A Bit of Perth

Forrest Place, between Murray and Wellington Sts was for long a place of public debates and political rallies. It was also Perth’s town square where old men, including my grandfather, could sit and reminisce of days gone by.

Now, in the age of televised political debate Forrest Place has become a space for public entertainment. For dancing and choral displays, for school holiday children’s programmes and for presenting any heroes of the hour who may need to be seen by the populace.

It has had, for a century, both the Commonwealth Bank Building and the Central Post Office Building.

Now, as the keynote part of yet another tinkering with this space, we have a giant green cactus. Or alien. Or something.

Whatever, its ridiculousness is highlighted by the dignity of the older structures behind it.

There are those who go gaga-ist over the Dada-ism inherent in the juxtaposition of the modern with the classical and how it illuminates the passage of time.

Those people are pretentious twats!

Here is a mostly complete index of Bits of Perth

4 responses to “A Bit of Perth

  1. We’ll get you eddicated one day young Archie.


  2. I reiterate what I tweeted … it’s ‘orrible! And although being chastised by the monstrous thing itself on Twitter, I shall ignore it and reiterate … it…is…HORRIBLE! It doesn’t fit, it has no redeeming features, it is the most puke-rending green and to pay the money they did for that is (or should be!) a criminal offence!!


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