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Why the Libs Think They Lost

The 60 page report by Brian Loughnane and Jane Hume into the loss of the election by the Coalition was released today.

Amongst the fluff of charts and statistics and personal opinions about polling, what was really interesting was what was NOT said or reported on. In a 60 page report there should be room to talk about the bleedin’ obvious!

There was talk about women (33 mentions) and ethnic or multicultural groups especially the Chinese (16 mentions). Yet there was only one mention of climate change (p36); only two references to religion (Pp 16 & 40 – each time as a reference to ‘religious liberty’) and a single reference to ‘integrity’ (p36).

I don’t know that we, the common Aussie, are allowed to remember as far back as the Morrison years (3 mentions only) yet I seem to remember that integrity was one of the electoral problems for the Coalition.

Along with the fact the Morrison had magnanimously refrained from shooting women and had assisted in covering up bad behaviour towards women by his associates and staff, often with our, taxpayer’s, millions!

Then there was the Hillsong problem. It seems to have totally by-passed those who did this report that the electorate is no longer a religious herd. In fact the numbers who profess a religion in Australia has been falling for decades and is now on the brink of becoming a minority!

As a Proud Woke Aussie, I see this report as doing nothing for the future electoral success of the Coalition.

That is stating the bleedin’ obvious!

Liars, Criminals, Profiteers and Perverts

The great commentator from the Middle Ages, where politics was a blood sport, Niccolo Machiavelli wrote in his book of advice for prospective rulers, ‘The Prince’; “The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.”

Words we should look at very closely in this advanced year of 2022. Advanced in numbers but not in ethics.

This past half-decade has been anything but edifying for Democracy and the Western, English-speaking world.

The USA, Great Britain and Australia have all fallen under the sway of dictatorial leaders who, while they enjoyed popular support at the beginning, were found to be completely unsuitable for the positions they held.

Let us begin with the USA. A nation which prides itself on being the leader of the Democratic world.

The promotion and election of Donald Trump was masterfully done by the right wing Republican media.

The quality of the people he surrounded himself with was worrying at the beginning and down-right terrifying by the end of his term. Liars, criminals, profiteers and perverts proliferated in his administration. So much so that the end of the Trump era was seen as a catastrophe by not only by those around him but by Trump himself. He had painted himself into such a guilty corner that he preferred to destroy the democracy of the USA to being replaced.

And the election loss in 2020 has still not been accepted by the Right Wing Media!

Then there was Australia.

The Right-Wing Media paved the way for the promotion of a self-promoted marketing genius into the top job in Australia very carefully ignored the fact that he had been sacked from every job he had held prior to entering politics. He surrounded himself with liars, criminals, profiteers and perverts who proliferated in his Cabinet and we saw the poison seep down to those who working in close proximity to those who led the Nation for their own benefit!

The election loss in 2022 has not yet been fully accepted by the Right Wing Media and the planning for the return of their favoured party is already underway, despite the obvious lack of ability in the ranks.

And now Great Britain.

The Right Wing Media found a buffoon to promote into the Tory Leadership. One who was known to be unstable and unpredictable but who, once in power, surrounded himself with liars, criminals, profiteers and perverts. Sadly, the very basis of Great Britain’s wealth had just been destroyed by a few people in power who saw a personal profit in that destruction. A stupid plan and it ended with a stupid leader coming into power.

Now, with his political demise, the Right Wing Media has gone into meltdown!

Three leaders with disturbingly common characteristics.

What is the common denominator in their rise to power? Perhaps it comes down to one person.

Rupert Murdoch.

Owner of the media and setter of the agenda in each of the three major English speaking countries. (Canada is safe from Murdoch as many of its citizens speak French!). Machiavelli also said; ‘Men are so simple and so much inclined to obey immediate needs that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions.’ This has been the dictum for all those who use advertising to promote their cause. And Rupert Murdoch is a past master of this arcane art.

Hidden in the background, barely noticed even by the gossip mongers, perhaps it is time we applied Machiavelli’s first dictum to him. He chose each of those three leaders! The first method for estimating the intelligence (character) of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.

Trump and Morrison and Johnson.

Liars, criminals, profiteers and perverts!

Are there any true investigative reporters out there willing to ruin their careers by doing an honest expose on the Murdoch family? Would such an investigation reveal that the instigator of these three democracy destroying evil minions is himself a liar, a criminal, a profiteer and a pervert?




It is well known that our Prime Minister (pro tem) has the ability to perform miracles. We know he can miraculously disappear when the going gets tough, now we know he has the ability to recreate a whole Barramundi.

Here he is, in a black T-shirt, filleting, and/or skinning a part of a fish which appears to have been sliced into manageable parts. From being a whole Barramundi, it has become pieces of a Barramundi.

And below we see the result, after he has removed his apron and changed into a buttoned shirt.

One whole roast Barramundi. We are not told if it was reformed before or after going into the oven.

Our Prime Minister is a truly holy miracle-worker.

Or perhaps his bespoke photo-op team needs a new continuity person.

Regardless, this particular vote-catching photographic exersize has probably failed. How many of the punters – err – voters are able to afford to buy a whole Barra?

What with short shifts and close downs due to Covid; to all those who are not officially unemployed because they are on zero hours; to all those who are disabled or officially unemployed or are on pensions or are working two jobs to try to pay the rent this is a meaningless display of unequal wealth.

It could be that the self-named Scummo – oops – Scomo, is on track to miraculously lose an unloseable election, despite a $16 Billion war chest, $millions in brown paper bag donations and the fanatical support of the Murdoch Empire.

It would be a miracle which may be the last hope for our Nation.


This was collected from a Twitter thread published by one of the few effective anti-corruption bodies in Australia.

Hated by the Government and its donors because it is not available for hire!

MFW @MFWitches
31 Dec 2021

If you’re more interested in moaning on Twitter than getting real, this urgent thread will be hard to read (so scroll on).

But if you want to get truth instead of more sugar-coating or tears, here it is.

The first thing needed to be said is: with respect, please grow up.

What #Snotty did yesterday has been coming for a while, for those willing to see it.

In fact, it’s been coming since January 2020.

Because this is LNP philosophy: people are not humans to them, they’re just workers or units of production power.

Your ONLY value to these pricks is how you add to (or detract from) the prosperity of the wealthy.

Once you understand that, the rest becomes a bit easier.

Because you can then stop being upset & miserable, & get ANGRY.

And when you’re angry, you can decide to get organised, & decide to fight.

This is what MFW do: sure, we do some moaning on Twitter, but mostly we organise campaigns to MAKE THINGS BETTER.

Nothing else works, and nothing ever will.

Moaning on Twitter gets everybody exactly nowhere, except that Morrison et al are laughing at us.

If you can accept that you mean NOTHING to them except as you contribute to the economy, you can move on from all that emotion (a bit, you’ll still be upset but anger will dominate, which is good).

Okay then.

From what we can see, there are two main reasons #Snotty has let #COVID19 run, and in fact WANTS it to run.

The first is that the huge travel companies in AUS would not tolerate dedicated QT, which was the only way the country could operate while staying safe from COVID for another year or two.

International travellers will not come to a country if they have to QT for 14 days (or even 7) as it eats into their vacation time too much.

So people like Alan Joyce & Graham Turner (Flight Centre) used their huge influence to ensure such QT would never happen.

They’re both enormous LNP donors.

The second reason is that without cheap workers from overseas, Australian workers were starting to demand (and get) higher wages.

Like many countries, Australia uses cheap overseas labour to dampen local wages & entrench hatred of low-paid workers and the unemployed.

This is why they HAD to get borders open again: to get OS workers back in in big numbers.

The wealthy will not tolerate a situation where AUS wages are rising because workers are more powerful, & the solution to that is to get borders open.

All these people are LNP donors.

Even so, what they’ve done probably wouldn’t have worked without Murdoch engineering the whole thing using his propaganda hate media.

Because his control of the media has allowed the LNP to let COVID spread without significant backlash from many of the very people it will hurt most.

If you need more evidence for Murdoch’s huge control of all this, look no further than the fact that the only state which has resisted what’s now occurring is the one without a Murdoch paper – WA.

Their newspaper is right-wing too, but is nowhere near as full of outright lies as #NewsCorpse.

(Yeah, even Stokes has SOME standards, who’da thunk it?)

Once you accept your health has been deliberately sacrificed for Alan Joyce, Graham Turner, Rupert Murdoch and all those who employ significant numbers of people you can stop looking for reasons elsewhere.

It really is that simple: OS tourism was dead and wages were rising, and both those things are completely unacceptable to the wealthy employers.

Having explained that, you need to understand why the specific changes yesterday.

They’re because the LNP have miscalculated.

As stupid as they are, they didn’t expect so many to get COVID so quickly because they didn’t plan for #Omicron.

But of course, they’re so committed to opening up they refuse to go backwards.

So the only way for them now is to force Australia to keep working while infected.

Yep, you read that right.

From today on, most states have no rules for isolation or QT for staff, AND THAT IS COMPLETELY DELIBERATE.

Because if #Snotty didn’t do this, nearly every workplace in AUS would be closed in 3 or 4 weeks.

If workplaces closed with COVID exposures, before long we’d have no supermarkets (so no food); no heavy haulage (so no food, fuel or other essentials); no electricity, gas or communications; no hospitals or nursing homes; no childcare the list goes on.

That was already starting to happen in NSW, and would happen everywhere.

What the LNP have to do is ensure business operates so the majority of Australians still get fed & get the services they need.

They’re hoping the 40% of asymptomatic Aussies who will keep going to work will be able to keep the country running.

It’s a gamble, but it’s all they’ve got.

We’re not being alarmist saying this: we’re saying it to emphasise that all people’s moaning on Twitter won’t make one iota of difference.

They HAVE to do this now to keep the country running.

Does that make the changes okay?


If you’ve read our tweets before, you know MFW have always strongly favoured closed borders till we are all pretty-much safe from COVID.

That the LNP threw this away for the sake of rich CEO’s is unspeakable.

And that they have deliberately put this country in the most perilous national crisis since WW2 is even more outrageous.

But it is what it is.

We all have to survive the next 6 – 8 weeks, which will look different for everyone.

And for a lot of it, you’ll get no govt. help.

If you accept what we’re saying, please also accept that you can do little about what’s to come but you can do a LOT about getting rid of these bastards for generations to come.

There are several good initiatives about but we still contend that getting rid of Murdoch as quickly as possible must be at the top of people’s lists of ways to channel anger rather than despair.

We contend none of this would have occurred without Murdoch & #NewsCorpse.

That’s why as we go into a New Year, we’ll redouble our efforts to get to a #MurdochFreeWorld.

Knowing what’s going on & who’s causing it is the first step towards mobilising for a collective better future.

That’s what MFW do: in fact, it’s pretty much ALL we do.

You can’t make people change whose profits depend on them NOT changing.

But you can get rid of them.

IF you do the work.

That’s a big IF.

It requires people to fight, to organise, to leave emotion behind (maybe after thumping a pillow for an hour or two, or having a cry) & then do the work.

Many people find doing something constructive is a great way to deal with anguish.

Behind the scenes here, we certainly do.

Please, witches, stay safe in coming weeks and do your best to prepare (emotionally and practically) for what’s to come.

But never lose sight of who’s to blame and what’s at stake.

We really are in the fight of our lives.


The Self-Snookered Morrison Government

It has decided that the Extremely Honorable Christian Porter should not be referred to the Privilege Committee despite the Speaker’s ruling.
So the Morrison Government has decided to ignore the advice of their Speaker. Or could that be better stated as ‘expressing no confidence in said Speaker’.
When that happens the Speaker normally resigns. Speaker Smith has not at this time resigned.
In the light of his recent adverse rulings directed at the Prime Minister, could it be that there will be an escalation in Smith’s reaction to the often over-looked bad behaviour on the Government benches.
Known for often removing Opposition members under Section 94a could he be planning to punish Government Members in the same way?
The immediate effect would be to upset the balance of the House. A simple ‘I move the Member no longer be heard’ could be lost. Clever footwork by the Opposition could pass legislation unwanted by the Government.
This could all be averted by a formal removal of Speaker Smith from his position. Excepting that opens the door for an ex-Speaker Smith to move from the Liberal Party Room to the Cross Benches!
Creating the very situation the Government is so desperate to avoid that they made the decision to reject the Speaker’s ruling.
That of losing a majority on the floor of the House.
Oh what a can of worms has just been opened – – –
And I have stocked up on popcorn!

The Prating Parson and his Platitudes

Channel 7, on Jan 2nd of this new decade, reported that, ‘Scott Morrison has called for patience as thousands of Australians remain in limbo, anxious and fearful after being impacted by bushfires. The Prime Minister has also again downplayed the need for urgent climate action after fires which razed huge areas in NSW and Victoria turned deadly.‘ He went on to report more of the Prime Minister’s words, Scott Morrison has called for patience as thousands of Australians remain in limbo, anxious and fearful after being impacted by bushfires.

“My simple request is to be patient, to have confidence in the state agencies,” Mr Morrison told media in Sydney on Thursday. “I understand the anxiety and I understand the fear that is there for many and I understand the frustration. But this is a natural disaster. Natural disasters are best dealt with through the methodical, well-coordinated response that we are seeing today.

I shall paraphrase that,

Scott Morrison, losing focus.

‘This is a big fire and we cannot control it. I will be a lot more comfortable if you are a quiet Australian while your home burns down. I will be quite happy if you smile through the loss of your livelihood and your family and most importantly, please smile and thank God while you are being burned to a crisp. We have nothing prepared for this so you just have to suck it up. Please do it as good quiet Australians. It is easier on my ears.’

Yet this is nothing new. Ever since he was accidentally appointed PM by his myopic political party, his favoured mantra has been, ‘Keep calm, nothing needs to happen in a hurry, whatever you do, do not rock the boat. Any change is bad and frightening and we will not allow it

In the SMH, David Crowe and Max Koslowski wrote on November 12, 2019, ‘…the Prime Minister called for an end to the “shouting” by politicians when more than a dozen emergency warnings were in place amid fears conditions would worsen. Take it down a few notches,” Mr Morrison said. “There have been a lot of provocative comments made over the last few days from all sides of the debate and I find it very unhelpful.

And again, in The Australian of December 12, 2019, Olivia Caisley wrote, Scott Morrison has called for calm over the bushfire haze blanketing Sydney and other cities, while defending the government’s climate change policies in the face of critics who have seized on a catastrophic fire season to demand deeper emissions cuts.’

Yet it goes further than that. In the Guardian of 26th Nov, 2018, reported, “Each day I send my kids to school and I know other members’ kids should also go to school but we do not support our schools being turned into parliaments,” Morrison told parliament on Monday. “What we want is more learning in schools and less activism in schools.

Non-anxiety-causing fire photo for the children.

On Sept 12, 2019, SBS reported, ‘…speaking from New York, Prime Minister Morrison cautioned against imposing “needless anxiety” on children when dealing with the concerns of climate change. We have got to caution against raising the anxieties of children, But I do understand that people do feel strongly about this. I want children growing up in Australia to feel positive about their future.

If there is a theme in this sad attempt at Prime Ministership it is that everyone should always be calm. Regardless of terror, tragedy and disaster. Remain calm at all costs.

Yet we do not need a pretend parson prating platitudes.

We need a leader!


A Modern 23rd Psalm

If You’re a Crook and You Know It

If you’re a crook and you know it
Raise your hand

If you’re a crook and you know it
Raise your hand

If you’re a crook and you know it
For the voters surely know it

If you’re a crook and you know it
Raise your hand



If you’re a fraud and you know it
Give a smirk

If you’re a fraud and you know it
Give a smirk

If you’re a fraud and you know it
Then the AFP will hide it

If you’re a fraud and you know it
Give a smirk


If you’re a liar and you know it
Have a beer

If you’re a liar and you know it
Have a beer

If you’re a liar and you know it
Then just lie some more to hide it

If you’re a liar and you know it
Have a beer


Our Prime Minister, pro tem

Refugees at Sea; Feb 19th




19th February


ABC Online News has reported; The Federal Government says a boat carrying four Sri Lankans was intercepted by border protection authorities off the Cocos Islands 10 days ago.  Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said the group was transferred to Sri Lankan authorities at sea.  In a statement, Mr Dutton said Australian authorities had interviewed those on board the vessel and decided they did not require Australia’s protection.  He said the Australian and Sri Lankan governments worked together to disrupt the people smuggling venture.

“The Coalition Government’s policies and resolve are stopping illegal boat arrivals and are restoring integrity to Australia’s borders and immigration program,” he said. “By working closely with our regional partners we save lives at sea and prevent vulnerable people being lied to and ripped off by people smugglers. Anyone attempting to enter Australia illegally by sea will never be resettled in this country.”

So once again we are being told that refoulement has taken place. Tamils returned to their oppressors.

Not only that but we have now seen that Morrison left his scripts behind when he left his Office of Obfuscation and Cruelty.

How do we know this? The new Minister, the duffer Dutton, has just read, word for word from those scripts. He hasn’t the ability to update or change those scripts.

It still leaves open the question I keep asking with little hope of an answer.





Australia has failed to change human nature.

Australia has failed to stop the boats.
They may not be getting far,
but escapees from oppression are still setting out or planning on setting out.
Some of them will not be making it..




arrival list

Pirates of the Indonesian Archipelago

Childhood dreams, coming soon to a Parliament near you!