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LAST Week:- A good weather week. Not too hot, not too cold. Today was ANZAC Day, the Australian version of Memorial Day. It traditionally begins with a dawn service at the State Memorials around the country. To get there and find room amongst 100,000 others meant I was awake at 1.30am and out by 2.30am. Long, yawny day has followed.

Hats and Crowns:- Last week no one got to wear a hat. A good effort all round.

THIS Week:- This week I found SIX correct answers! How will you go this week with the Quiz?

Previous Dunces

17th Apr, 4/7, No Hats Awarded.

10th Apr, 1/7, Ærchiearchive, Rob

3rd Apr, 1/7, daisyfae

27th Mar, 2/7, Rob

20th Mar, 2/7, daisyfae, Rob

13th Feb, 2/7, Ærchiearchive, daisyfae

6th Feb, 4/7, No Hat Award

27th Feb, 2/7, daisyfae, Rob

20th Feb, 1/7, Ærchiearchive

13th Feb, 3/7, No Hats Awarded

6th Feb, 2/7, Rob

30th Jan, 2/7, Rob

23rd Jan No Hats Awarded

16th Jan, 1/7, Rob

9th Jan, 1/7, daisyfae

12th Dec, 3/7, no hats awarded

5th Dec, 2/7, Ærchiearchive

Crown Winners (7/7)

14th Sept, 2012, healingmagichands

28th Sept, 2012, dinahmow

5th Oct, 2012, dinahmow, healingmagichands, Buff

7th Dec, 2012, healingmagichands, Rob

31st May, 2013, dinahmow

14th June, 2013, dinahmow

26th July 2013, dinahmow

9th August 2013, dinahmow

21st Mar, 2014, healingmagichands

1st Aug, 2014, healingmagichands

From a Roman Wall #89

graphics-romans-528700“Salve, Morning all.” Libertinus the Roman man-about-town entered the Forum Cafeterium grumpily.

“What’s wrong with you today?” asked Nellus the Barristerus as she handed him a beaker of steaming caffeinus.

“It’s not like you to be grumpy in the mornings.” added Secundus who was already halfway through his first caffeinus.

“I made the mistake of dropping in on that new caupona, restaurant. The coquus, the cook, has a specialty of an open flat-bread sandwich with olive and garlic paste, sausage slices, shrimp, dormouse rumps, green and black olives and cheese.” explained Libertinus.

“That sounds like a good breakfast.” said Literatus the Librarian, drooling just a little and looking at the rather plain loaf of panum, bread he had bought from Nellus.

“”It certainly sounded good but he then went and toasted it! The cheese melted and went everywhere and it was all so hot that I burned my tongue!” complained Libertinus.

“So he is serving food which hurts the customer?” asked Verbo Ipsum. “I do hope you gave him a pizza your mind!”

roman graffiti

Sid and Sod #684


What UK City Are You?

You Are Cardiff

You are a very down-to-earth and content person. You like to live the good life, especially when life is easy.

You are attracted to livable places with real people. And you love the idea of finding undiscovered gems to enjoy.

You are a bit of a dreamer, and you like lots of room in your life to explore and think. Also, a little magic never hurts.

You are drawn to history, fairy tale landscapes, and quaint little towns. To live in one would be like a dream!

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Poll Sum; 22nd April





Three polls, Reachtel 1/04, Morgan 8/04, Essential 8/04 were deleted

Two polls, Morgan 20/04 and Essential 21/04 were added

A total of 9,475 Australians were polled


Percentages converted back to Raw Numbers

Simple maths convert the published % to raw numbers using the electors polled.

Liberal and National Party numbers are combined.


Note:- Newspoll lumps PUP voters with “Others”. I split them out at as near to 20-80 as I can with whole numbers. That seems to be how the numbers for other polls fall.

Two Party Preferred


Translating this into electoral numbers,

assuming 15 million electors

we have a National Two Party Preferred of

L-NP 7,121,700 Votes

ALP 7,878,300 Votes

Which leads to – – –



A difference of

5.044% or just

756,600 voters.



One of the numbers the true wonks look at is the Primary vote given to the majors.

Once upon a time it was expected that the L-NP primary would be around 45% while the ALP could only win with a Primary beginning with a “4”.



The minor parties and the “others” will have a major impact come election day.

Here is how they are going.


Whenever I see a poll it is my habit to add the ALP and Green votes together.

The Left remains the Left even though it is now in two parts.

At the moment the other Left Parties are lumped in “Others” so I cannot count them.

Anyway, here is what that addition of ALP + Greens looks like this week.



For this postipsosNewspollessential poll morgan pollgalaxy pollpollreachtel





That invisibility of abbott continues to work. It shows what a strange mess Australian politics is in when the best support the bought and sold media can give its favourite son is to stop talking about him. Those numbers, while still looking good for the ALP, are showing a trend back to the right. We are almost back to the 2pp we had six months ago. Not a good situation.




Over to you, the discerning reader.


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