Joe Hockey; Very Little Big Man

Tony Jones (ABC Lateline 30th Aug 2012) reported on a speech to the Sydney Institute report by the Shadow Treasurer, Joe Hockey.

Hockey complained bitterly that the Gillard Government was only interested in the BIG THINGS!

He said,The current Federal Government is fixated with its place in history. Everything it says and does needs to be a big reform. Tax, Health Care, Education, the Environment, Disability Services, Financial Services. The list goes on. The Government is desperate to claim Big Landmark Monument-like reforms.

There is so much wrong, not with what Hockey said, but with the thinking behind it.

fixated with its place in history” Well, yes. We ALL want to be remembered well after our time has passed. Or have the Opposition Members so little ego that they really don’t mind if they are forgotten as soon as they leave Parliament? I don’t think so, Joe. This may be just a little bit of jealousy showing through.

Everything it says and does needs to be a big reform.” Umm, Hey, Joe, this IS the Federal Government. I don’t pay my taxes so that it only does the little things. I pay my taxes so that my country, my society and my children are going to live in a better world. With big ideas and big ambitions and big hopes. Unfortunately we had more than a decade with just a single reform. The GST. More than a decade of small thinking from a small be-spectacled man with a small mind. This current Federal Government has a lot of catching up to do.

“Tax, Health Care, Education, the Environment, Disability Services, Financial Services.” Joe, you did say BIG Reforms, didn’t you. Yes, these reforms are big. Are you saying they are unnecessary? These are the sort of things which are needed. Not big increases in Taxation like your predecessor instituted. But genuine cuts in Taxation. Genuine improvements in Health Care, in Education, in Disability Care. Don’t Australians deserve these fruits of their labour? Care for the Environment? It sounds radical but if we do destroy the environment, we destroy our own future. Yes, the Gillard Government is doing a lot of big things. It has to. Because the Howard Government did nothing!

The Government is desperate” Not really, Joe. It has set itself some targets and is achieving them. ALL OF THEM! The desperation seems to be coming from your side of politics, Joe. You all want Government but have no idea what you will do with it when you get it. Somewhat like a dog I once had. Loved chasing rabbits. Had to chase them. That was the reason for his existence. Until the day he caught one and looked up at me in a very confused way, as if to say, “Ummm I’ve caught it. What now?”

“to claim Big Landmark Monument-like reforms.” It doesn’t work that way, Joe. History, our children and their children make those decisions. Or our opponents. The Gillard Government is too busy doing stuff, creating our future, to claim what can only be decided by the generations to come.

On behalf of the Gillard Government, which I helped put into power with a GREEN vote, I thank you, Joe Hockey, for telling Australia that the Government is not only doing its job but doing it very well.

Not only has it caught the rabbit, it is now making a delicious Rabbit Fricassee which the whole Australian family can enjoy!

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