Double-Nosed Dogs, an Organ and a Meteorite

Yesterday I was puzzled.

This is a normal state for my mind, yet this time there was a specific reason for my puzzlement.

Way back in the middle of March I read of a modern day adventurer who was going to take a church organ into the Bolivian jungle.

Colonel Blashford-Snell was setting out to research what is possibly the most recent big meteorite crater on Earth.

He was taking the organ as a thank-you gift for the people of the village which was going to help him and the rest of the expedition.

There was an aside to the expedition. They were also intending to see if rumours of the cryptozoologic “Double-Nosed Andean Tiger Hound” were true. It had been reported in 1912 and another report from 2005, with photographic evidence, seemed to supply proof of, at least, a deformity.

Despite the interesting details about both the organ and the crater, I compiled a post about this dog, a pointer, and found a similar dog breed in Portugal and another in Turkey. I posted what I had found.

There was a small amount of interest, much in keeping with every other posting I make.

Then yesterday there was a sudden rush of visitors to this old, obscure post. Here was the cause of my puzzlement.

This morning I found where the interest had originated.

The BBC has reported on the Colonel’s return from the deepest jungles of Bolivia.

According to Colonel Blashford-Snell, he has now found evidence that this was caused by a giant meteorite, which struck the Bolivian Amazon Basin up to 30,000 years ago.

He says he has found evidence of human habitation within 50 miles of the blast zone, and believes these people were wiped out as a result of the meteor’s impact.

While I have doubts about human habitation on the South American continent that far in the past, it is still an interesting tale and the impact date is uncertain and could be as recent as 5,000 years. This would put it into recorded human history. I wonder if there is anything in the Sumerian Cuneiform writings.

The Iturralde Crater is situated (for those with Google Earth) at 12.35.16S, 67.40.21W.

The strange thing is, everyone seems to have picked up on the dog story.

According to Colonel Blashford-Snell, the dog is not very prepossessing but it is interesting that its best friend is a pig and that the two of them rule the other animals of the village.

Lots of internetters and bloggers looked for more information .

And my stats took an unexpected up-turn yesterday.

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