggers
Doing Dirtier Deeds

Exquisite Everlastings
Edifying Earthy Edges
Eavanly Expanses Excite
Evoking Elysian Enchantments

Furious Feral Fire
Forest Fabrics fee
For fertilising
Free Fresh Forests

Ghostgum Gusting gracefully
Gaily Growing, Gray-white Green
Grovelling Gnomes Gutting Great Glades
Grimly gaze – Goodbye Ghost Gum.

Heroic Hakea
Hourly Honouring
Hovering Hummers
Hey …. Hakea Honey

Innumerable Ill-used Ironbarks
Illicit Industrial Influx
Imbecillic Incendiarism
Inactive Inquest Inadequate.

Jolly Giant Jarrah
Gently Gesturing, Jumpng Joyfully
Jowled Jokers Jealously Jam
Gelignite – Jarrah Genocide.

King Karri Crashing
Carelessly Killed
Callously Cut
Clearly unKind

Lunatic Lawyers looting
Leafy Locations
Loonies Lopping Limbs
Lumber Logging Lament

Marvelously Mature Mallee
Meaning More than
Mangling Machines Merely
Making Mangled Mallee

Nuytsia Nodding Neatly
Nasty gNomes nibbling
Naughty – Naughty
Now No Nuytsia

Organised Ocker Octopods
Often Open Older Oysters
Offending Obese Observers

Pestilent Pines proliferating
Piratically pinching plots
Prohibiting proper plants
Preventing pleasant places.

Quaintly Quimson
Quiet Quandongs
Quadruped Quarry
Quy Quarter

Ravening rogue rabbits
Relentlessly Ravaging
Reducing Ruined Ranges
Ringbarking Replantings

Simple sandlewood
Supplying Sweet Smells
Skinks Sit Stationary

Tea Tree Twigs Twisted
Twittering Tenants
Taking Tiny Termites
Tickling Tea Tree Trunks

Unseen underground urchid
Unknown unless upset
utherwise ulone

Vertical violet verticordia
Vamping vain vandals
Vagrant venal vegetation

Wanton wisteria
wistfully wanting water
wilting with warmth

eXceptionally Xanthorrhoea
Xenophobically xany
Xylophonically xero

JEMcL – at various times over a number of years.

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