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Have We Found Bruce Lehrmann?

Some time ago, now safely out of the memory of the average Australian, a political staffer working for Linda Reynolds, named Bruce Lerhmann was accused of rape inside Parliament House by Ms Higgins, a fellow staffer. The moment the matter went public, Mr Lehrmann disappeared.

There were rumours that he had returned to Texas to be with his parents. His mother is on the bench of the Texas State Court.

He has proved to be untraceable but information surfaced today which may solve the mystery.

That information was based on this.

May be an image of text that says 'Index of contact profiles from Parker & Partners 1-7 of results Contact Name Bruce Lehrmann Contact Info Email Job Title Direct Senior Account Manager Location Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Barton Last Update 4/23/2021'

The link to that page is now inactive yet, according to some social media people, it was still active this morning. An inspection of the home page for the above entry shows that it is a slick and very well presented website with several subordinate pages.

The six subordinate pages are fairly standard and five of them are operable and work very well.
The exception is the ‘Our People’ page. It is suddenly not available.

Although this does NOT locate the missing Staffer with certainty. The page could be a forgery or the person named as Bruce Lerhmann could be a different person to the political staffer, perhaps further investigations could find the facts and verify that Bruce Lehrmann has been found!

Could it be that the sudden disappearance of that page could indicate a sudden resignation from the firm of Parker and Partners.


This may be the reason the ‘Our People Page was withdrawn. Found on the Twitter account of Marie @mariewalsh18


The Beginning of the End, or the – – – ?

Way back in the past, on the 28th of March this year, there were 460 new cases of COVID-19 recorded in Australia. Since then that daily figure has steadily reduced until now it is in the tens to twenties each day.

We have beaten the virus and we need to go back to work, lift all the restrictions and get back to normal.

Not quite, not yet, not now!

Way back when this all started, you know, six or seven weeks ago, there was a lot of talk about how we were going to flatten the curve.

This was presented as a way of making sure we had hospital beds and facilities for when the pandemic really struck hard.

Now we are seeing what appears to be the tailing off of that flattened curve. Sadly that is not so. What was never pushed onto the public attention was what would happen after the curve was flattened. The virus is still out there, still looking to infect a still largely vulnerable population. Because if we haven’t been infected, we are virgin soil for COVID-19. Due to the fact that most of us have been isolated the vast majority of us are still going to catch the disease. And what happens when we are allowed out again? This is what happens. The timing is all wrong because the bottom of the first outbreak was so well achieved while the principle remains accurate.

Allowing us all out into public again, fun though that may be, will set things off again!

The flattening of the curve is and was a method of allowing our public health systems to become organised. To stock up on PPE and ventilators for the holocaust still to come.

I’m exaggerating? Here are a a couple of headlines which need to be unpicked and understood. If the emergency was truly over and the danger passed, why are so many ventilators still being sourced? These two headlines are from the week ended 24/4 and so are current!

It is not a conspiracy theory to see that our Government is expecting much worse to come.

The hope is that  our Health  Departments will be able to cope with the numbers of infections to come. More importantly that those who are infected and need the extreme medical assistance of ventilators will get it.

The death tolls we have been so horrified at in some other countries has been due, in large part to the fact that those who need help with their breathing for several days, have not been able to access that help. No country has thought to stockpile the tens of thousands of ventilators needed in this situation.

Australia, with its smaller population has been able to use the time bought by our isolation policy to build up the estimated required number of ventilators.

There have been nearly 7,000 cases so far in Australia. Just the two articles referred to above mention some 7,000 new ventilators with still more to come.

To me that indicates that a huge number of cases are still expected as restrictions on personal freedom are relaxed. Having this supply of ventilators available will keep most of the severely affected patients alive which is a good thing!

What is never mentioned is that people in my age group and above, with the co-morbitities we have accumulated over our lives will still be subject to an excessively high death rate from COVID-19.

So please understand, when we are again allowed out, are again able to exercise and mingle with our fellow human beings, I will still be wearing my mask in public, I will still be limiting my contact with people in the supermarket and I will not be going to the footy.

Only when there is a vaccine for this plague will I feel free to resume my old life for this is only the end of the beginning.


Corona Virus Whistleblower

I am posting this without comment.

What I’m about to reveal could lead to me losing my job, or worse, ending up in prison. I’m whistle blowing and this is why.

The forced hotel isolation to prevent the spread of corona virus is a disaster. I’m working at the airport doing the screenings and I’m privy to how state and federal agencies have responded. Its not good. There’s no coordination between even departments at the same level of government. the interaction of state and federal government is hostile. There has been a complete failure by both levels of government to protect us from the coming wave of exponential community spread. And they’ve endangered us to play politics. Its true that the biggest threat of new infection with COVID-19 is from new arrivals but hotel isolation is not suitable for a small percentage of people and some people should be allowed to home isolate in their home state on a number of compassionate grounds. I’ve been applying for exemptions since the hotel isolation policy began. Until today the ministry of health had told me that everyone I’d flagged as vulnerable was given their exemption. Today I learned this was a lie. It hadn’t actually been done. The person i spoke with seemed quite reasonable and i believe he was told the same thing by whoever his line manager is. They’re all still in the hotel rooms. And its worse than prison. They have cramped rooms with windows that don’t open, no balcony and are not allowed to leave even for some fresh air and exercise. Some hotels aren’t cleaning the rooms for the 2 weeks and aren’t offering people products to clean their own bathrooms. The Hilton Hotel in Sydney is exploiting people. Detainees there have been told that they can’t go out for fresh air or exercise because they don’t have enough space for 600 people and that the detainees are an infection risk to other paying guests. Despite the fact that the NSW Health handout given to new arrivals regarding the hotel isolation that we continue to hand out says that they can have Uber Eats and Deliveroo, these have been banned by the Hilton. As have any deliveries from Woolworths.
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God Bless Our Firies, Because The PM Certainly Wont!

There is a serious side to this.

Without sleep, without rest, without relief, sometime soon we are going to see tragic consequences within the Firies’ ranks.
As they reach exhaustion, they will make mistakes. Mistakes in a fire ground are often fatal.
Those deaths will be on the heads of our climate-change denying, exploitative rulers.


Unholy Trinity


Three Assmen of the Apocalypse

Murdoch Legerdemain

It is insidious.

The bait and switch of the Murdoch media cycle.

Shit! The ALP is leading in this election. Bill Shorten is being honest with the electorate. We need to make up some lies and only talk about them until election day.

Border Force is being a little pushy with our plans to remove all dissent from Australia. Sorry, Scummo, you’ll have to take one for the team. You remember that embarrassing event at that Macca’s. Don’t worry, you’re a great salesman. In three months everyone will have forgotten it.

The economy is tanking so let’s all talk about the Matildas on the FRONT page, not the back, sporting pages like good journalism would.

There is corruption in the waterless world which is inland Australia, let’s all talk about Union corruption and John Setka.

That pesky climate change thing has raised its ugly head again. And coal mining is under fire from the unwashed left. Oh goody. We can have a Folau-led crusade on free speech. The left just love free speech.

Hands up all those who have been trapped into this insidious game which only benefits the IPA/LNP/Murdoch Junta. Who have wasted precious time mocking the foibles which are paraded before us in preference to the real, horrifying news of what is happening to the planet and to the people being robbed, killed and de-humanised by those who benefit from inhumanity.

Take a look at the front page of your news source of choice. Is what’s given pride of place the REALLY important news we need to know about? Or is it a distraction so evil men can continue their foul deeds?

Let us all think about what we read, where our outrage is being directed and keep our eyes on the main game.

The survival of the species and the elimination of the Right Wing!

Truth in Campaigning; Must we?

Boris Johnson has been committed for trial and must appear in court over allegations he lied to the public about Brexit.

The case is a private prosecution, brought by businessman Marcus Ball, who used crowdfunding to raise the money to file the case at the Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

The prosecution alleges that Mr Johnson’s statements were irresponsible and dishonest.

“It is alleged that Mr Johnson acting as a Member of Parliament and as the Mayor of London made statements concerning the cost of European Union Membership, which were false, misleading and which abused public trust,” the group said in a statement when the case was filed.

The allegations relate to claims that Mr Johnson made in the lead up to and aftermath of the 2016 European Union referendum, when he was one of the leading campaigners for Britain to leave the bloc. Britons voted by 52 to 48 per cent to leave.

“During both time periods outlined above, the (proposed) defendant repeatedly lied and misled the British public as to the cost of EU membership, expressly stating, endorsing or inferring that the cost of EU membership was 350 million pounds ($AU640 million) per week,” the application against Mr Johnson said.

Leave campaigners said the money would be better spent on health services, but the UK Statistics Authority wrote to Vote Leave in 2016 to argue the claim was misleading and undermined trust.

The authority said the figure failed to take into account payments made to the UK from the EU, and the contribution to the treasury of trade and business stemming from the EU single market.

Opponents argued the ‘350 million pound’ claim became symbolic of the divisions caused by the referendum.

The offense, if proven, can carry a sentence of life in prison and has been used since the 13th century to prosecute public officials.

(The above is taken from an ABC Online posting )

Johnson’s defence, according to his lawyer, appears to rest on the fact that “It is submitted that the facts alleged by the applicant do not come close to establishing a qualifying breach of duty, None of the acts complained of took place in the course of Mr Johnson’s direct parliamentary or mayoral duties, but in the course of political campaigning.”

So it seems that he will be claiming that lying during an election campaign is acceptable and legal and that the lying should cease only once a person is elected. This is a case which could have implications for a number of other Democracies.

In a recent event, lies, mistruths and evasions were used to steal a national election in the Southern Hemisphere. The Johnson case should be closely watched for any possible fall-out in any other jurisdiction.

The Guilt of George Pell

The Courts on the guilt of George Pell
Have determined that he goes to Hell
Although he’s appealing
And sins not revealing
At showers in Jail he will yell!

Don’t drop the soap, Georgie Porgy!


Fake News

More Bridge Building

The Matagarup Pedestrian Bridge moved forward with it’s first red tower lifting the stadium-side half of the centre span.

There will be a second red tower to lift the other side very soon.

I Went Shopping Today

I needed some nails and stuff so I went to my local Bunnings Store.

That is our Australian hardware place.

Porn for all DIYers.

Filled with goodies and apparent bargains and a Tradies dream.

I got there and my day was ruined.*

They were not open and they wouldn’t let me in.

I can’t imagine why!

Apparently everyone got out safely and no one was harmed. And it is still smoking. So there are plenty of Firies on hand.

But they wouldn’t let me in to buy some nails!

* So were the jobs of several hundred people which really IS sad.

Do you remember Typhoon Hato?

Do you remember Typhoon Hato?

Strange. It only happened four days ago.

It was reported on ABC Online News.

Just this once.

How about Tropical Storm Pakhar?

Of course not. It only happened yesterday. And multinational broadcaster SBS reported it once.

Pakhar effectively hit the same areas devastated by Hato.   Two really bad, destructive weather events within four days.

Here is the Video on Chinese TV at

And a still, for when the Vid is no longer available.









And you probably knew nothing about them.

Now have you heard about Harvey?

My point is made!


Thinking of London

My only comment

My only comment on the tragedy, overnight, in Indonesia.

Death Penalty