A Bit of Perth

Perth’s original cemetery was here in East Perth, on a hill overlooking a curve in the Swan River and burials were held within twelve months of settlement in 1830.

Begun as an Anglican resting place, as Perth grew, additional cemeteries were added for additional denominations.

St Bartholomew’s was built for the services in 1871.

It is now a part of the National trust and is correctly known as “The East Perth Cemeteries”.

4 responses to “A Bit of Perth

  1. Such a shame that they allowed it to fall into disrepair for so many years! They allowed it to be vandalised and desecrated by indigenous people who spat blue murder if the “white fella” did anything to one of their own sacred sites but didn’t give a damn about ours! Even now it’s only a quarter of what it once was … this being the fault of the “white fella” who decided that a cemetery on top of the hill was a stupid use for land which could be utilised for housing with a high price tag! Shameful!!!


  2. I love old cemeteries


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