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Two Sides To Every Coin

Prime Minister (pro tem) Malcolm Turnbull has been very noisy over the past couple of weeks.

Ever since word spread that a certain tuber was about to challenge for the leadership of the IPA Liberal Party.

He has been noisy on defense (We need to train our people to kill other people), on Asylum Seekers (Their Hell isn’t Hellish enough yet) and of course, that Multicultural wonder of the world, the Snowy Mountain Scheme 2.0 for which he has dusted off some 1980’s plans and polished them up so that they look almost new.

Today he reached new levels of noisiness as, alongside his Minister for Employment, the Honorable Screech, he promoted a new piece of legislation which will outlaw bribery of Union leaders.

During the question time after his announcement and the Screech’s addendums, he was asked about the bribery of political parties by outside individuals and corporations. Turnbull turned coward and, in a flurry of umms, errs and stutters he refused to answer, moving very obviously onto the next question. One from close ally and friendly face, Chris Uhlmann.   An interesting response to a very valid question. It revealed the blatant partisanship of this exercise. Obviously the terrorism card is not winning enough votes any more.

So I sat and cogitated over my second cup of coffee and wondered if this maladvised Prime Minister had thought this move through thoroughly.

It is all very well to outlaw these bribes which come from companies, sometimes very BIG companies and the money is given TO a Union or a Unionist. That is already covered by the Law of the Land.

Not once did he talk about the consequences to those big companies. Everything he said was aimed at convicting Unions of bribery.  He wasn’t even asked a question about consequences for the companies involved in the GIVING of the bribe.

I can see a time coming, when this new Law is passed, where a Union or Unionist will be prosecuted and while it will be proven that a bribe was accepted, that bribe will have come out of thin air.

This is the Turnbull Law that disregards the physically unavoidable fact that every coin has, MUST HAVE, two sides!

ALP-Lite? No! I’m a Green!

I just spotted an ABC headline on its News Site and felt an instant anger and sense of betrayal.

‘Queensland Premier, mayors work to convince Adani to go ahead with $21.7b mine’

Anger that anyone could want that mine to go ahead and a sense of betrayal because it is an ALP Premier wanting it to happen.

After several minutes I had an epiphany and realised it was my lazy thinking that had created these emotions within.

Annastacia Palaszczuk is being true to her roots. Looking to create jobs for the workers of Queensland.

I was being true to my roots. Wanting to protect the environment from destruction.

Then I realised that the whole ‘Leftie’ argument which comes from the Right Wing Nut Jobs is based on a fallacy.

The Greens and the ALP may, one day, form some sort of coalition but in no way are the Greens ‘Labor-Lite’. Our aims are not the same.

While we share a similar Human Rights stance, we have severe differences when it comes to Jobs and the Environment.

(Parenthetically, how can the extreme Liberal Right stand being in coalition with the National Party? The Nats are Agrarian Socialists and so should be anathema to those Right Wing Idealogues of the IPA!)

So to all my friends in the ALP, I do hope we will remain friends but our aims are somewhat different. You have your priorities and I have mine.

One priority which we share and which I have not yet mentioned is that we both see the very real need to remove the IPA/L-NP hegemony which is currently ruling and ruining our country.

Let’s make sure we ‘Do a Barnett’ to the Turnbull Government at the first opportunity.

Then we can sort out our differences and make Australia the Land of the Fair Go again.

More Public Money for the Privatisers

Weatherill tears Frydenberg a new one!

So it seems the failure of the private energy market in Australia is to be fixed by a return to public ownership and funding. Thank you Mr Turnbull for this exciting thought bubble and potential ground-breaking move of a Conservative Government back into public enterprise.

I only have two questions.

Firstly, how will this sudden announcement of an unplanned policy of something which may happen in seven years time help South Australia in the summer of 2017/18?

Secondly, with the privatisation of the energy market have proven to be a complete failure, how long will it be before all those extra billions of dollars of Snowy Mountains investment are handed over to the failed Energy providers we are currently saddled with and who caused this crisis in the first place.

Thirdly, Oh, I have THREE questions.

Thirdly, will we, the Australian electorate, finally get fed up with all this failed privatisation and begin demanding that essential public services MUST be run and owned by the Australian people!

We are led by a killer!

Our temporary Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has taken off his mask.
He isn’t the sweet, cuddly person we all believed him to be when he took over from the incompetent madman Abbott.
At the Avalon Airshow he has been loudly talking about how his minions – I mean his service men – are going to KILL PEOPLE efficiently and with less risk to themselves.
Not preparing to defend ourselves against invaders but on foreign soil.
Big Guy! Good loving Christian. Attack and KILL the terrorists overseas, create more refugees and warehouse them on offshore islands until they DIE!
Malcolm Turnbull wants to KILL people both coming and going!
We are being led by a KILLER!

Trump and Australia

So the Donald thinks the Asylum Seeker’s deal with Australia is the worst deal he has ever seen and intends to ignore it.

That’s fine.

We can match that dislike with our disapproval of the Pine Gap Nuclear Target.

Take that back, Mr Trump.

Then there is Port Szechuan Beef where you have marine and air force bases and personnel.

Please remove them, Mr Trump as this, for the next 99 years, is Chinese territory.

Come to think of it, there are some other place we would like returned to our own Australian sovereignty.

Here is a map for you to let your staff think about since you are so concerned with the personal profits you are already making from your Nation’s traditional opponent, Russia.  (H/T to


Of course this is a bit of a dream as the entire Australian Government has as many balls as its Foreign Minister has! does not have the testicular courage to- does not have the guts to stand up to a nation which is rapidly becoming an ex-friend.

Oh, Mr Trump, while we are at it, you know those paper planes your nation is trying to flog off at several billion dollars each? We don’t want them either!

Senators for Insensitivity

This is the quality of Senator we currently are blessed with here in Australia.

This creature votes on matters which affect us all. His decisions are often critical to our welfare. Not that I have ever noted him as voting for our welfare. He normally votes in his own interests.

The Government of Australia, led by our Prime Minister needs to condemn this creature in the strongest possible terms and must move to declare his seat vacant!


Then we were treated to the following from Malcolm Roberts, One Nation Party Senator.

He must be pulled into line, publicly, by he party leader, Pauline Hanson and his seat also declared vacant. Just like the space between his ears!


Such is the Government we are currently blessed with!

The Warning on the Wall

Found in the ‘TRUTH’, a paper from Perth.
Published on July 16th, 1910
as that terrible THING
a Labor Daily Newspaper was about to be launched.
Reminds me of today’s politicians who so often are trained in the ranks of the daily press.
Free-swinging weather vanes
seeking their own benefit.

As the Shadow of the coming Labor Daily
Simply falls across the ancient Penny Press
And she stops at once the song she’s singing gaily
Drops her gamp, and looks the picture of distress
Lifts her hands to Heaven in horror and distress.

As she gazes on the dreadful Thing in terror,
All her brazenness and hide dissolve in tears-
She exclaims, ‘Oh! Lord! I’ve made a fearful error
For I thought it wouldn’t come for many years— ‘
I felt sure my bluff was good for years and years.”

“Dash the thing! I wish that I had practised often.
Saying naughty wicked words and blasphemy,
For I do believe that cursing now would soften
And relieve this dreadful pain in my pinnee—-
I’ve an awful feeling under my pinnee.

“I suppose that, as I’ve claimed to love my neighbor
For so many years, the only, thing to do
Is to act the hypocrite, and smoodge to Labor,
Though I’m very, much afraid my chance looks blue—
Yes, I fear in spite of smoodging, mighty blue.

“Still, there doesn’t seem a bit of harm in trying
(All my tales have been believed in times gone by).
More especially as sitting still means dying,
And they say that dead things always mortify.
I’m not dead, though I’ve begun to mortify.

So I s’pose I’d better set the ball a-rolling,
By a ref’rence to the noble part I played,
Or my fun’ral bell will shortly be a-tolling,
I can see my ghastly shroud already made.
Yes I must set straight the bloomers I have made.

“(That’s not bad), and now, to butter up the workers,
I must point out (this requires a bit of stress),
That Australia’s pretty full of blessed shirkers-
Fellows who will not support the daily Press-
Chaps who’re always poking ‘borak’ at the Press.

‘I must tell them that I’m losing money, yearly
In my efforts to maintain their liberty,
And that they will find the project costs them dearly.
When they’ve followed up the game as long as me—
It has been a constant source of loss to me.

“I must not forget I’ve always said that Fisher .
Is a man of sound and democratic views
And I’ve always, been a backer and well-wisher
Of that clever little lawyer, Billy Hughes.
(Yes; I guess I pulled the leg of Billy Hughes).

“I am loyal, constitutional, and hearty,
But, if people want a Socialistic State,
I am willing to subscribe to any party,
I’m almost a Socialist myself of late—
Lord! I hope that my conversion ain’t too late.

“If there’s anything that I’ve, somehow, omitted,
Point it out without delay; the time is brief.
Moore no good? All right; he mustn’t be permitted
To remain; Tom Bath we’ll take now for our chief
Certainly; Tom Bath’s the man to hail as chief.

“Though my joints are stiff, I don’t mind even kneeling
Down to Tommy and his pals now any day;
If those fellows have a little bit of feeling,
When I kiss their feet, they’ll take the Thing away.
Oh! “Tm feeling sick. Please take the Thing away.”