Sorry, Banjo Patterson

Once a jolly bagman camped by the House of Reps
Under the shade of a Caymans account
And he laughed as he watched and waited till the millions grew
You’ll come a waltzing Old Scummo with me!

Waltzing Old Scummo, Waltzing Old Scummo
Who’ll come a waltzing Old Scummo with me
He laughed as he watched and waited till the millions grew
You’ll come a waltzing Old Scummo with me!

Down came a new rort to live in the House of Reps
Up jumped the Bagman and grabbed him with glee
And he sang as he stowed that new rort into Caymans
You’ll come a waltzing Old Scummo with me!

Waltzing Old Scummo, Waltzing Old Scummo
You’ll come a waltzing Old Scummo with me
And he sang as he stowed that new rort into Caymans
You’ll come a waltzing Old Scummo with me!

Up rode the ICAC, mounted on its new writ laws
Up rode the Lawyers one two three
With that new rort you’ve got in your Cayman book
You’ll come a waltzing Old Scummo with me!

Waltzing Old Scummo, Waltzing Old Scummo
You’ll come a waltzing Old Scummo with me
With that new rort you’ve got in your Cayman book
You’ll come a waltzing Old Scummo with me!

Up jumped the Bagman and sprang into the House of Reps
You’ll never find the proof here, he said
And his words may be heard as you pass by the House of Reps
You’ll come a waltzing Old Scummo with me

Waltzing Old Scummo, Waltzing Old Scummo
You’ll come a waltzing Old Scummo with me
And his words may be heard as you pass by that House of Reps
You’ll come a waltzing Old Scummo with me

Waltzing Old Scummo, Waltzing Old Scummo
You’ll come a waltzing Old Scummo with me
And his words may be heard as you pass by that House of Reps
You’ll come a waltzing Old Scummo with me


Governments are elected because they win a majority on the floor of the house.

This means they are able to pass legislation they bring forward. The Opposition do not have the numbers to defeat the Government’s ambitions. That is what being in Government means. That is why we, the electorate, vote.

Today we heard our elected Prime Minister, leader of the majority party in the Parliament, complain that he could not bring his long promised Integrity Bill before the house because the Opposition did not like it and would oppose it.

Let me run that past my rather incredulous mind again.

The Elected Government cannot bring itself to bring forward a Bill the Opposition opposes. Despite that being the constitutional role of the OPPOSITION! It is there to OPPOSE, to hold the Government to account.

Yet Scott Morrison feels so threatened by the numerically inferior Opposition that he will not bring forward legislation if that Opposition doesn’t approve of it..

Surely this has to be the strangest action by a democratically elected Prime Minister EVER!

Scott Morrison has set a precedent here.

He now can only bring forward legislation which the Opposition approves.

Does this mean we now have an ALP Government in disguise? A Coalition Opposition sitting on the Treasury benches?

In all the years I have watched politics in Australia, I have NEVER seen a Prime Minister hand power to his opponents so clearly; so obviously; so blatantly.

No wonder the ALP is holding its policies close to their chest. It is now obvious that anything they may let slip will be taken up as Coalition policy and then the ALP will be blamed for suggesting it in the first place.

Morrison will whimper, ‘The ALP made me do it!’

And Australia will cringe, listen and read the Murdoch take on National Affairs, then vote Morrison back into a power he is terrified of using.

Who Is This?

In Perth’s CBD, between Hay and Murray Streets, is a beautiful and iconic Art Deco theatre and arcade named The Piccadilly.

But who is that on the right hand side?

I am now wondering how he managed to get onto a building from the 1930’s.

Then I realised. He is from the Olden Days Liberal Party!

It IS the – umm – Honorable – Simon Birmingham MP, isn’t it?


Scott Morrison and his Little Thing


I am hearing more and more that Anthony Albanese and the ALP should be screaming to the rafters about the shortcomings of our pitiful Prime Minister. And I agree.

He is very much the invisible man in Australian politics. I have seen nothing in the Mainstream print, radio or TV media. As far as they are concerned, he does not exist.

What we hear about is that Wonder Man who does not lie or leak messages or information. The one who cooks curries, supports the Sharkies and listens to Jen. And the one who has saved us from the ravages of Covid-19 by organising all the vaccines. Eventually. Not that timelines are ever mentioned. They do not exist in the world where Super Scomo rules. Once the announcement has been made no further action is required. Any questions about the matters are brushed off with a reference to the announcement.

All of this is mentioned on front pages, in TV and radio headlines and on late night Fox TV. There is no room left for anything Albo or his team says. And they have been saying plenty. So why don’t we hear any of his statements, thoughts and ideas? Because it doesn’t suit the media moguls.

The reporters, the journalists have been replaced, to a large extent by opinionistas. Paid for from the seemingly bottomless pockets of those media moguls and their advertising big business clients. It would be bad business to upset these cash cows.

The course many ALP supporters would like their preferred party to take would have Albo and his team shouting their ideas into a vast sound-swallowing bowl. The LNP would be able to pick up all those ideas which resonate with the general electorate and then claim them as their own policies. And we know how honestly the IPA errr LNP treat their election promises.

The only time the ALP is able to get anything like equal time in the Media is after an election has been called. Those special 33 days where everyone is trying to turn off from ‘This bloody election!’

That is the only time Albo, Penny, Tanya and Tony will be able to spread their ideas. The only time they will be able to negate the nine year propaganda campaign which has been run on behalf of all those corrupt foxes who are in charge of the hen house we live in.

So, as people who really want a change from the corruption and evil which passes for our Government, we need to seek out Albo’s Twitter account (@AlboMP), his website ( his Facebook page (Anthony Albanese) and read more Guardian and less News Ltd!

Retweet him, share his Facebook posts, spread the ALP message.

Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

The Self-Snookered Morrison Government

It has decided that the Extremely Honorable Christian Porter should not be referred to the Privilege Committee despite the Speaker’s ruling.
So the Morrison Government has decided to ignore the advice of their Speaker. Or could that be better stated as ‘expressing no confidence in said Speaker’.
When that happens the Speaker normally resigns. Speaker Smith has not at this time resigned.
In the light of his recent adverse rulings directed at the Prime Minister, could it be that there will be an escalation in Smith’s reaction to the often over-looked bad behaviour on the Government benches.
Known for often removing Opposition members under Section 94a could he be planning to punish Government Members in the same way?
The immediate effect would be to upset the balance of the House. A simple ‘I move the Member no longer be heard’ could be lost. Clever footwork by the Opposition could pass legislation unwanted by the Government.
This could all be averted by a formal removal of Speaker Smith from his position. Excepting that opens the door for an ex-Speaker Smith to move from the Liberal Party Room to the Cross Benches!
Creating the very situation the Government is so desperate to avoid that they made the decision to reject the Speaker’s ruling.
That of losing a majority on the floor of the House.
Oh what a can of worms has just been opened – – –
And I have stocked up on popcorn!

Prime Invertebrate

What IS The Doherty Report?

We keep hearing about the wonders of the ‘Doherty Report’ and how it will, like Moses, lead us to the promised land of no lockdowns, no COVID-19 and an economy where capitalists can carry on enslaving the plebs ever more cruelly!

But just what IS this fabled report and how accurate is it in its prophecies?

Here is one detailed attempt to decipher its methodology, its conclusions and its misuse by a Prime Minister desperate to achieve something. ANYTHING!

This article contains much that our political ‘leadership’ is NOT telling us. Such as just how ineffective Hotel quarantine really is.

It is a long article but well worth a read!


Resurrected from 2013. A part of the past of the star of Fox News After Dark. The evidence is all there in the newspapers of the time.

News Ltd on May 20th, 2013 reported that, “TONY Abbott has called his chief of staff Peta Credlin “outstanding” aftercredlin8 she was caught drink driving on the night of the Opposition Leader’s budget reply speech. Mr Abbott said Ms Credlin was “an outstanding chief of staff”. ”Yes, she has made a mistake, she has done the wrong thing, she accepts she made a mistake and will go through the ordinary process every Australian in this position goes through,” Mr Abbott said. Mr Abbott, who was speaking to the media after a visit to a print factory in the Sydney suburb of Silverwater today, added that Ms Credlin had been caught drink driving “during her private time”.

Well, Peta Credlin is not actually a murderer. And she was not charged with attempted murder.

NOT QUITE! More by good luck than good management.

She was drunk and lucky. Stopped by a policeman before she hit a car with a mother and five year old on board or a late night pedestrian or a – – – Any one of a hundred scenarios.


On 25th September, 2013 after the change of Government, ABC Online news reported, to the total surprise of absolutely no one, “Prime Minster-elect Tony Abbott’s chief of staff has avoided punishment on a drink-driving charge in the ACT Magistrates Court. Peta Credlin, 42, arrived at court flanked by her high-profile defence lawyer and Mr Abbott’s press secretary. Ms Credlin was charged with low-level drink-driving in May when ACT police caught her returning home from Mr Abbott’s budget reply speech. Ms Credlin pleaded guilty to blowing 0.075 during a breath-test, but today avoided having a conviction recorded.

Ms Credlin’s lawyer argued for the charge to be dismissed due to her otherwise clean driving record and the punishment already received by having the matter play out in the media. Her lawyer also told the court that incoming Attorney-General George Brandis, had written to the court describing Ms Credlin’s exemplary character and how she had a 21-year unblemished driving record. Magistrate Maria Doogan noted that Ms Credlin pleaded guilty at the earliest possibility. “I find the offence proven but I’m not recording a conviction,” Magistrate Doogan said.

I’m sure many other Australians charged with the same offence have been grateful for the Court’s ‘ordinary process’ and understanding in this way.


The Scomo Birth Certificate

The McMorrison Burger

McDonalds are being good corporate citizens here in Australia and are creating a new burger.

It will celebrate the Prime Ministership of Scott Morrisonl.

The McMorrison Burger. Just $6.95.

It comes with double cheese, fries and extra meat.

It says so, right there on the advertising.

Of course, when you get it, the price has an added $19 Robo-debt, the cheese has been removed after a NDIS independent assessment, there will be no sauce because the Prayer Room is closed for cleaning and you will never get the fries you were originally promised because they are not available on the Indue Card.

Oh, and it’s only got half the meat.


I keep hearing joking comments about the Army taking over the relatively simple (in a bureaucratic sense) task of delivering the Covid Vaccines to ordinary Australian citizens.

Hardly surprising as the ONLY group of skilled public servants left in this country is the Military.

Decades of depleting the Public Service has finally come home to roost!

But Nations which rely on their military to do civilian Public Service duties work run a huge collateral risk – their leadership eventually sees themselves (often accurately) as more competent than the Government – – – –

and then take over!

Fifty Years of Imagining

Fifty Years of fruitless

Imagining in song

And yet still we hope

Perhaps one day we will

Overcome our genetics

All the inbuilt self hatred

Expressed as hatred of others

Too late for you and I

But perhaps it will be

For our children to heal

Oh please, let it be.


Dr Seuss: Scomo in a Hat


Pezzullo of the Caribbean