Do you know that glorious red, orange and purple that you often get in the western sky at sunset?
The beautiful greens you can see in the woods
The blue of a summer sky which reflects turquoise from the ocean?
Those are the colours of my love for you.

Do you know the softness of a baby’s skin, and the hard strength of a bar of steel?
The sensuous feel of silk on your skin and the warmth and comfort of wool on a cold winters day?
The feel of water rising and caressing every part of you as you walk into the ocean?
Those are the touches of my love for you

Do you know how evocative a single violin can be?
The steadiness of a repeated phrase on the drums?
The joy in the song of a bird and the awe in a roll of thunder?
These are the sounds of my love for you

Do you know the smell of a newly powdered baby?
The heavy night scent of the magnolia and the lightness of the pines?
The sharp freshness of the citrus and the sweetness of the rose?
These are the perfumes of my love for you

Do you know the melting, slithery slidey feel of good chocolate in your mouth?
The spritzig feel of soft drink bubbles in the back of your nose?
The sweetness of honey on the comb and the sharpness of salt on a hot summers day?
These are the tastes of my love for you

I love you with all my senses.

JEMcL 2001