A Bit of Perth

Along the Darling Scarp there are a number of places where rivers and streams fall down to to the plain below.

The Lesmurdie Falls is one of those favourite picnic spots for Perth People.

Unfortunately a drought has had its way. Now it seems as if, upstream, someone has left a tap half on.

You can see the trickle if you look hard.

8 responses to “A Bit of Perth

  1. Wow, that’s a serious demonstration of how your drought is progressing.

    Is everybody madly installing rainwater tanks like we did during our 8-year east-coast drought a few years back? Tanks which have been full to over-flowing for the past 2 years?


    • Unfortunately no. There seems to be a lot of “Abbottitis” in W.A. and people simply know that the Government will bail them out, whatever it takes. Only “Greenies” and other such fanatics install rain-water tanks. Desalination, non-renewable aquifers, piping water down from the Fitzroy; the Guvmint will do anything to put off the inevitable for everyone else. Perth is doomed to a drought-death. It will be the first Australian city to disappear into the Climate Change morass. Adelaide will probably follow.

      The only decent thing our Government has done is to ban mining of the coal beneath the Margaret River Vineyards. A little self-interest in the Cottesloe Set despite allowing Gas Plants on the Burrup and the Kimberley and allowing deep-sea drilling off the Ningaloo Reef.

      Greens are in trouble here in the West with the only Green lower House member having an Extra-marital with the Treasurer! She is now an ex-Green!


      • Wow! Are things that bad in Perth? I hope to visit Oz one day and your city is definitely on my wish-list.


        • Perth has such beauty that even the most determined politician cannot destroy more than a very small part. The drought, however, could do some severe damage to the City. The vegetation will change and the population will have to shrink. That may not be such a bad thing 🙂


  2. Is it all drought, though, or worsened by over-use by agriculture, industry and domestic?


  3. 😦 Is bad, bad, and more bad, isn’t it? The creek out the back of my place is a green sludge at the moment and mosquitoes think it’s heaven on earth. Billions of the little buggers every time you go out the back. But the Council isn’t going to spend money to flush it out.


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