A Bit of Perth

“The Witch’s Hat”, 148 Palmerston Street, Perth.

Built circa 1898. A large two-storey residence with a bow verandah and a turret with Gothic influences.

Built for William Dartnell, an engineer and one of the designers of the Horseshoe and Barrack Street bridges. (Oh yes, I must show those as well very soon).


These days it is a Backpacker’s Hostel with all mod cons. Their website  contains the information that, “We even supply laminated song sheets in the female showers! (Whose idea was that anyway?)“.


If you have missed earlier “Bits of Perth” and would like to catch up,
there is an index in preparation here.

3 responses to “A Bit of Perth

  1. Why just the female showers?


  2. That looks like a place I’d like to stay, actually. I never knew a shower singer that needed a song sheet. do they do madrigals there, or what?


  3. I hate to say this but … this looks much more like my great-great-aunt’s place than the other one you looked at. And there’s a little niggle at the back of my mind about one of the old girls we spoke to many years ago saying something about “the witches hat” … sorry. I know the number’s wrong.


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