The Beach

I write a lot of limericks!
Normally they are rude, crude and indecent as most limericks are.
But sometimes the form carries me off to other fields


I went to the beach on this day
Was hoping for waves come to play
But the sea was all lumpy
I think it was grumpy
And the sky was a little bit gray.

So I only walked on the shore
For miles, and a little bit more
But when I came back
I had lost my track,
The waves all had wiped out my spoor!

And thinking of Omah again,
(He’s all that is keeping me sane)
We once pass this way,
A very short day,
And then we’re erased once again.

So when I am gone from this shore
I’ll ask this one little thing more,
(In red wine, I think)
For me have a drink,
Rejoice, for this life is not poor!

For I have had books, and some bread,
And you there ‘neath boughs over head.
For life is to live,
Take what it will give
And leave it while you’re fully fed.

That grumpy and lumpy sad sea
Must answer for saddening me
But life can’t be smooth
In one single groove
No lows would mean highs couldn’t be!

JEMcL – Aug 1998

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