God and Lives

God and Lives

Reverently burgled from God

Sid and Sod #694


Street Art

A little one, close to the ground.

On Beaufort Street near Newcastle Street

I love the use of white to make it seem almost neonish.

street art 22

Street Wisdom

street wisdom22

Lots of Fun


oldjoke18a oldjoke22a oldjoke22b oldjoke22c oldjoke22d oldjoke22e


Sid and Sod #693


What Kind of Muffin Are You?


Wrong again!

You Are a Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin

You are smart, sophisticated, and savvy.You love taking risks, and you are the first to know about new trends.

You are curious about the world and tend to have many interests.

You also are very talented. It sometimes seems like you are good at everything.

You are very social and inclusive. You’ll be friends with anyone.

Even though you’re very cultured, you’re not a snob.


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