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Vancouver, A Swinging Joint

So, Vancouver, home of some very strange people and other creatures, unveiled its Winter Olympics Torch.

I could smoke toke carry it round all day.

Get High in Vancouver's mountains

Get High in Vancouver's mountains

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Camera Critters #26; Baby Bat

Too small and young to work out its species. Not that I know a lot about bats anyway.

Just that they are very cute mammals which need to be avoided because they can carry nasty infections.

This one was found by our resident animal collector and lover, Phoebe, who convinced it not to get too stressed by all the bright flashes which were happening while I was doing the photography.

Foggy Night

Perth does not suffer from a lot of fogs.

So, when yesterday’s rain turned into a night-time fog, I was drawn to attempting to capture the ghostly atmosphere.

I found that sodium vapour street lights are far too intensely yellow and even with attempts at photoshopping the colour balance the quiet mistiness was lost.

Even with major colour and saturation correction too much was lost. Perhaps the reality of modern city streets will stop them from becoming eerie. Or maybe a sodium filter would help.

Looking through a tree with only distant white mercury vapour lights showing seems to catch some of the atmosphere.

Oh well, I hope I can remember these lessons the next time Perth is foggy and quiet.

Friday’s Feathers #3; Australian Sheldrake

I have found a new, to me, urban wetland. Filled with birds.

The Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary is filled with over a hundred different types of bird.

I will be visiting it often.

Here are a pair of Australian Sheldrakes I spotted,

Would you like to join Friday’s Feathers?

Duck Duck

Sorry, Mr Duck, I’m pekin – – –



Sometimes, in photography, an event happens a little too fast for neat things like focussing and aperture adjustment.

So while trying to get a shot of a duck preening, when a Black Duck suddenly flashes past and lands, reaction is automatic.

It really is point and shoot and hope. But the greatest of these is hope.

This time it almost worked. Just don’t ask for the full sized blurry image. 🙂


Photo Hunt #103; High

High is all a matter of perspective.

The Shaw River in Australia’s mainly desert Pilbara region was a little high after a cyclone had passed through.


The bricklayer who added the final bricks on this brick kiln chimney was pretty high up.


Torn between two cultures, this Martu tribesman from the Great Sandy Desert was high up on one of the landmark hills of his ancestors as he looked across his “country”; the land to which he belongs.


But for really, really high, I guess you have to look at something like this.