A Bit of Perth

After a morning of driving the ‘burbs photographing “Bits of Perth” I picked up a sandwich and headed down to the Boat Ramp in Claughton Reserve, Bayswater. There is a colony of pelicans nearby and I was hoping to get some shots.

I looked across the river and thought, “That doesn’t belong there.”

After thinking it was a sunken boat, I realised the blue and white part of the object was a car registration plate. Sitting 30 to 40 metres off the end of the boat ramp it was, at the very least, a navigation hazard. At worst, there could have been someone in the vehicle.

So a quick 3 Km trip to the local police station and I reported the situation and was able to show them the photographs I had taken.

By the time I got back to the boat ramp not only had the two officers I had seen at the station arrived there, they had verified that it was a car with the help of a couple of boaties who were going past.

After about an hour the Water Police and a tow truck arrived almost simultaneously.

A diver swam out and checked that the vehicle was empty and, at the same time, affixed a rope.

A winch on the truck pulled the car ashore. We won’t mention that the Water Police’s favourite length of rope was snapped in the process.

The Water Police headed off to pick up the floating debris.

While everyone else watched the car being pulled ashore.

The people of our Police Force are a special group and are an essential Bit of Perth. It was a privilege to watch them at work.

If you have missed earlier “Bits of Perth” and would like to catch up, there is an index here.

12 responses to “A Bit of Perth

  1. What a cool experience, glad no one was dead in there and good job, buddy!


  2. How exciting … I wonder what happened …


  3. … probably a woman driver who forget to put the handbrake on. *hiding under sofa now*


  4. What a fascinating story, with great pictures. Also, I applaud your observation skills. I believe that you have now beaten my record with the largest piece of litter ever.


  5. very glad there was no driver to be found. suspect it was a stolen vehicle that was simply ditched. would love to hear the ‘rest of the story’ if you ever find out!


  6. An hour!!! Jeeprs! It’s just as well there wasn’t anyone in there then, isn’t it? They’d have been a bit water-logged by the time the Water Police got there, wouldn’t they? Not to mention dead … 😉


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