A Bit of Perth

The Globe Hotel, Wellington St, Perth CBD

The original construction of a hotel on the site in 1884 was a reflection of the
development of the Fremantle to Guildford railway line, which opened in
1881, and the close proximity of the central Perth railway station. The
establishment of Globe Hotel and other nearby hotels represented a need
to provide refreshments and accommodation to visitors of Perth.
From 1884 to the present day, the site has continuously provided
bar and dining services and accommodation for both visitors and local

TheGlobe Hotel is one of the earliest surviving hotels in the City of Perth, one of a
small number of 1880s hotels in the metropolitan area.

By 1879, Perth Building Lot V18 was in the ownership of Edward Albert Stow, Perth Gentleman. The City of Perth Rate Books record Edwin Barrington as the owner of the property by the early 1880s and his wheelwright workshop was located on the block. In 1884, the hotel and outbuildings are listed for the first time. Barrington was still the owner at this time, but Michael McMahon was the publican of the hotel.

While it looks complete from the front, there is a matching building at the rear with a narrow connection. There are some very nice stained glass windows in the rear section but they are hard to see because of the fence.

One of the featured which has been faithfully retained is the beautiful filigree lace-work around the verandahs.

In 1932, a Mr Roy Tenby was the publican and a Miss S Breed was the House Manageress.

As for the “De Pedro’s” reference; well that is a mystery which will be compounded tomorrow.

One response to “A Bit of Perth

  1. love the verandah


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