A Bit of Perth

The Greek Kakulas family arrived in Fremantle in 1923 from the island of Kastellorizo. This island is the most eastern point of Europe and is situated 2km from the coast of Turkey. Kastellorizo was an island of wealthy sea merchants who sailed the Mediterranean trading in various commodities. Evangelos Kakulas and his oldest son Stavros (Steve, b 1910; d 2010 ) arrived at the port of Fremantle on the June 6, 1923.

Evangelos purchased the Teeny Thomas Ginger Beer business in Perth and commenced to operate on August 29, 1929 on the site where Kakulas Bros continues to thrive to this day.

Not only thrive but spreads the exotic smells of Eastern Europe and the Middle East along this busy city street.

The favoured supplier for many of Perth’s chefs and my favouritist shop in Perth.

Look at all those bags of beans and flours and bottles of olive oils and – ohhh yuMMMM!

They also grind coffee from the big bags of beans.

I guess the trading gene was dominant in this family.

2 responses to “A Bit of Perth

  1. You forgot the cheeses and the sausages and the olives and the … ohhh, lots and lots of yummy stuff! My shop down here is “Rusticana” which is the same … nuts and fruits (dried and glacé and sugared) and meats like goat and free range capons and rabbits and smoked pork and smoked or salted fish … (droooooolllll) …


  2. This store is a cornucopia of goodies. It would be impossible to list all the yummies in here 🙂


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