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Building a Bridge – The final lift.

With the second lifting tower in position, the second span of the bridge was lifted into place.

It took about seven hours, beginning before dawn.
















Bridge Building – Another Step

The second lifting tower is now in place.

More Bridge Building

The Matagarup Pedestrian Bridge moved forward with it’s first red tower lifting the stadium-side half of the centre span.

There will be a second red tower to lift the other side very soon.

More bridge building

The pedestrian bridge across the Swan is progressing.

The ends are nearly complete and the river is closed for the centre span to be put into place.

Pelican Posing

I convinced a pelican to pose for me the other day.

I Went Shopping Today

I needed some nails and stuff so I went to my local Bunnings Store.

That is our Australian hardware place.

Porn for all DIYers.

Filled with goodies and apparent bargains and a Tradies dream.

I got there and my day was ruined.*

They were not open and they wouldn’t let me in.

I can’t imagine why!

Apparently everyone got out safely and no one was harmed. And it is still smoking. So there are plenty of Firies on hand.

But they wouldn’t let me in to buy some nails!

* So were the jobs of several hundred people which really IS sad.

My Town

My Town

From the wrong side of the tracks

On a rainy day.

My Town


At my local Hawker’s Market in Maylands I was fascinated by the bubbles being created by an enthusiastic younger generation.

The youngest need to be taught.


There can be sudden surprises


Even a short-term work of public art on the sward.


And then there is Bubblosaurus.


Why I Love Fremantle

I don’t live in Fremantle but visit it often.

There is always something new and unexpected happening there.

Yesterday I went down to the Port

And saw this in Kings Square, outside the Town Hall.


YES!!! They have turned a pedestrian way into a dry dock!

And they are building a boat!

A wooden boat with planks and gun ports and all that.

Then I looked around and saw THIS – – –


The COOINDA. Beached as!

Apparently she spent some time on the bottom of the Swan River.

Now she is in Fremantle, drying out.

Apparently it is all a part of the soon to be Fremantle Arts Festival.

I think I will be spending more time in the Port over the next month.


Tops #1

I spend a fair bit of time wandering the streets of Perth and its suburbs.

I enjoy looking above street level because so much of our history is still up there.

So each week I will post the top of a building and leave it to you to tell me where it is. I will give the answer next week.

No prizes except for the private joy of knowing your correct answer is the first in the comment list.

Where is this “Top”?



Rain Approaching

Perth today, about 10.30am.

Rain approaching

August Sunset

Sunset tonight

August sunset

Things That Make Me Go GRRRRRRR

Walking along the river path in my home suburb, Maylands.
There is a lot of beauty at this time of the year.
Then I saw this!


Then I saw a tree which has not washed its feet

That made me



Kids Having Fun

But still taking phonepics


Street Art

In another car park off Murray St near the Perth CBD

street art 13