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Do you remember Typhoon Hato?

Do you remember Typhoon Hato?

Strange. It only happened four days ago.

It was reported on ABC Online News.

Just this once.

How about Tropical Storm Pakhar?

Of course not. It only happened yesterday. And multinational broadcaster SBS reported it once.

Pakhar effectively hit the same areas devastated by Hato.   Two really bad, destructive weather events within four days.

Here is the Video on Chinese TV at

And a still, for when the Vid is no longer available.









And you probably knew nothing about them.

Now have you heard about Harvey?

My point is made!


Thinking of London

My only comment

My only comment on the tragedy, overnight, in Indonesia.

Death Penalty

MH370 – Who Stuffed The Search?

Along with much of the world, I have been fascinated by the disappearance of and search for Malaysian Flight MF370.

Along with that fascination have come a growing number of questions. Some of them quite disturbing.

A large, commercial passenger aircraft turns off its onboard ID and tracking equipment and it becomes nearly invisible.

The only clues about its fate rely on deep scientific analysis of a few scattered quiet pings.

So I, a simple blogger with no expertise but “full of ‘satiable curtiosity“, shall ask some of the questions for which I have not been able to find answers.



We live in a world surrounded by satellites. In a world where intelligence agencies can read number plates on cars from orbit. Where people can be identified from space with such certainty that drones are used to bomb them.

Yet MH370 was able to effectively disappear by using onboard actions or onboard misadventures.

All the billions of dollars of space-based investment by Intelligence agencies around the world are unable to track an object which is unable to spot a 210ft long (and 200ft wide) object, or to even find it in the photographs we all suspect are being taken all the time.

So just how was MH370 able to disappear from everyone’s view?



If MF370 did make it to the Southern Indian Ocean then it traversed the airspace and radar footprints of several nations. All with heightened defence levels.

We are being asked to accept that it is possible, in this day and age of extreme surveillance, that an aircraft is able to fly across Malaysia, Indonesia and into Australia’s radar zone with not a single sighting or alert.

I don’t want to get involved in conspiracy theories but BOY! These countries are trying hard to push me there!

Could I fly a much smaller Lear Jet the same route, without permits and without challenge?



Over the past couple of decades Australia jornhas spent many millions of its defence budget in developing an “over the horizon” radar system. “Jindalee” is supposed to spot threats up to 3,000 Km out in the Indian Ocean.

Yes, I have just grabbed this information from Wikipedia, as anyone can, yet how an aircraft can travel through that “Blue Zone” without detection is hard to understand.

This is a radar system which is supposed to alert Defence to unexpected threats and jorn2dangers.

Including incoming missiles.

The original suspected flight path to a point 2,500nm SW of Perth may have been outside the range of Jindalee but with the new end point of the flight path the aircraft must have spent some time within the “Blue Zone”.

Surely an unidentified flying object the size of a Boeing 777-200ER should be spotted.

  • Obviously it wasn’t because the system failed.
  • Obviously it was but Defence kept it secret.

Which is the correct answer?



Once it was decided that MH370 had headed south into the remote Indian Ocean, a search area was set up and “objects” were found by satellite. A few large objects and several hundred small objects. These were found in widely separated areas hundreds of kilometres apart.

It is obvious that there is a drift factor but any debris would be travelling in the same current and wind and so should not separate that much in a thirteen days.

Now, after around 22 days, we have been told the flight ended sooner and closrer to Western Australia. Soon afterwards, more debris was found, now in the new area.

I am prepared to accept that we have been looking in the wrong place and I hope that soon the correct site will be found and the “black box” recovered.

Could it be possible that what we WERE looking at was some evidence of the up to 250 vessels which disappear at sea each year? The rust-buckets no one notices and which are paid out on by Lloyds of London, mainly to Middle Eastern, Greek and Chinese owners?

If so, then should some money be spent on solving this possibly criminal mystery which has possibly cost thousands of lives?

Just what were we seeing in the satellite images?

Cyber Reporting

What is truth? What is a fact?

Once upon a time it was what was written in the morning newspaper, unless that newspaper was named “The TRUTH”. Then it was known that its “facts” were often less than real.

New reporters learnt their trade at the feet of old editors and experienced reporters.

Then TV arrived and the best, and most photogenic, reporters moved across to the small screen.

Editors still ran things, increasingly on behalf of the owners. Even the “old-time” News was messed with. There was a famous circulation war between William Randolph Hearst’s New York Journal  and Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World. Using “Yellow Journalism” which was was the sensationalizing of stories of dubious veracity, it pushed public opinion and lead the United States into a war with Spain in 1898..

It has been an imperfect system for over a century

Yet generations grew up accepting everything that was written in the Press or said on Radio  or TV.

Reporters are now “Edjumacated” in institutions and end up with a piece of paper saying that they are Journalists.

In the ‘Good Old Days” all information beyond that which we saw ourselves, came through the gateway of the commercial media. The Fourth Estate.

Now we have a self-proclaimed  “Fifth Estate” based, not in the real world but in the cyber-world.

So we finally move to the purpose of this rumination. Not the differentiation between Fact and Opinion but the differentiation between Real fact and Cyber fact. Between Real lies and Cyber lies.


In the “Real World” there is face-to-face contact with informants. There is ear to ear contact with informants. There is written contact with informants. Each form of contact has its own level of veracity.

Here in Cyberspace, I get an email, a blog comment, a tweet or a Facebook comment. How am I to judge its truthfulness? Do I use an inbuilt bias and accept information which fits my beliefs? Of course not. I need more than that. I need some connection with the informant. Some knowledge of the character of the person I am dealing with.

Of course, it could be that the information is coming to me via a third party. Can I trust the third party’s assessment of the original informant? Of course information like this is usually “anonymous” due to reasons of personal danger.

OK, I won’t go on trying to sound as though I know what I am talking about.

Because I don’t.

I just want to know what are the factors which can lead me to accept or reject a cyber-sourced tip? Especially when there is no “professional” journalist backing the report? And no Government release confirming or denying facts?

Who wants to jump in and make a suggestion?

The 2013 Latikas; Award Special

Unlike the Walkelys which are self-nominated by members of the Fourth Estate and chosen by members of the Fourth Estate, the Latikas are for Fourth Estate denizens, nominated by members of the Fifth Estate and voted for by members of the Fifth Estate.

Outsiders having a say!

Grateful thanks are given to those nearly 200 voters who took the time to vote. Without you, there would be no Latikas.

And so with , not a drum roll but a piccolo tweet, to the results.

 Worst Journalist in 2013


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Worst Radio “Shock Jock” in 2013

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