Norty Blues Episode 15

50 minutes of Blues, old and new, Norty and Fun, featuring

Willie Dixon,

Nellie Florence,

Robert Johnson,

Marion Harris,

Count Basie,

Lachy Doley,

Georgia Lee,

Thelonius Monk,

JoJo Smith & Cathie Travers,


Norty Blues Episode 13

Close to an hour of Blues from the 20’s to the present. Including tracks from

Charlie Patton,

Memphis Minnie,

Hambone Willie Newbern,

Howlin  Wolf,

the very norty Julia Lee,

Dave Hole,

Georgia Lee,

Matt Taylor & Chain,

Oscar Peterson

Frank Sultana

Northy Blues Episode 13

Near on an hour of Blues, old and new.


Rosa Henderson

Rufus and Ben Quillian

Dave Bartholemew

ZZ Top

Kenny Wayne Sheperd

Georgia Lee


Son House

Norty Blues Episode 12

Near on an hour of Blues music selected from more that a century of tradition.
This week the featured artists are

Mississippi Fred McDowell,

Lillyn Brown and her Jazzbo Serenaders (or Syncopaters) ,

Mississippi Sheiks,

Lightnin’ Hopkins,

Etta James,

Fiona Boyes,

Scrap Metal,

Gary Moore,

Joe Liggins and his Honeydrippers

Julie London

Julia Lee and her Boyfriends

Norty Blues Episode 11

An hour of Blues featuring

Lil Johnson,

Furry Lewis,

Robert Petway,

Big Mama Thornton,

Nina Simone,

King Oliver,

Gerry Joe Weise,

Don Overby,


Norty Blues Episode 10

Nearly an hour of the blues from some of the better known artists.

Louis Armstrong and his Hot Seven
Dinah Washington
Willie Dixon
Billie Holiday
Tom Waits
Nina Simone
Dave Hole
Lead Belly
Graham Bell and his Australian Jazz Band with Georgia Lee 
JoJo Smith
Renee Geyer and the Kevin Borich Express

A Perceived ALP Strategy

The Albanese ALP Government is suffering a lot of criticism just now. There is a groundswell of disapproval because it has not yet ‘done anything’ about a number of items which need funding. Mainly ‘Welfare’ in its various forms but housing is also a major thorn in its side.

The big solution to all these problems are the looming ‘Stage Three Tax Cuts’ imposed upon the Australian population by the previous Tory Government. The Party of always lower Taxation! The fact that those ‘Lower Taxes’ are all smoke and mirrors is irrelevant. What really matters is that the headlines can be parlayed into election catch phrases. Ones that have worked in the past!

Taxes aside, one major flaw in the previous Government was its lack of credibility. It lied, it schemed, it broke election promises, it was corrupt! As a part of the drive to reach the Government benches the Labor Party promised to implement the ‘STTCs’ because it had voted for them when wedged with the choice of no tax relief at all for lower waged Aussies.

We, the poor deluded voters, thought that meant Albo would go around breaking promises because it seemed the sensible thing to do!

But would it be sensible?

Come the next election, the Great Potato Lizard of Dickson would be able to stand up and say, with complete honesty, and no sense of shame, ‘Labor breaks promises and Labor are the party of increasing taxes!’

By biting the bullet and holding to his election promise, Albo risks losing a number of electors to other very small socialist parties and to the Greens! The Greens may be three to four elections away from surpassing the Extreme Right Wing Coalition so that is a problem for next decade.

The ‘Teals’ are a small group of Tories who worry about the climate and will attract some of the Liberal Party but have no effect of the National Party. By failing to increase the Government coffers by dumping the STTCs the ALP really risks very little because politics is, in most cases, about the long game.

If the ALP loses the next election, having junked a whole lot of Coalition policies which the ALP said it wouldn’t do, then the Coalition has a green light to dump everything Labor does in the next two years. So winning the next election is VERY important.

It seems Albo has used his political nouse and looked at the big, long term picture and decided that the short term pain of holding onto the Tax cuts for the wealthy parasites is worth it to be able to go to the next election asking the permission of the electorate to remove those tax cuts in return for huge benefits in the ‘Welfare’ or Social Security areas.

Totally negating the usual lying Tory election pitch.

AND there is no guarantee that we need to wait for two full years for a Federal election. The past three elections have been delayed as long as possible by Governments which expected to lose. It is possible that the next election could be held early by a Government which expects to win! Especially if the Bald Solanum tuberosum is still the Leader of the Opposition halfway through 2024!

So, yes, yell and scream about a Labor Government which appears to be failing those who voted for them. Ignore the fact that we are living in an historically difficult period brought about by Tory Governments which have raped and pillaged our Common Wealth for 25 of the past 30 years.

And expect to see real, helpful honest results by 2026! Ones which have been chosen by the Electorate (You and Me!)

Episode 9

A look at some of the bluesmen who didn’t last all that long along with some more modern tracks. Featuring Little Walter, Bumble Bee Slim, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Kokomo Arnold, Wendy Saddington, Marlene Cummins, Thelonious Monk & John Coltrane, Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton and Blind Blake

Norty Blues episode 8

This week we have mostly women of talent on the show although there are some highly skilled Bluesmen included.

From the Deep South of the USA to Europe and on to Australia we have Bo Carter, Memphis Minnie, Sippie Wallace, Sippie Wallace, T Bone Walker, Georgia Lee, Margret Roadnight, Wynton Kelly&John Coltrane&Stan Getz, Chris&Fenn Wilson, Scott Henderson, Samantha Fish.

Norty Blues 20230409

This episode has Blues from:

The Dallas String Band,

Memphis Minnie,

Ida Cox,

Tommy McClennan,

Howlin’ Wolf,

Diamond Dave and The Doodaddies (from Western Australia)

and Frank Sultana

Norty Blues 20230409

The Blues as a part of Saturday Night Entertainment.

The Dallas String Band, Memphis Minnie, Ida Cox, Tommy McClennan, Howlin’ Wolf, Diamond Dave and The Doodaddies (from Western Australia) and Frank Sultana out of Sydney


I Laughed


From the Past


From the Past

Norty Blues 20230402

Getting drunk on the Blues. Featuring Johnnie Johnson, Bessie Smith & Louis Armstrong, Arthur “Blind”  Blake, Rosa Henderson, Rufus Thomas, Janis Joplin, John Lee Hooker in half an hour of classic Blues.