A Bit of Perth

The very first European settlement in Western Australia was on the south coast at Albany. This was a convenient stop on the way to Sydney for ship powered by the roaring forties.

Even after the Swan River Settlement was founded, the ships from Europe would not detour north and continued to call in at Albany, leaving mail and passengers.

A road link was developed and the Albany Road was second major road in the new Colony. The first, of course was the road from Fremantle to Perth. Horses were kept at a series of stages spread along the 250 miles to Albany. This track has now become the Albany Highway and settlements sprang up all along the road.

The Gosnells name was first used in 1862 when Charles Gosnell who was the owner of London cosmetic company John Gosnell & Co., brought Canning location 16 from the Davis family who were the original grantees in 1829. The purchase of the land was a personal investment by Charles Gosnell and his name was useful when the land was sold to developers in 1903. The association with the well known cosmetic company was exploited with a claim that the Cosmetic firm had brought the land because of its fertile soil to grow flowers of for the manufacture of it perfume range. The abundance of the Arum Lily in the area added to the myth about the Gosnell company, the marketing was so successful that the Gosnells train station was also built on the Armadale line in 1903 because of the population growth in the area.

So, with all that preamble, here is a building which was added in 1907.

The Gosnells Pub.

Good grief – I got a bit verbose there. My inherited teaching gene escaped for a moment.

My apologies.

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