A Bit of Perth

In Wellington Street. Opposite the Perth railway Station. Hidden away from the gaze of most passers-by. A group of Perth’s skateboarders practice their stunts between the old Wellington Buildings and the even older Globe Hotel.

Sean was determined to get over this railing. His feet were getting enough air. Unfortunately his board was coming up too vertically and he needed more speed.

Sean was finally able to lengthen his approach, needing to add a bit of a curve. Got the height, got the speed.

Still had that vertical board which just clipped the rail with its rear wheels.

I had to leave then yet I walked away knowing that rail would be beaten.

Sean and his mates are a Bit of Perth.

4 responses to “A Bit of Perth

  1. i have many happy memories of photographing aerial sk8rboyz… they are athletes disguised as punks!


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