Political Rants

I post a lot of silly stuff

on the archive to attract people looking for silly stuff.

That way, when I post something serious it is read by lots of unsuspecting visitors.

Like most writers, I have an ego!

As Kahlil Gibran said, “Half of what I say is meaningless; but I say it so that the other half may reach you.

This is a collection of some of that “other half”.


Tony Abbott in Far North Queensland


Lying About Lying, The Serial Liar

High Taxes And Their Destination

Open Letter to Tony and Greg

Time For the LNP To Kick Tony To Death?

Ted Baillieu’s Feral Cat Hunt

Tony Abbott, Walking The – – –

Political Darts

The Book of Mvrdoch

Has The ABC Gone Mad Or Have I?

Budget Defence Cuts Are Catastrophic!

Broken Promise

For My Labor Friends

It Is Time Tony Abbott Was Executed!

Dr Seuss Meets Tony

The Greens; Principle or Nothing

Tony Arrrrrrbott; Talk Like The Pirate King

The Free Market; Maggots and Tapeworms

Stilnox and the Great Australian Sporting Sleep

Tony, Tilting At Windmills

The Sound of Chickens Roosting

Unwelcoming Australia

The Polling Puzzle

Tony’s Lust For Glory Without Power.

Fairfax and Gina Hancock

Is There a Perfect Storm Ahead For Tony Abbott?

Know Your Enemy; Who Is Christian Porter

The Ultimate Whinging Pom

Is Australia a High Debt Country?

Andrew Bolt Is A Dick Head Day

Who Replaces Tony Abbott

Murder by Bullying?

Can-Do Campbell a One Term Wonder?

China Vs United States – Why Australia Will Lose!

Everything Old Is New Again

The Cracking of the Abbott Monolith

The “LIE” Meme

Archy Returns; The Thoughts of a Cockroach

The Right and Polite Discourse

The Tony Abbott Election Policies Revealed

James Ashby Sues; The Implications

Guilty Till Proven Innocent

Changing Teams

Incompetence Shines Through

The Decline and Fall of the ALP

Straw Men and Scarecrows

Questions of the Week

John Howard and Family Values

Fat Men, Fear and The Liberal Party

Tony Abbott’s Graphic Nightmare!

Tony Abbott Would Not Lie To God

Julie Bishop; Channelling the Prime Minister

Tony Abbott is a Paedophile – Sources

Tony Abbott Couldn’t Be This Stupid, Could He?

The Sky Is Breaking


Tony Abbott, Leader of Her Majestys Loyal Opposition in Australia.

The Whineypoo

Deep Sea Mining, Death of the Boom

The Leader of the Negativity err Opposition

Tony Abbott’s Climate Sutra

Who Is Lying Now?

How To Stop Inflation

Tony Abbott’s Certainty


Song For Liberty


Tony Abbott’s New Internet

Truth in Election Results

Teh Faceless Men

The Young Tony Abbott

Aussies Should Know Better

Politics and Strange Bedfellows

Australians Have a Problem

Aliens and Australians

Honourable Men

Australian Politics and Me

Go Julia

A little local politics

Goodbye Internet. It Was Good While It Lasted.

Aliens and Australians

For Australians Only


The Score Board

Truth in Election Results

Australia Nearly Sinks

A Change of Mind

Chinese Internet For Australia


Pornography, Censorship and Art. Same old, Same old!

Is Turkey Changing Islam?

Blogroll Housekeeping


Australian Election

Howard’s Interest Rate Legacy

An Evolving God and Evolutionary Genetics

Is the Australian Election a Core Promise?

John Howard Aiding Burma’s Dictators?

Pig Iron Bob to Yellow Cake John

Art Upsets Politicians – again

John Howard did it

Peter Costello’s Lies!

The Fable of the Government’s Care for Our Veterans

Godwin’s Law

John Howard, The Terrorist Prime Minister

John Howard’s Interest Rate Lie

John Howard Rules Canada, Australia’s Newest State

Yet Another John Howard Porky!

Another John Howard Porky?

John Howard’s Lies

Political stuff for Aussies.


The political future and energy sources

Christian History and Islamic Questions

Getting My Marching Boots Out Again

A Modern Dilemma

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