A Bit of Perth

Of course all this reliance I have on self-dated buildings can sometimes come unstuck.

Since Perth was founded in 1829, this building in Beaufort St is either lying or telling another tale.

It is actually that “other” story. It is the Protestant Hall and 1690 was remembered for the Battle of the Boyne which was an insignificant battle between the Protestant William of Orange and the Catholic James II. While some Irish fought, this was part of a struggle between rival English kings. Every 12th July, the “Orangemen” march through Dublin in memory of this battle. And every 12th July the Catholics do revengy-type things to the Orangemen and any other “Proddy’s” they can find. Despite the battle having been fought on the 1st July!

The detail on this building is beautiful and it is in a good state of preservation because it is still in use.


One response to “A Bit of Perth

  1. What a lovely building, glad it’s still in use


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