A Bit of Perth

A final look at the Cottesloe Sculpture by the Sea for 2011.

un-named glass form ~ Toshio Iezumi.

everything changes everything returns ~ George Andric

Im not certain this was a part of the event. It does not appear in the catalogue yet it is one of the more striking works in the area. A Range Rover which may have been left over from a previous exhibition. I found it irresistible.


The final three images are possibly NSFW and so are over the jump. Unlike previous years, there were no obvious nude female figures or references. Instead, there were a number of nude male figures.

Red Memory Smile ~ Chen Wen Ling (China)

The prized “end of groyne” position was given to “Coast Guard” by Greg James.

Finally, in a hat tip to the ancient Greeks and their art, Richie Kuhaupt and Geoffrey Drake-Brockman presented “Torso” in marble and stainless steel.


3 responses to “A Bit of Perth

  1. I like the differences in materials they use for the sculptures. Each one of them shows a different thought and it’s quite striking. I especially like the giant swizzle stick and the red male figure, but the highlight for me (although it’s a bit hard to see) is the coastwatcher one! It captures the essence of the material and it’s fitted very well into the actual position.


  2. I like Red Memory Smile and Torso. Also the Range Rover. I haven’t liked any of the previous entries you posted so I’m glad you finished on a high note Archie


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