A Bit of Perth

Brisbane Hotel, 292 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley (cnr Beaufort and Brisbane streets)
Built circa 1920.

The upstairs guest rooms attracted travellers as there were also horse stables at the rear.

In the 1960s the hotel housed a prestigious upstairs restaurant.

In the 1990s the second floor was converted to a space for the Effie Crump Theatre.

The hotel and theatre were closed for extensive renovations in 2003 and reopened under new management at the end of 2004.

So much for the dry parts of this building’s history.

Buff’s Great Grandmother is mentioned in The W.A. Record of 10.6.1899

“I perceive that Mrs Smith, formerly of the Beaufort Arms, has taken that large and spacious hotel, situated on the corner of Beaufort and Brisbane streets, called the Brisbane Hotel. ”

This indicates the “circa 1915” date is not correct.

Back in the 1960’s all that history was of no importance to the group of Ice Skaters who met there regularly before going around the corner to the Premier Ice Rink.

A meal and a drink or two was always a great start to the evening. Being young we were all experimenting with our drinks and I remember one young man, the guy we all knew we could, and did, trust with our girlfriends, used to drink “Blue Russians”. Served in flat, stemmed glasses, one night on his third glass, he put it down a little sharply and the stem came up through the base of the glass! That was not the night I had eight double Old Grand-Dad Bourbon and Cokes. I was totally relaxed that night and had the absolute best nights skating ever!

One thing I cannot get over is the modern habit of painting old buildings in dark drab! It is unforgivable!

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