Are We Stuck With tony abbott?

The majority of Australians consider tony abbott* to be a failure as Prime Minister.

There is a general feeling that he will not last the full term in that position.

So we should be thinking about who will replace him.

One thing we did learn about changing Party Leaders during the previous Government is that the media really don’t like surprises. The have to own any change which happens. They could never accept Julia Gillard because they had had no part in grooming her for the electorate.

So who is being groomed to take over from abbott?vacantPM


We keep hearing vague suggestions that Joe Hockey has ambitions, only to see another bumbling moment highlighted in the adjoining column. The media have lost confidence in his ability.

Some journalists keep suggesting, softly, that Malcolm Turnbull may make a comeback yet there is no enthusiasm, no conviction. His brand has been damaged by his cynical destruction of the NBN, something which has pleased Rupert Murdoch but no one else.

Scott Morrison is a potential candidate who may have been damaged by the strength and stubbornness he has shown in Immigration. He may be scaring not only potential refugees but also his fellow party room occupants with the pig-headed arrogance he displays.

Christopher Pyne would have been a possibility had he not become a caricature of himself. And who ever heard of a Liberal PM coming from South Australia? Especially one who looks like losing his seat at the next election.

Julie Bishop is a permanent contender who has not caught the imagination of the media. The misogyny of the Party room will probably keep her in a deputy’s role.

Then there are the “outsiders”, Peter Dutton and Greg Hunt. Neither has gained any interest from the commentariate.

It would seem, that within this self-proclaimed “Adult” Government there is no possible replacement for tony abbott. Certainly no one the media has been briefed about and who they have been able to anoint.**

That is a scary situation for our nation.

*I was taught that one should use capitals for proper nouns.***
** Perhaps this would be a valid use of a 457 visa
***I find nothing proper in tony abbott

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