It Tickled Granny’s Fancy

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The Australian Women’s Weekly, Saturday 14 April 1945

Sid and Sod #882


Lots of Fun


In the 1930′s & 1940′s when these were published in

The Western Mail, and The Australian Worker

PCishness was not a consideration










From a Roman Wall #88

romangif3“Ave, Good Morning,” Verbo Ipsum entered the Forum Cafeterium.

“Salve, How are the ships sailing today?” asked Nellus the Barristerus as she handed him his beaker of steaming caffeinus. “There is a good breeze running down the Tiber to the coast this morning.”

“Yes,” replied the ship owner. “They all got away well today. I only hope the wind turns around for this afternoon’s return run.”

“Hey!” said Pedantus, an early arrival, from the tabula where he was now installed, eating a loaf of panum, bread. “Hey! You’ve had a hair cut. You’ve been to the tonsor tabernam, the barber’s shop.”

“So you have.” said Nellus. “And a very Patrician look it gives you.”

“Yes, I have. When it was just done,” commented Verbo Ipsum, “I hated it but now it is growing on me.”


roman graffiti

Sid and Sod #681


The Re-Entry Visa

The application had passed up the chain of command. No one was willing to make a decision on what was rapidly becoming an extremely over-heated potato.  Finally the head of Border Protection knocked on the door of his Minister.

“Yes?” asked Peter Dutton looking up from secret on-water matters.

“We have an application for a re-entry visa. We are not sure how it fits with our new rules on people going overseas to work with foreign extremists.” explained the bureaucrat. “It is from a senior activist cleric. He went overseas last year to take up a key role in the HQ of an extreme religious organisation.”

“The rules are simple!” replied the Minister. “Providing he pays a co-payment on his visa. Oh, wait, That was my last ministry. The rules are still simple. He cannot come back to Australia!”

“Perhaps if you have a look this application.” said the Head of the Department.

“Ok. Let me have it.” Dutton took the file, read the name and the colour left his face. “I think I need to take this to the PM.” he muttered.

His Department Head anxiously watched as he entered the Prime Ministerial office. Indistinct shouting was heard from inside.

A short time later Dutton emerged with the file and a black eye which hadn’t been there when he had entered the office.

And that is how a re-entry visa was granted to Cardinal George Pell.

tony relief valve

It Tickled Granny’s Fancy





The Australian Women’s Weekly, Saturday 31 March 1945

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