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Which Generation Is Which? (1883 to 2012)

I have suffered from some confusion about which Generation appeared in which year. In my social media platforms I have noticed a lot of other people have the same confusions. In fact a number of people are quite antagonistic to some groups of innocents who had no choice in the year of their birth.

I did some research on a number of websites and found that although there are minor differences, there is a general agreement on the eras of each cohort. (See, I read the articles and learned a new jargon word.)

So here is a general article, gleaned from a cohort of population experts. The comments are general and do not refer to individuals but to a tendency. There are always exceptions to any of these rules.

The Lost Generation – 1883 – 1900 – Gertrude Stein “You are all a lost generation.” The generation that came of age during World War I, which took the lives of 40 million people. “Lost” in this context also means “disoriented, wandering, directionless” – a recognition that there was great confusion and aimlessness among the war’s survivors in the early post-war years. In Great Britain, the term was originally used for those who died in the war, and often implicitly referred to upper-class casualties who were perceived to have died disproportionately, robbing the country of a future elite.

The Greatest Generation, 1900 -1925 –  The generation shaped by the Great Depression and the primary participants in World War II. Depression era individuals tend to be conservative, compulsive savers, maintain low debt, tend to feel a responsibility to leave a legacy to their children and display patriotism, are oriented toward work before pleasure, respect
for authority and have a sense of moral obligation.

The Silent Generation – 1925 – 1945 – The demographic cohort following the Greatest Generation. Australia’s McCrindle Research uses the name Builders to describe the Australian members of this generation, born between 1925 and 1945, and coming of age to become the generation “who literally and metaphorically built the nation after the austerity years post-Depression and World War II”. This generation had significant opportunities in jobs and education as the War ended and a post-war economic boom struck America. However, the growth in Cold War tensions, the potential for nuclear war and other never before seen threats led to levels of discomfort and uncertainty throughout the generation. Members of this group value security, comfort, and familiar, known activities and environments.

Baby Boomers 1946 – 1954 – For a long time the Baby Boomers were defined as those born between 1945 and 1964 encompassing people who were 20 years apart in age. It didn’t compute to have those born in 1964 compared with those born in 1946. Life experiences were completely different. Attitudes, behaviors and society were vastly different. In effect, all the elements that help to define a cohort were violated by the broad span of years originally included in the concept of the Baby Boomers. The first Boomer segment is bounded by the Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations, the Civil Rights movements and the Vietnam War. Boomers I were in or protested the War.

Boomers 1955 – 1965 – This first post-Watergate generation lost much of its trust in government and optimistic views the Boomers I maintained. Economic struggles including the oil embargo of 1979 reinforced a sense of “I’m out for me” and narcissism and a focus on self-help and skepticism over media and institutions is representative of attitudes of this cohort. While Boomers I had Vietnam, Boomers II had AIDS as part of their rites of passage.

Generation X – 1966-1976 – Sometimes referred to as the “lost” generation, this was the first generation of “latchkey” kids, exposed to lots of daycare and divorce. Known as the generation with the lowest voting participation rate of any generation, Gen Xers were quoted by Newsweek as “the generation that dropped out without ever turning on the news or tuning in to the social issues around them.”

Generation Y,  1977-1994 – (Echo Boomers or Millenniums) Gen Y kids are known as incredibly sophisticated, technology wise, immune to most traditional marketing and sales pitches…as they not only grew up with it all, they’ve seen it all and been exposed to it all since early childhood. Gen Y members are much more racially and ethnically diverse and they are much more segmented as an audience aided by the rapid expansion in Cable TV channels, satellite radio, the Internet, e-zines, etc.

Generation Z – 1995 – 2012 – While we don’t know much about Gen Z yet…we know a lot about the environment they are growing up in. This highly diverse environment will make the grade schools of the next generation the most diverse ever. Higher levels of technology will make significant inroads in academics allowing for customized instruction, data mining of student histories to enable pinpoint diagnostics and remediation or accelerated achievement opportunities.

Having sorted all that out and without giving anything away, I shall keep my silence.

The Watercooler of Minimum Importance

We’ve all had those conversations.

Where we stand around the water-cooler or sit down for a cup of coffee. The Eagles supporter begins by talking about how bad, nasty and horrible the Magpies are and how we really hope they will lose their next match. We all agree because Collingwood are so vile. Then the kids get a mention because of a school report or a cute comment and suddenly the subject changes, seamlessly and without planning, into a discussion of Donald Trump’s childish performances during his ongoing difficulties with Robert Mueller.

That is when we leave the water-cooler, the coffee shop or the twitter conversation. And it is the Donald Trump bit that sticks in our mind even though it was the unintended part of our discussion. Certainly not a contextual part of the original subject. Yet we all know that what happens in the USA will have profound consequences for us here in Australia.

Still the Eagles fan continues to talk only about the “Maggies”. Every attempt to explain to him just how important the USA political thing is simply dismissed. He is only interested in pushing the hate Collingwood agenda. Everything else about our discussion has to be belittled so that his favourite topic is the important part of the morning.

I even get accused of supporting the Black and Whites because I want to talk about something else!

I’m sure you can all see where this is going.

Yes. I’m predictable.

I have a mind of my own and really do not need to be told that Jacinda Adern is only seen as special because she has a halo when during the week I saw that Jacinda Ardern really is a special human being.

I have a mind of my own and do not need to be told that Bill Shorten is only out for himself when I have seen him working for others on so many occasions.

I have a mind of my own and do not need to be told that Scott Morrison is a competent Prime Minister when he so blatantly is not.

More to the point, I do not need to be told these things by affluent and privileged middle-aged white males who have no idea of what feminism is, no idea what honesty is and no idea what competence is and as for the Liberal Groupie Opinionettas who provide a supposedly feminine view of what is happening by totally ignoring the obvious vision of very public videos and instead echoing the official middle-aged white male complaints about this uppity woman, and this uppity workers’ hero and this posturing incompetent – – enough said. (Certainly for that excessive sentence)

There is one problem for the modern world and the dinosaurs who infest our media like giant fleas.

We hear what is going on first hand.

We see what is going on first hand.

We have our own mind to process what we see and hear

And that is apparently unforgivable.

Perhaps that is why there is such a big effort being put into destroying today’s modern water cooler. The internet.

Food Fit For Sydney’s Birthday

Just in time for the 23rd edition of John Howard’s Sydney’s Birthday party, a Karratha deli owner has come up with a truly patriotic dish. One which may encourage the rest of Australia to join in Sydney’s celebrations.


Photo: ABC Online News

Brad Parsons has created the new pie to celebrate half of our coat of arms and one of our favourite beverages.

While the emus are ridgy didge West Aussie birds, the beer, first created on the banks of the Swan River in 1908, is no longer brewed in Western Australia.

Mr Parsons told Rebecca Parish of the ABC that the recipe was not exactly a secret, but he kept tight lipped on the measurements. “The ratios are secret, but there’s emu meat, there’s actually a fair bit of [beer] in there,” he said. “It’s not overpowering [but] the balancing items being carrots, celery, peas and onion, which are all quite sweet, so they take off the gamey-ness of that meat.

“So it tastes very normal, there’s gravy powder and a few extra little things.

There were unasked questions which your blogger would like answered.

Will the Prime Minister pro tem be offered a taste?

Are the beers free range or cage raised?

Are there plans to create a full Coat of Arms ‘n Beer Pie?

Is off-the-shelf sauce suitable or should we create our own bush tomato sauce?


Making Babies for Fun, Profit and the Good of the Country.

Note to readers. This is a touchy subject and contains a trigger point for those affected. Please read it in the spirit it was written. Angry with tongue-in-cheek moments to avoid tension heart attacks.

The making of babies seems to be one of humankind’s greatest pastimes. We all know that and we all get involved, one way or another.

All the great dictators in the world instinctively knew that as well and never really minded how many of their subjects were killed in a war or a famine. In a generation all would be put right again with lots of new little subjects to use as arrow targets or as plague carriers or as disposable energy sources.

With the progress of what is mistakenly called ‘Civilisation’, there was less need for the human energy sources which left a lot more for the war games which were fought in the early and mid 20th century.

Two major movements began in the 1960’s and continue now,

Contraception gave women the chance to regulate the supply of cannon-fodder to the rulers of their Nation and economists discovered the ‘Bottom Line’.

The first enabled women to remain in the workforce for longer and so reduce the need to pay men a wage which would support a family. That wage was then distributed separately between wife AND husband (or between partners of assorted description). This also meant that an individual, in general, became unable to successfully support him/her/itself on a single wage. Of course, once a woman decided to have a baby, it became her problem and she had to plan for her expenses before, during and after the pregnancy. And also allow for all the problems which followed, including her continuing income and her retirement income.

At the same time, the Bottom Line began to take effect and everything a business, one-man-run or multinational, did had to show a profit within six months. No time to plan for the next decade or the next generation. Business became about the NOW! Female staff want to take time off to have children? OK, but don’t expect me to pay for their foibles.

So the birth-rate went down, and continues to do so, immigrants came to be seen as a dangerous addition to the population mix for rather strange reasons. Suddenly there were insufficient new young Australians to keep the economy running as the economists thought it should. Blame began to be shifted around and no one took responsibility. Officially the falling birthrate became a natural event, not a result of anything done by anyone.

Yet in previous ages, the Ruler, King, Dictator made sure his baby supply was protected. Oppressive though a regime may be, the serfs or slaves were always in a position to breed and breed freely; pestilence and plague aside. To do otherwise led to a weakened nation or empire and the downfall of the Ruling coterie.

Fast forward to the 21st century and here in the civilised Western World, there is no support for the nations’ baby machines. (Baby machines? Economic’s attitude towards women. Don’t like that? Learn your place in the machinery of society, say the economists!) The fuel to keep them running has diminished, the rewards for them to aim at are virtually non-existent and the cost of a grease and oil change has become astronomical. Despite the economist’s demands that everything depends on the next bottom line, there is a failure in the system. Economists have never noticed that babies are a generational thing.

The group who benefit from good, well run baby machines are the ruling class, normally the Government and bureaucracy. And they are woefully behind reality. In the past, it was necessary to support the male wage earner who would then support the baby machine. Now it is necessary to support both parts of the partnership. That has not happened.

Hence, here in Australia, our current superannuation system. Based on the old system of male domination the super’ rewards for women is abysmal. This is because the ‘Employer’ is responsible for all Superannuation. So a woman drops out of the work force and becomes unemployed. The unemployed get no superannuation. Even though she is employed in doing the most important job in civilisation. Making babies for the Government and Society’s future prosperity.

Surely it isn’t a case of a woman ceasing to ‘work’ to be pregnant or to be a child-raiser. It is much more a case of a woman changes employers. Her new employer is the nation which will benefit from her efforts. So shouldn’t the nation support her with the financial means to do her new, possibly temporary, job well? Of course there are ‘welfare payments’ already being made. This is a wrong description as these are Social Security payments made on behalf of society as a whole. These payments should also include a payment to the woman’s Superannuation fund so that, at the end of a productive life, a woman can retire in the dignity she deserves.

I dream of the day when an ALP Government is in power and we can talk constructively about this part of our ‘safety net’ which needs to be brought into the 21st century. Yes, taxes may need to be raised or maybe taxes will need to be paid by those who should be paying them! Yet a fair society must include equal Super for women.

A Plague of Irrelevancy in Parliament

For the past decade the Australia political landscape has been littered with hung Parliaments.

From Julia Gillard’s minority Government to the Morrison Shambles, the Independents and so-called ‘Minor Parties’ have held sway. Their votes have been crucial to the Government de jour being able to progress any legislation. They have had an importance far beyond the wildest dreams of those few who voted for them.

The media has hung on every word they have said, looking for early clues as to the way they will vote on any matter which comes before the Parliament. Independents have received far more publicity than any Government or Opposition back-bencher.

So much so that a number of those limelight-deprived seat-warmers have chosen to jump ship and become independents in their own right. Things have become so bad that rather than learning the art of negotiation, as Gillard did to marvellous effect, the current incumbent has chosen to shut the Parliament down. He has discovered the joy of governing by regulation and decree rather than parliamentary process.

Possibly the only truly useful thing our current PM has done is to draw attention, once again, to the fact that those who are elected to our Nation’s governing bodies come to live in a ‘Bubble’. Protected from the slings, arrows and reality of real life, everything is seen through the prism of the Independent votes and how they affect the passage of legislation. The voters themselves are forgotten.

Now we are in an election year, we can expect to see many moves to show how interested the Government is in what the majority of electors want. And we shall see the standard election campaign waffle and weasel words in the mass media. Yet the outcome of this election is likely to be very different.

The conservative wing of politics appears to have lost the confidence of the electorate. The polls are consistently showing a large move away from the right, in all its forms. There are suggestions that there could be a swing of between 20 and 50 seats to the Left.  This will have a dire effect on those right-wing Independents and Minor Parties.

After years of being media darlings due to the way small numbers of voters have played with their preferences, these people (and they ARE people, after all) are about to be consigned to the dustbin of history. They are mostly Senators who gained their seat in a Double Dissolution although there are high profile independent House of Reps members who will go the same way.

Many will be dumped from the Parliament and those Independents who survive will lose the power of their casting vote for the first time. They will become irrelevant to the governance of Australia.

I am wondering how long it will take for the Rupert-Media to wake up to that fact. For how long will that group of journalistic prostitutes continue to interview, quote and grovel to the suddenly unimportant.

On a human level, there will be large amounts of mental anguish among the soon-to-be ex-members. We have seen how the sudden loss of public interest affects many sportspeople at the end of their career.  Drugs, alcohol, societal dysfunction, depression and suicide are common results. Depression in the retired athlete is matched by depression in the defeated politician.  Especially if that politician achieved nothing while in Parliament. If all he or she did was to trade principles for their votes.

Perhaps the first thing an ALP Government will need to do is to increase funding to Beyond Blue to cater for the flood of politicians who have suddenly lost their seat, their purpose and possibly their families.




This Christmas think of those who cannot enjoy themselves.


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