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Things That Make Me Go GRRRRRRR

Walking along the river path in my home suburb, Maylands.
There is a lot of beauty at this time of the year.
Then I saw this!


Then I saw a tree which has not washed its feet

That made me



Kids Having Fun

But still taking phonepics


Street Art

In another car park off Murray St near the Perth CBD

street art 13

Street Art

Yet another artwork flanked by a car park. This time a Numbat in Fremantle.

I was lucky enough one day back in January to find very few parked cars.

street art 06

Street Art

Facing a dishevelled car park off Murray St

are these six story high creatures.



Street Art

Found in a little laneway off Rokeby Rd in Subiaco.

street art 23

Street Art

Something new.

As I wander through my metropolis, I keep spotting some amazing artworks on otherwise boringly blank walls.

I don’t mean the pestiferous tags and scribbles of those looking for a night’s false fame.

I look for the bright, colourful and imaginative.

This will be something of a Saturday game for those Perth-based people I reach on social media.

I’ll be giving a suburb or an area or a street. I’ll leave it up to readers to fid the originals and give me a comment when they find it.

To begin, here is a wall I found in Subiaco.

street art 16