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Sid and Sod #725


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The Australian Women’s Weekly Saturday 1 September 1945


Sid and Sod #724



Sid and Sod #723


From a Roman Wall #100

Roman_lady“Ave, good morning, Nellus.” Secundus walked into the Forum Cafeterium.

“Salve, morning. Here is a nice hot caffeinus,” Nellus the Barristarus smiled.

Secundus took his beaker to the tabula where his friends were seated. “At last,” he said. “A little warmth. Winter is ending.”

“Ah yes.” replied Pedantus. “It has been a long cold season but there is a touch of spring green on the trees.”

“We will all be glad of the warmth although it does signal that the culicibus, the mosquitoes, will be biting soon.” Pedantus grumbled a little.

At the entrance Zoophilus the explorer and his slave girl Marti arrived and greeted Nellus. Accepting their beakers of caffeinus, the tall, slender Marti glanced at Nellus’s peplos, her tunic.

Nellus noticed the look and laughingly commented,”Yes. My winter fat is gone. Now I have spring rolls.”

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Street Wisdom

Street Wisdom26

From a Roman Wall #99

romangif3“Salve, Good morning.” Literatus the Librarian yawned his way into the Forum Cafeterium.

Nellus the Barristerius smiled sympathetically. “Long night on the scrolls?” she asked.

Literatus took the beaker of steaming hot caffeinus gratefully. “Yes. I was trying to make sense of some of those Greek Mathematicians. They have created a lot of problems.”

“I’ll probably fall asleep while I sit here.” he explained to his friends. “Too much study by candle-light. My eyes are falling out of my head.”

“I have often stayed awake at night and worried about my family. It is always hard the next day.” Secundus added his un-sleepy experiences.

Man about Rome, Libertinus threw his two Denarius worth into the conversation. “I never have problems getting to sleep. Wine from Gaul, Mead from the Ægean and a friendly youn – – -” He was interrupted by a very loud cough from Nellus. “Anyway, they help me sleep well every night.” he ended with a bit of embarrassment.

“I once had insomnia,” Verbo Ipsum commented. “It was so bad I was awake until it dawned on me.”

roman graffiti