A Bit of Perth

The Alexander Library is the State Library of Western Australia.

Spacious and open, it houses some marvellous collections of State history.

While not enraptured by the externals, I do enjoy its innards. 🙂

For the record, in its list of acquisitions, my name is mentioned as “author” four times, either as an individual or a collaborator. History and genealogy having given me so much, drew me into giving something back.

3 responses to “A Bit of Perth

  1. It’s the inside that counts, right?


  2. This is a building that I would be sure to visit if I was in Perth, must collect my sleeping bag from my local library first though….


  3. 3rd Floor … that’s the best one. History and nothing but history except for a few photocopiers where you can photocopy history. I love the Battye Library, as the 3rd floor is known.


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