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From Christmas Past

On a little part of Lake Dora.

Photo taken by Megan

War and Peace

Taken in June 2018 with a Samsung phone camera



Building a Bridge – The final lift.

With the second lifting tower in position, the second span of the bridge was lifted into place.

It took about seven hours, beginning before dawn.
















Bridge Building – Another Step

The second lifting tower is now in place.

More bridge building

The pedestrian bridge across the Swan is progressing.

The ends are nearly complete and the river is closed for the centre span to be put into place.

Arboreal Stripper

Sometimes it takes me a while to see what I have in the images I take.

Image from 2011, Words from just now.


Red Rose


A Wavy Wave


Purple Rose


Dust Storm Coming


Loch Ness Monster

Crop Circle

A crop circle in the spinifex

A few Budgies

Just a few budgerigars  in the Great Sandy Desert

And just a few more.

Sunset over Lake Dora

In Martu Lands, Great Sandy Desert