A Bit of Perth

Back to Queens Gardens in East Perth.

Looking at some of my unpublished photos from my trip there a couple of weeks ago, I noticed something.

Far from being simple ponds, the edges of the lakes have been engineered to provide safe nesting sites for the many waterbirds who have made Queen’s Gardens their home


4 responses to “A Bit of Perth

  1. That looks like water hyacinth to me; an invasive species that’s been banned from commercial sales here in Missouri, USA, because downstream (in warmer climes) it is almost impossible to eradicate and clogs waterways badly.
    OTOH, it has water purification properties that are pretty amazing:


  2. It’s banned here too, Cybe, so that’s more likely to be the common old Water Lilies. Sort of Lotus things … pretty when it’s in flower and smell OK too.


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