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NSW Election Today


A Thought on Capitalism

Armenian Genocide – Australian Genocide

An interesting article which, although it does not mention Australia, applies to Australia.

Especially in our current discussion of the ‘Voice’. –

I make no other comment. I shall leave that to the reader.

The Wisdom Of Katharine Murphy


Albo Hits New Low – Eats Icecream in Public!

The Demise of the Coalition in Australia

For thousands of years the average person was owned. By Kings and by Nobles and by the Church of the Day.

We read of wars and invasions and the glory of war. Yet many average people were killed in those wars which only served to change the survivors’ owner.

The Christian Church created a small problem in that it preached that all people were God’s children and over the centuries, this preached equality became a problem for the owners of people. Slavery became a bad thing and so wages had to be paid and job mobility allowed so that there was an appearance of freedom for the masses.

This was accelerated as the Industrial Revolution gathered pace. New skills were needed so education became something the State sponsored. Of course under the facade, it was simply so the ‘Bosses’, as they had now become, could gain access to the skills the newly educated brought to their enterprises.

Yet the thinking remained much the same. Subsistence wages for the workers.

Eventually, throughout the industrialising world, workers became organised and despite a number of bloody encounters between the workers and the paid enforcers of the will of the Bosses, a Trades Union Movement gathered momentum and eventually became a political force.

In the twentieth century politics became a fight between organised ownership and organised labour.

Now, in the twenty-first century we are living through another major change in the political balance.

Because of the success of both the Bosses and the Workers, the natural balance of the world has changed and we are now faced with changes in the climate which are both man-made and potentially cataclysmic.

The Workers and the Owners are suddenly on the same side because that is the world all our leaders, both left and right, know. There is an inbuilt conservatism among the leaders of both. And those leaders, in the main, are older people. They can no longer see past the next election cycle for this is where their power lies. The old Tory Club is dying off; literally!

Yet a majority of electors are now in the younger generations. The generations which will live through the consequences of previous generations’ thoughtless drive for individual wealth.

Here in Australia, there is a major divide between the climate change denying Right and the reluctant to change Left. The Right-wing voters in the younger cohort are changing faster than their equivalent cohort on the Left. Sometime soon, possibly within a decade, we will see the right wing of politics, Liberal, Nationals And the Right of the ALP, completely collapse as its adherents die off. What we will be left with is an interesting mix.

The Bosses will move their support to the Left and so strengthen them for a while. At the same time, many of the younger people will move to environmentally friendly political groupings. Probably the Greens unless a new, similar group appears. The important background events will be the continued rise of anarchic Social Media and the demise of the Big Business-owned Mainstream Media and the continued climate catastrophe.

The Political fight in Australia and probably throughout the Western World, will become a fight between Organised Industry and Organised Climate Changers.

Industry will organise to, as they see it, protect Industry and the Economy and keep the world of humanity running as it always has..

The Climate Changers will be fighting to reverse the heat death of humanity.

Why the Libs Think They Lost

The 60 page report by Brian Loughnane and Jane Hume into the loss of the election by the Coalition was released today.

Amongst the fluff of charts and statistics and personal opinions about polling, what was really interesting was what was NOT said or reported on. In a 60 page report there should be room to talk about the bleedin’ obvious!

There was talk about women (33 mentions) and ethnic or multicultural groups especially the Chinese (16 mentions). Yet there was only one mention of climate change (p36); only two references to religion (Pp 16 & 40 – each time as a reference to ‘religious liberty’) and a single reference to ‘integrity’ (p36).

I don’t know that we, the common Aussie, are allowed to remember as far back as the Morrison years (3 mentions only) yet I seem to remember that integrity was one of the electoral problems for the Coalition.

Along with the fact the Morrison had magnanimously refrained from shooting women and had assisted in covering up bad behaviour towards women by his associates and staff, often with our, taxpayer’s, millions!

Then there was the Hillsong problem. It seems to have totally by-passed those who did this report that the electorate is no longer a religious herd. In fact the numbers who profess a religion in Australia has been falling for decades and is now on the brink of becoming a minority!

As a Proud Woke Aussie, I see this report as doing nothing for the future electoral success of the Coalition.

That is stating the bleedin’ obvious!

How Was Optus Hacked?

The Government is being very quiet about the responsibilty for the OPTUS data hacking.

They kept the old landline rules when the mobile phone era began – you needed 100 points to get a land line, therefore you needed 100 points to get a mobile.

The difference was that landines were basically Government run (Telecom) and so they knew that simply sighting those documents was all that was necessary – and there wasn’t a space to record all the details on a database – cos there were none! It was all paper.

Then mobiles appeared and the old rules were applied (cos Government regulations) even though the mobile companies were NOT run by the Government.

So suddenly, with the advance in technology, the documents were being scanned and saved to a database no one had thought of as existing when the original rules were set. Once you have a big enough database it will always attract the criminal elements.

So the fault goes back to the Government!

Not any single Government. It was the Governmental Bureaucracy which was in charge of dealing with Government Acts, Legistlation and Regulations. The Public Service which also acted as the Memory of the Government.

Those Bureaucrats knew everything about how the system worked. They knew its strengths and weaknesses.

Then Governments began to dismantle the Public Service and there went the Bureaucratic memory.

The data being demanded and discarded became data which was keepable in databases at about the same time and consequential problems were not seen because those who would have known about them had been moved on to non-public service jobs.

So the fault was an unseen consequence of Malcolm Fraser’s cost-cutting which has continued to this day.

But it is easier for what remains of the Bureaucracy to blame Optus for the system failure in the biggest ‘Look over there’ exersize in some years!

Our elected representatives still haven’t a clue about the real causes because there is no Public Service Memory to tell them!




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