Australia has been moved

Be very frightened, Australia

Be very frightened, Australia

Moved from extreme concern about the First Hockey Budget to extreme concern about the Islamic Terrorist Threat.*

This coincided with a fall in the polling for the abbott** Government. The result has been a slight return from extreme unpopularity to mild unpopularity in that polling.

News Ltd and consequently all journalists who hope one day to be within that august stable of fearless reporters and commentators have wiped the Budget not only from the front page but also from all the inside pages of our newspapers.

Our televisions and radios have so much news on terrorism, ISIL/ISIL/Non-Islamic Non-State that there is little time left for the other overseas news. The news of the abbott attack on Russia, his poking of the Bear, and just an occasional mention of the massive invasion of refugees we are suffering daily. Of course, suddenly all those refugees have turned magically into Muslims, who will not be targeted except by dog whistles.

No time, no space for that most unpopular budget.

It no longer exists. It is as extinct as the Norwegian Blue of Monty Python fame. Except that the worms escaping from its body are still eating away at what is left of our society.

FreedomYet still the polls are not swinging wildly in abbott’s favour. The latest polling averages out to around 47.5% to the Government. Enough to put a touch of fear into the backrooms of the Party faithful planning the next election. Enough to rule out a much needed early double dissolution.

As a consequence, in further attempts to terrify the populace into supporting abbott and his insanities, we are losing freedoms every day. Now all our cyber activities are available to Senator Brandis at the stroke of a single pen on a single sheet of paper. We no longer have freedom of movement around the world. Our civil rights are being eroded with every sitting of our Parliament.

Our Attorney General, George Brandis explained that there is nothing unusual in all this curtailing of freedom. That the common man has spent most of his existence in servitude. That this Government is simply restoring the natural order of things.

Which is a coded message for, “Support us in the polls or we will take the next step.”

What is that next step?

Well, it seems there is little room left to move.

After practising secrecy with the Department of Torture and disappearances Border Protection It seems that the secrecy surrounding ASIO is to be beefed up with journalists being put on notice that they are not to even look at the ASIO building upon pain of incarceration and banishment from the Murdoch Press.

Which leaves just one fearsome act possible in a danger filled country filling with unreasoned fear. Fear created and danger carefully orchestrated by this Government under the auspices of tony abbott’s landlord. the AFP and their bedfellows, ASIO.

An Australia under Martial Law!

No elections.

No need for any more annoying polls.

No more Parliament for that will be suspended because of the emergency.

No discussion about the rights or wrongs. abbotthelmet

No more civil liberties for they will become treasonous.

Bloggers, tweeters and the Fifth Estate will be arrested.

The three a.m. knock on the door will be coming to a home near you!

Those people under thirty who need welfare will get their work for the dole – IN UNIFORM!

Soldiers with automatic weapons on every street corner.

tony abbott as Prime Minister for life.


Sometime during 2015 it will be;


The Democratic Commonwealth of Australia.


* I’m even typing in three word slogans

** Taught to use caps for proper nouns. I find nothing proper about the current PM.

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