Tony Abbott Would Not Lie To God

Here in Australia we all know that our Prime Minister is a liar.

We are told so continuously by the media and by the Opposition, led by Tony Abbott.

Just this week Tony Abbott spoke about three lies told by the Prime Minister of Australia.

The Carbon Tax Lie, the Poker Machine Lie and now the Bob Carr Lie.

Every one a political decision,forced by political circumstances.The sort of thing

A Day At The Beach

where the electors shake their heads and say, “Politicians lie all the time.” At the same time those electors are making a choice between Sunday’s round of golf promised to the guys at work and Sunday’s day at the beach promised to the family.

Less well publicised is the fact that Tony Abbott tells political lies as well. Tony himself sort of admits it. And, just bye the bye, Kerry O’Brien, we know you think you are past it but your aging, weakening, interviewing abilities are still miles ahead of your replacements.

Yet there are lies which should never be told.

Lies about the personal lives of politicians and their families.

Some weeks ago I came across some silly rumours about Tony Abbott and a young lady. And debunked them.

Instead of putting the whole matter to bed, so to speak, it actually prompted emails which claimed, not that I was wrong to make fun of the baseless rumours but that I had mentioned the wrong young lady!

I was told that I should have mentioned a much taller and happily married member of his staff. This is an alleged situation which has caused the creation of a new thought on Twitter. Tony Abbott’s “Credlinbility”!

Additional rumours surfaced during this past week. Rumours I fully doubt and have not seen reported, or even hinted at, in the main stream media. So they have no “Credlinbility” at all!

Rumours about Tony Abbott appearing in public without his wedding ring. Come on, guys. I have been married for close on half a century and have never worn a wedding ring. Real men don’t!

Rumours about Tony Abbott’s wife not looking happy at an interview. Get real! There are many reasons for a woman to look unhappy. Not all of them relate to their husband and not all of them automatically mean a marriage break-up.

But I will tell you why I have this huge mass of disbelief about this whole scurrilous rumour-mongering.

The lead participants in this false drama are all upstanding, worshipping Catholics. And have made promises, not before electors but before their Lord God.

Promises like “Cleaving only unto each other” and “Until death us do part”.

Tony Abbott may lie in a political sense as he admits but he would never lie about something this important to his God!

So put any visions of a Dominatrix Giraffe wielding a whip over a cringing Budgie Smuggler out of your mind. I do apologise for the mental image but it had to be said. Twitter has been disgustingly specific in places!

Two reasons.

Firstly, Tony Abbott would never allow a woman to have that sort of power over him

Secondly, I trust the professional honest news media much more than the wild rumours promulgated by anonymous self-interested social media “reporters”.



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