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Sid and Sod #738


From a Roman Wall #104

graphics-romans-522569“Ave, good morning,” Literatus greeted Nellus.

“I’ll warn you now.” said the Barristerus of the Forum Cafeterium. “Verbo Ipsum is unusually talkative this morning.”

“What has got him to loosen his tongue today?” asked the Librarian.

“It seems that there was a bit of a disaster at the caupona, the inn, on the Via Sacra.” said Nellus. “Macellus Culina the cook has hurt himself.”

“Oh!,” replied Literatus. “My favourite food place. I’d better find out what happened.”

Taking his beaker of caffeinus  over to the tabula he asked Verbo what had happened.

“Macellus Culina slipped on some spilled olive oil in his kitchen. He fell very hard.” explained Verbo.

“So he has broken an arm or a leg?” asked Literatus.

“No. He bounced straight up but he had pulled down the shelf with all his cooking utensils. He started sorting out the mess.”

A rather puzzled Literatus asked the obvious question. “If he didn’t hurt himself in the fall, and he was able to pick up his knives and pots and so on, just what was the disaster?”

Verbo completed his story. “He won’t be cooking for a while. He bent over to pick up a sieve and strained himself.”

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Sid and Sod #737



Sid and Sod #736



Sid and Sod #734


Refugees at Sea; 24th September 2015



The Guardian is reporting this morning that yet another boatload of Asylum Seekers has been intercepted. This time off Java’s South coast. In Indonesian waters.

From the Guardian report, “The 21 asylum seekers, including children, on board were taken to the southern Javan port of Cidaun, where they have been detained by immigration officials. Some of the group are understood to hold UNHCR refugee cards. The asylum seekers, reportedly from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, were found off the coast of Java by fishermen, who towed their vessel to Jayanti beach, Cianjur.

Torn apart ... Fishing boats at Cidaun, south Java, after the rescue. Picture: Supplied (Perth Now)

Torn apart … Fishing boats at Cidaun, south Java, after the rescue. Picture: Supplied (Perth Now)

It is understood the asylum seekers had set out for Christmas Island three days ago, but were hampered by difficult weather and large waves.They had been floating without fuel for three days, and were running low on food and fresh water. “When we found them, they were lacking food and drink,” a fisherman named Mamun told news website Okezone.  [Indonesian site] “Most of them are adults and some brought kids. We took them to the beach and then they were secured in Cidaun police station.”

Asylum seekers resting in Cidaun this morning after being rescued. Picture: Supplied (Perth Now)

Asylum seekers resting in Cidaun this morning after being rescued. Picture: Supplied (Perth Now)

Perth Now has reportedA SMUGGLER’S boat bound for Australia carrying 24 people became stranded yesterday morning in heavy seas off the south coast of Java after running into engine trouble. The boat, crewed by three Indonesians from Makassar, was believed to be carrying 14 Bangladeshis and seven Indians, who were all rescued by local fishermen and taken to the nearby town of Cidaun.”

Not that this could have happened.

After all, our Australian Government has STOPPED THE BOATS!

So we have been told for the past twelve months.


Just what does “Stopping the Boats” really mean?

It means “Go and die somewhere else.”

It means “Go and die out of our sight.”

It means “You may as well die before we see you.”

It means “How dare you leave the home where you were going to be killed!”

It means “How dare you come to our notice with your needs.”

It means “We Australians couldn’t care less about human suffering.”

It means “We don’t care.”

We have seen the political demise of four Prime Ministers who created, supported and extended the rolled up welcome mat on the coast of our nation. Not one of them thrown out because of that policy.

I wonder if Malcolm Turnbull will see the light and return us to some semblance of collective humanity. bar2

There is still the unanswered question






 Australia has failed

to change human nature.

Australia has failed to stop the boats.
They may not be getting far,
but escapees from oppression are still setting out or planning on setting out.
Some of them will not be making it..



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From a Roman Wall #103

wine_salesman_-_roman“Salve, Good morning.” Pedantus greeted everyone in the Forum Cafeterium.

“Here is your caffeinus, ” Nellus the Barristerus responded. “Would you like some panum, some bread, to go with it this morning?”

“Not really. This new baker of yours is not very good.” complained Pedantus.

“Hey, Pedantus,” the call came from Zoophilus at the tabula. “We need some help over here.”

The very precise Pedantus walked to the tabula and looked around. “How may I assist?” he asked.

“We are talking about the names of Rulers and we are stuck on what the Ruler of the land of the Indus is called.” explained Literatus the Librarian.

“Oh, that is easy,” replied Pedantus who knew everything. “He is a Raja or, more recently, a Rajah”

“I thought he would be a Khan.” said Literatus.

“No, not yet.” said Pedantus anachronistically.

“Well,” said Zoophilus the explorer checking a list on the papyrus he was holding. “That just leaves one. What is a really nasty Egyptian ruler called?”

Verbo Ipsum replied, “Un-fair-oh.”


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