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Out Of The Mouths Of Babes


A Kindergarten teacher in Wentworth, in Sydney, is explaining to her class that she is a Liberal and how nice it is that a new Liberal Prime Minister has taken office. Especially since he is the Member for Wentworth.

She asks her students to raise their hands if they, too, are Liberals and support Malcolm Turnbull.

Everyone in class raises their hands except one little girl.

“Mary,” asks the teacher with surprise, “why didn’t you raise your hand?”

“Because I’m not a Liberal,” says Mary.

“Well, what are you?” asks the teacher.

“I’m a Green and proud of it,” replies the little girl.

The teacher cannot believe her ears. “My goodness, Mary, why are you a Green?” she asks.

“Well, my mother and father are Greens, so I’m a Green, too.”

“Well,” says the teacher in an annoyed tone, “that’s no reason for you to be a Green. You don’t always have to be like your parents. What if your mother was a criminal and your father was a criminal, too, what would you be then?”

Mary smiled. “Then we’d be Liberals.”

The Book of St Mvrdoch

Chapter 1

  1. And in all the days of our forefathers the Rulers did not care for the thoughts of the serfs and the slaves and the villeins for they didst not read nor didst they write.
  2. Then didst Lord Gutenberg, blessed be his name, invent and cause to be manufactured his Press.
  3. And the News Sheet was invented and sold and passed around containing sedition and thoughts of democracy.
  4. Until the French revolted in their new wisdom and removed the heads of their Rulers and their Priests and their Bankers.
  5. So it came to pass that the Three Estates were brought under the subjugation of the Fourth Estate

Chapter 2

  1. Then the people chose their own leaders and found those leaders to be deceitful and wanting the power of those who hadst been usurped.
  2. So mightst democracy have died before being truly born except that the news sheets didst continue their claim to speak for the Fourth Estate.
  3. And to increase the power of the Fourth Estate literacy was invented and spread like unto a virus.
  4. Thus didst a new Power begin to gain control in the land and that power was the Press.
  5. Which same took unto itself the name of those it claimed to be.
  6. The Fourth Estate was promoted as the voice of the people.
  7. Yet it was just the voice of those who owned the presses and the news sheets.

Chapter 3

  1. The Bankers and the Money-Lenders regrouped and financed the world again as they had since time immemorial
  2. Now they began to finance the Fourth Estate and those who owned and edited the Presses and the News Sheets were devoured with ambition.
  3. Feeling their power they began to influence Governments and Governments became subservient unto the Press.
  4. Which the Press spun as a Good Thing for were they not the Fourth Estate which was the People as a whole and a force for democracy.
  5. And the Editors became cannibals and ate the smaller editors and their News Sheets and so became known as The Press.
  6. And St. Hearst and St. Pulitzer became the largest of the Daily Press Cannibals whilst St. DeWitt Wallace didst create the Magazine.
  7. And plagiarism and condensing became one of the ways of the Fourth Estate in their control of the Masses.
  8. The Daily News Sheets took the brightest and the best scribes and taught them how to mimic their Editor and so the caste of reporters was created.
  9. They were like unto the Vestal Virgins or the Temple Prostitutes of the past as they sold their talent for the glory of the Editors.

Chapter 4

  1. It came to pass that the Lord Marconi invented wireless transmissions and the radio came to pass.
  2. It further came to pass that the Lord Logie-Baird invented the TV.
  3. In their greed the devotees of Gutenburg’s gift thought to add the new to the old
  4. And so it came to pass that the Press became the Media and Advertising became the Holy Grail
  5. The people were no longer the Fourth Estate but were the consumers.
  6. The Fourth Estate were now but a small group controlling their scribes and controlling Governments.

Chapter 5

  1. Then did the heirs and successors of St Hearst and St. Pulitzer grow fat and lazy upon the wealth of their possessions.
  2. Others grew avaricious and swallowed up the old media empires as all old empires must be swallowed.
  3. St Black gained much power and sought to control many Governments yet forgot that the Money-Lenders have power as well.
  4. His fall from power was shattering and his successors sought to include the Money-Lenders in their plans.
  5. It came to pass that St Mvrdoch acquired so much of the media that any scribe who wanted work wrote what St Mvrdoch wanted to hear.
  6. Without that approval there was no hope of advancement from the lesser media into the Mvrdock Media Temple where the Fourth Estate dwelled in its Glory.
  7. From where Governments were made and broken.
  8. For St Mvrdoch covenanted with his scribes that he would be immortal and would protect them whatever they wrote.
  9. So long as he approved it.

Chapter 6

  1. It further came to pass that the Gods of Civilisation couldst not allow such hubris to last unto the end of the world.
  2. So they gave unto the Arch-Angel Watson the power to open the doors of the Mvrdoch Media Temple and his control of the Fourth Estate was revealed.
  3. The stench which emanated from that opening sent many of the scribes to Hell
  4. Even unto the Son of Mvrdoch
  5. As it was revealed that something rotten inhabited the Temple

Chapter 7

  1. It was then that the invention of the blessed Berners-Lee came to its fullness
  2. And the descendants of the disenfranchised Fourth Estate flocked to the portals of the Blogs and the Facebook and the Twitter
  3. And they entered there-in.
  4. And so was born the true democracy of the Fifth Estate
  5. Which gained the undying enmity of the Fourth Estate and its scribes and its lackeys the First Estate and the Second Estate and the Third Estate
  6. For they all feared irrelevancy.
  7. For they all needed the consumers who had fled to the Halls of Social Media.

Chapter 8

  1. So the truth was finally disseminated unto the common man by the common man
  2. And the name of the Common Man was Legion
  3. Yet it included the Arch-Bishops Assange and Manning and the ubiquitous Anonymous.
  4. With every Blogger and every Twitterer and every FaceBooker adding their voice.
  5. Blessed be the Blog Post and the Tweet and the FaceBook Update and the Wikileak.
  6. All saving Democracy and the world which became noisier yet finally amenable to reason.
  7. Blessed be the Fifth Estate and the power which devolved to the common man.
  8. And so the Lords Gutenburg and Marconi and Logie-Baird and Berners-Lee were able to rest from their labours.
  9. Yet St. Mvrdoch continued in his immortality and was a stain on any signs of a resurrected democracy.

The Treasurers

Conservative Treasurers of Australia; John Howard, Peter Costello, Joe Hockey and Scott Morrison walked into a bar.

The barman said, ‘If this is a joke, there can only be three of you.’

The Treasurers said, ‘There are.’

Poll Sum 28th Sept, 2016



At last there are two polls from which to create a Poll Sum.



While Essential continues to do its weekly voter intention poll, until now, all other pollsters have quit the field. Possibly believing the USA Presidential Polling is sufficient. Monday saw the first Newspoll since the election and it may be the only one for a month! We shall see.

So here are the numbers, scant though they are.


Raw numbers and percentages.

Note the comment about NXT and HON numbers


The raw numbers look like this, across two charts.

Minor Parties


The Major Partiespoll28f


the Two Party Preferred



The difference between the two parties




Malcolm Turnbull was able to fluke an election win on the day yet appears to have continued to lose popularity.In the nearly three months since the election the gap between the L-NP and ALP has grown to around 5%!

How long will he last as leader?

How long will this dysfunctional Government last in a fractured Parliament?

Australia’s Prime Invertebrate

The jellyfish masquerading as a leader.


Empirical Discussion of Malcolm Roberts

Some of us have heard Senator-Elect Malcolm Roberts using the word ‘Empirical’ on numerous occasions.

Last night a whole lot more got to hear him use the word many times during the ABC show, Q&A.

Just what does the word mean and why is it at odds with much of what most scientists say and believe?

The Oxford Online Dictionary has the following definition.


So what Roberts is saying is that you cannot predict anything. If you see something happen and cause an outcome then you can explain it but you cannot use that event to conclude that should the same thing happen again that the outcome will be the same.

So scientists should never predict what MAY happen as a result of certain current conditions.

In Malcolm Roberts’ world anything to do with climate change is unprovable and so should be ignored because it relies on another long word.


In the Malcolm Roberts Universe it seems that any extrapolation is badly unscientific. I won’t insult my readers by quoting examples where we extrapolate outcomes from current data every day. In life or death situations which we simply take for granted.  Tried crossing a busy street between traffic lately?

Malcolm, your repetitive use of the word ‘Empirical’ does not show you to be a knowledgeable scientist.

I note that your degree is in Engineering.  Applied Science. The lesser brother of Theoretical Science.  Yes, you can build stuff, you can play with Meccano with impeccable skill. Yet you have not learnt the skills that are Science. You have not developed a theory from repeated and repeatable experiments. You seem to show little understanding of that essential scientific method.

Every scientific theory relies on extrapolation.

A scientific theory is not something dreamed up at 2am by a group of bored people. It is an explanation garnered from empirical evidence discovered through experimentation, extrapolated within the theory to a predictable outcome then discussed, torn to pieces and accepted or rejected on the evidence and on the logic by others who also know the subject. That is what peer review is all about. Yes, theories do change around the edges but once accepted they are surprisingly robust. Even Newton’s three Laws of Thermodynamics still hold despite the tinkering Einstein provided with his theory of relativity.

I’m sorry, Malcolm, you do not convince anyone with any knowledge of science.

You are just a passing thorn in the side of progress.



A Tale of Two Malcolms