My Nativity Scene

I snuck into a Dragon’s Lair
and found they have their own Nativity Scenes.

I barely escaped with my camera intact.


It could be I was not the only intruder.

(click on the image to embiggen it)

Entropy, Increasing


There were Butterflies

There were butterflies in Perth on Monday.

In the Cultural Centre where there was a celebration.



I Love Fremantle

They do things diferently, down at the Port of Fremantle.


The Ugliness of Modern

I was going to add the word ‘Architecture’ to the title. Then I thought about this building.

In Milligan St, Perth


A Lego building. Hundreds of replicated blocks stacked on top of and beside each other.

Ashamed of the complete lack of any redeeming features, the assemblers decided that a couple of rectangular splashes of colour would help soften this very geometric, masculine edifice.

When that failed they decided to add some feminine curves. In cold stainless steel.

That failed as well.

The effect is that of a flaccid penis.

Farewell Ra

Farwell Ra

Please return to Perth on the morrow

farewell Ra

A Visitor

A visitor to my bacony garden

Turned his back on me.

Ungrateful wretch!



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