A Bit of Perth

A traffic round-about in East Perth has one of the strangest pieces of public art in Perth.

Every time I drive past it I am so totally distracted trying to work out just what it represents.

5 responses to “A Bit of Perth

  1. We have a work very like that in Springfield. I’m not sure they are supposed to represent anything.


  2. Go back and take the photo again, Archie.

    This time, drop the camera position just a little down and to the left so that the two loose ends line up. I think you might get an Escher-esque image.


  3. It’s a true representation of what my stomach feels like when I have a tummy ache! Or perhaps what my brain feels like when I have a migraine coming on … or maybe it’s just a sore back? Who knows … maybe the artist had had an argument with his wife that morning! LOL


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