LOUISE CLEGG, Behind a Great Man


Born 29 October 1968 In Tottenham, NSW, Louise was the eldest child of Richard Ian Clegg and Paula Kathryn nee Hudson whose marriage was registered, 1968 in Dubbo, NSW. She was the grand daughter of Harry Clifford Clegg OAM (1912-2003) who served two years as mayor of Dubbo. [1]

Louise ended her secondary education in 1986 as School Captain of Hurlston Agricultural High School in South-Western Sydney before moving to study at the Women’s College, University of Sydney where she graduated in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Government. Richard and Paula Clegg had six children and Louise’s younger brother Harry attended Hurlston Ag. as a part of the Class of ’91. [2]

Continuing her Law Degree, she won the Phillips Fox Women’s College prize for academic excellence in law in 1991 and gained her Bachelor of Laws in 1992. [2]


Louise commenced her legal career at Clayton Utz in 1994 and by 2000 was a Senior Associate.Solicitor/Senior Associate, She worked in the commercial litigation and superannuation teams then settled long term into the workplace relations team. Louise practised as a solicitor for seven years in the Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne offices. At Clayton Utz Louise provided advice and appeared in courts principally for employer interests. [2]

After topping the New South Wales Bar entrance examinations in 2000, Louise commenced practice at the New South Wales Bar in 2001. From 2001 – 2012 she practised full time at the New South Wales Bar. She also acted as a lecturer in the subjects of Evidence Law and Litigation at the University of New South Wales. [2]

As a barrister specialising in public law and workplace relations, Louise has appeared in most New South Wales and Federal Courts and tribunals, including administrative, industrial and anti-discrimination tribunals. Louise has particular experience in the federal jurisdiction and appellate advocacy. She has conducted over one hundred Federal Court appeals, many of them appeals from the Federal Circuit Court. She has also appeared in a number of appeals before the Full Federal Court, both led and un-led. Louise has also appeared as junior counsel in the New South Wales Court of Appeal and in the High Court in public law matters with leading public law silks. She has appeared in hundreds of judicial review cases in the Federal Circuit Court. In the public law aspect of her practice Louise has appeared mostly for government interests, although she also acts for individual and corporate interests. [2]

Clegg boards etc[4]


Marrying Angus Taylor in about 1994/5 Louise went to New Zealand with her new husband while he sorted out the New Zealand dairy industry. [3] When the family returned to Australia she had a family of four between 1998 and 2005. The children were, conveniently, ‘boy-girl-boy-girl’. At the same time, she continued her legal career and the family lived in Sydney. [2]

When Angus was recommended to the Party apparatchiks by John Howard and approached to stand for Parliament in 2013, the family moved to a farm near Goldburn and Louise seems to have been left at a loose end. [3]

In 2014 Louise ceased her legal life and became a full time press secretary and campaign aide for her husband. [7]

She became involved in the local community, including as a committee member of Goulburn Education Foundation, and mentor of young local school leavers embarking on tertiary studies.[2]

Her interests as shown in her CV include reading, history, public policy, politics, writing and keeping fit. [3]


A little known part of Wikipedia is that record section where all alterations to the site are recorded along with when, who by and the outcome. [1]

That top right hand corner is an indispensible part of the site.

Every Australian politician is given a page on Wikipedia and it is under continual review as his career progresses.

When Angus Taylor had his page created on Sept 13, 2013, Louise took it upon herself to make sure it contained correct information and made a number of edits.

What follows in this section is specialist information and the details may be skimmed over or even ignored. A quick summary will be provided at the end of this section. If you wish, skip down to the next red text. (it is a fair way down!)

Here is a screenshot of the index to the earliest Clegg edits.

Here are the changes made in the edit of 01.30,21 Sept 2013.

Innocuous little changes which add to the picture of the man. Then, after a break of some months, suddenly Louise began making changes to the page again. This time they were deletions and took away information. This can be seen in the column recording the number of bytes involved.

Suddenly the automated ‘ClueBot’ gets involved and these unexplained changes are challenged. There is a link to ‘Talk’ where discussions relating to the actions of both contributor and the editors is recorded.

Suddenly attempts by Louiseclegg to alter the Wikipedia page for Angus Taylor stop and in June, another actor appears – un-named – and is quickly seen by experienced editors.

wiki 5

This actor or sock-puppet disappears very quickly and is replaced in mid June by a single entry from ‘Hawkesyj‘ who claims to be a member of Taylor’s staff. Some 6,000 bytes were removed and then added back by wiki editors. A quick reply ensured –

wiki 8

Finally, to the best of my researched knowledge, a new sock-puppet appears on the scene. On 16th June 2014, a swarm of deletions and additions appear on the page all from ‘MJJJFFF’.

wiki 7

This received the normal response from the Wiki Editors –

wiki 9


Sorry about the long and involved Wikipedia stuff above but I needed to include it to avoid legal problems with what I am about to write.

Loiuse Clegg, in 2014, engaged in a determined effort to rewrite her husband’s history as shown on his Wikipedia page, probably for political reasons. She was called to account by the Wiki Editors and then *appears* to use at least two ‘sock-puppets’ to get around the problems created by her early efforts. This episode appears to cast some doubts on her ethical and moral judgement and consequently on her legal veracity. It would be unfair to claim that her legal career is cast in the shade by these actions although the average reader may make private assessments.


Lifted, without comment, from the pages of the Australian Financial Review of Nov 29, 2018 and written by Myriam Robin, Columnist:-

It seems Michael Kroger isn’t the only one blaming the voters for the silliness leading them to vote for Labor.

When PR operative Parnell Palme McGuinness posted an extract from her thoughtful column in this newspaper (accusing Victorian Labor of running on centrist issues, then claiming a mandate for left-wing cultural issues) on Facebook, it drew some commentary.

Including, on Tuesday morning, from Louise Clegg, a barrister who happens to be Hume MP Angus Taylor‘s better half.Louise Clegg3

“Recession, rolling blackouts, youth unemployment all necessary for people to realise left populism/culture, unrestrained spending, outlawing offensive speech etc. is not the answer,” she wrote. Remember she’s married to the federal energy minister! Here’s hoping “rolling blackouts” aren’t on Taylor’s agenda, no matter how vital the need to combat left populism. Clegg later disputed McGuiness’ written claim that the Liberals were running “culture wars”, saying it was “all sensible centre from where I sit”. McGuinness warmly invited her to discuss this “offline”. Which seems prudent, particularly as the post is entirely public. [6]


Just a snippet here, showing the tangled webs of the Clegg/Taylor life.

clegg jamland


During November 2019, Angus Taylor’s office was involved in a scandal (another one) regarding altered documents being used to denigrate the Sydney Lord Mayor and her office for spending millions of dollars on travel when they claimed to be saving on carbon emissions. This episode gained a life of its own although most were puzzled about why it had been done.

This question was answered at the end of November when Clegg let slip that she intended nominating for the position of Lord Mayor of Sydney in opposition to Clover Moore. Over the next 48 hours, in a flurry of activity, all references to this were airbrushed from the Internet. [1]

glegg- clover moore.PNG

No, it is NOT an original post/tweet/comment for Louise Clegg herself yet it is a tweet reference which needs to be noted.

The Clegg carpet must have many little bumps in it from having been used to hide the sweepings of the Clegg housekeeping.


[1] Private cyber research

[2] https://static1.squarespace.com/static/538e6312e4b03cefc2a8a0c3/t/5580c661e4b0d21f03797671/1434502753726/Profile+Louise+Clegg.pdf

[3] https://www.afr.com/politics/federal/angus-taylor-lured-into-politics-then-left-to-languish-20141205-120jys (Angus Taylor: lured into politics then left to languish)

[4] https://fab-api.nswbar.asn.au/static/barrister/b3335/Louise-Clegg-CV.pdf

[5] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angus_Taylor_(politician) – from assorted versions.

[6] https://www.afr.com/rear-window/rolling-blackouts-needed-to-teach-people-a-lesson-says-energy-ministers-wife-20181128-h18g2i

[7] https://aussiecelebs.com.au/louise-taylor-wiki-age-husband-net-worth/

One response to “LOUISE CLEGG, Behind a Great Man

  1. Well, that WAS an interesting read! I always wonder what the partner of a politician is like. I figure they are either very dumb and know nothing (or pretend to know nothing…) of their partner’s political life…or they are just as bad as their political partner (or possibly worse)! In this case, I think Clegg & Taylor are just as bad as eachother. Two very rotten apples indeed. Which is quite miserable for me personally because I’m a constituent in his Federal seat! Thankyou for your insight.
    As an aside, I found your webpage with a specific search. I started reading Angus Taylor’s (politician) Wikipedia page, and I thought ‘someone has been playing with this!’, just evident from the section staring at his early life & education. It read so weirdly. So I curiously looked at Edit history…and I saw how many edits were happening on just a single day (!!), and then I looked at the oldest ones…and whose username should show up but Louise Clegg’s! You know, for someone who supposedly topped her Bar Exam, she’s pretty dumb. Perhaps I’ll be slightly nice and say maybe she is better at law than technology…


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