A Bit of Perth

Here is an extra Bit of Perth – Breaking news if you like.

This morning, on another blog, I commented on why we no longer have fireworks on Guy Fawkes Day.

This is the reason I quoted. Today is 3rd Nov, not 5th Nov and already the Hills around Perth are ablaze. I took this photo about 20 minutes before this posting was made!


Here is the Official alert and warning.

Wednesday 3 November 2010 – 1:55 PM


A bushfire emergency warning remains for people living on Pechey Road and Taaffe Road between Swan View and Jane Brook.


Homes on streets listed below in Swan View and Jane Brook may be impacted by the fire.

  • ·    Pechey Road and Taaffe Road


This EMERGENCY WARNING means that if you are in this area your best option for survival is away from the fire. If the way is clear leave for your safer place now and take your survival kit with you. Relocating at the last minute can be life-threatening. A relocation point has been set up at the Swan Park Leisure Centre on Gray Drive in Midvale (off Morrison Road).


A bushfire WATCH AND ACT message remains in place for people near Red Hill on Toodyay Road for a fire in the north-western part of John Forrest National Park.


This means that if you are in this area there is a possible threat to lives and homes. There is no immediate danger but you need to keep up to date in case the situation changes.



People living in the area need to be alert and watch for signs of fire.


You should:

  • ·      Close all doors and windows
  • ·      Turn off evaporative air conditioners but keep water running through the system if possible


John Forrest National Park has been closed as a precaution. DEC advises people in the park to leave and people should not to enter the park.


Motorists should be aware of fire trucks and machines travelling along Toodyay Road and the potential for reduced visibility due to smoke.


Motorists encountering smoke should slow down and turn their headlights on.




The bushfire is moving at a slow speed in steep terrain in a south-westerly direction under the influence of north north-easterly winds. Gusting winds are causing hop-overs. The fire is approaching the western boundary of the park and the headfire is about 400m wide. A north-west wind change is expected at about 3pm.


The fire, which is believed to have been deliberately lit, has burnt through approximately 250ha.



Fire crews from the Department of Environment and Conservation, Fire and Emergency Services Authority, Police and volunteer brigades from the City of Swan, Shire of Kalamunda and Shire of Mundaring are being assisted by about 22 trucks and five earth-moving machines that are being used to track the boundaries. Five water bombers have been brought up from Bunbury.


Crews have been deployed in private property to the west of the park as a precautionary measure.



Pechey Road and Taaffe Road between Swan View and Jane Brook.

8 responses to “A Bit of Perth

  1. Ouch! That news has not been mentioned over here(Mackay) yet, but I’ll check ABC tonight.
    We tend to watch more for cyclones. 😦


  2. The sad bit is how these brushfires are usually started by Koala youths sneaking off to have a smoke and being inattentive with their lit cigarettes.


  3. 😦 Sad as it is, the latest is that it was deliberately lit! Morons!


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